Law and Order

Law and Order

The remote provinces are not the only ones affected by more and more frequent invasions. All Templar forces have been thrown into fighting the invaders and helping civilians. The dishonest residents of Aelion - thugs and crooks - waste no time in taking advantage of this. A wave of crime has hit Aelinar, thieves and robbers are terrorizing the residents. The city guard troops are stretched to their limit. The time has come for the immortals to step in and restore order! Help your order find glory and gain you victory!

Rewards await heroes

New color option for the glider: Patrol,
unique costumes and so much more.

Rewards for stages

Earn points (WP) and receive valuable rewards for every completed stage!

Prisoner Robe

These robes are worn by the criminals that serve a sentence in forts - for example, in Fort Krigg. Immortals from the order that detained enough criminals or prevented several crimes receive this robe as a souvenir.


Guard Service Cap

These caps are worn by the guard officers. An immortal that receives this headwear as a reward for the achievements of their adepts is worthy of the title of an officer, as their adepts were very diligent in their work.


Improved Jar of Acid x200

Inspired by your actions, the adepts of your order are capable of incredible feats! Accept this gift from the Aelinar guard. It will help you in your great missions. Let them continue to inspire those who follow you!


Guard Helmet

This helmet actually protects the heads of the guardians of the law that find themselves on the “frontline” - in the darkest corners of Aelinar, in slums and abandoned districts. For an immortal, this helmet is a symbol and an attribute that inspires people.


Victor's Medals x8000

A chest containing 8000 Victor's Medals. They can be exchanged on the market for unique consumables and rare items!


Improved Temporal Compensator x200

Your adepts achieved great results! Accept this modest gift as a token of appreciation from the leaders of the Aelinar guard!


Guard Hat

The headwear of the guardians of the law can be seen all over Aelinar. An immortal that wears this hat becomes the personification of law and order in the eyes of ordinary mortals. It means a lot to people to feel that the immortals are constantly helping them.


Victor's Medals x20000

A chest containing 20000 Victor's Medals. They can be exchanged on the market for unique consumables and rare items!


Patrol Glider

A special glider, the bane of the criminals hiding in the seamy districts of Aelinar. It can't be purchased with credits or obtained any other way except one: it is given only as a reward for your adepts' spectacular work in enforcing order.


Guard Costume

The costume of minions of the law. Templars patrolling the capital wear this uniform. But when an immortal or a god wears it, it means that their order put a lot of effort into establishing order on the streets of Aelinar.

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To take part in the promotion, you need to go to the order management section in the game or game portal and find the Law and Order tab.