Aelion's Call Patch Notes



  • Removed Clans: Pantheons now consist of a single list of members and commanders.
  • Reworked the Core upgrade system found within the Ascension Atlas. Please note that the currency spent on upgrading the nodes will be reimbursed to players after logging in by pressing the F9 key.
  • Due to the Core upgrade system being reworked, currency spent on upgrading these nodes will be reimbursed to players upon login.
  • Pre-formed teams consisting of members that are too far apart in Prestige cannot participate in PvP Adventures.
  • Promo Bonuses [Relics, Class Promos, Reward multipliers] will not be offered on adventures that do not give rewards when completed. This includes, for example, difficulties with a rating of Very Easy.
  • Catch-up System: Implemented a system that allows players that haven’t played for an extended period or have signed up recently to catch up with the active & longtime players easier.
  • Made changes to the player’s Progress Screen.
  • Implemented a new combat statistics screen which is available to players in a Pantheon with a level 2 Academy. This can be quickly accessed with (CTRL+ X).
  • Implemented a unified reward rotation for all players. Each player will now be offered the same reward for completing certain adventures. For example, if two players meet the same conditions (they have both unlocked the Divine Form and have not reached their limits), they will receive the same reward for an adventure. Only the type of reward is the same, the amount received varies per the player. Exceptions to this system include:
    - The player has reached the limit for certain resources.
    - The player has not yet unlocked access to the Order.
    - The player has completed the adventure but the Situation Update has not yet occurred.
  • Ether cores now have the possibility of dropping from enemies in all kinds of adventures.
  • Defense penetration has had its maximum penetration value reduced from 100% to 50%. In addition to ignoring Ranged Defense and Melee Defense, Defense Penetration now also mitigates the effectiveness of other abilities which reduce damage (for example, Knight’s Barrier Ability) while inflicting the appropriate amount of damage directly to the player, bypassing their shields. The stat still only works against other immortals and is completely negated if the character is invulnerable.
  • When an Invasion is ongoing, a new special mode is now activated for each invading army. This content is available to all players that have more than 1400 Prestige. The rewards for this adventure include Victor’s Medals, a special invasion currency.
  • Improved Temporal Compensator, Improved Jar of Acid, Limited Mass Accelerator, and Limited regeneration Substrate can now be sold on the Market for 1 Victor’s Medal each.
  • Rewards can now be obtained from significantly weaker enemies such as, for example, Adventures with a difficulty of Very Easy.
  • Reduced the number of Class Sparks and Sparks of Evolution received from killing all bosses within an Adventure excluding the final boss – The Amount of sparks received by defeating the final boss has been increased.
  • Improved sound optimization – Reduced the load on the processor and improved general gameplay sounds.
  • When choosing to disassemble an item that is in a stack it will now disassemble the whole stack. If a player wishes to disassemble a smaller quantity they must first split the stack by holding the Shift key and dragging the stack to another inventory slot.
  • Added additional levels to the Reliquary which become available at a certain Prestige.
  • Increased the amount of Knowledge stored within the Eidoses of ordinary quality.
  • Added a new promo adventure that will be available every day and awards 100 Sparks of Evolution.
  • Increased the number of Energy Modules players receive from each source.
    - Daily Reward (Premium Account Enabled) increased from 30 to 50
    - Adept Mission Reward increased from 10 to 20
    - Adept Mission Reward (Premium Account Enabled) increased from 15 to 30


  • Continuation of the main storyline has been added.
  • Added voices to many of the NPCs.
  • Added voicing to some of the Argus System’s hints & messages.
  • Reduced the damage and health of Thanatos’s Human form.
  • Reduced the health of renegade occultists summoned by Thanatos’s avatar as well as effects of their healing.
  • New players are now capable of skipping the tutorial which explains how their character became an immortal.



  • Fixed a bug that increased the damage of certain abilities that are supposed to inflict fixed damage. Specifically, Mark of Death and Volatile Curse abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where restoring class resources could cause aggression in monsters.


  • Added two new symbols. Compressive Trauma: When dealing a crushing blow to an enemy, they have an effect applied to them that inflicts damage over time. Total damage inflicted equals 140% of the player’s Strength. Deep Dissection: When inflicting maximum bonus damage to an enemy, they have an effect applied to them that inflicts damage over time. Total damage inflicted equals 100% of the player’s Valor.
  • Adrenaline Surge is now always active when the player’s health drops below 20%.
  • The size of the shield created by Clever Maneuver is now 4% (instead of 5%) on rank 1, and 6% on rank 2.
  • Painful Spasms now inflicts two times more damage.
  • Impact now stuns for 2 seconds instead of 1.5, but the effect can be applied only once in 12 seconds.
  • Renamed Ghostly Viper to Small Ghostly Viper.
  • While Under Cover of Darkness is active, bonus stats are now displayed while both in & out of combat.
  • Added new levels for many symbols and adjusted efficiency for different levels:
    - Warrior’s Creed: Added second rank.
    - Protector’s Creed: Added second rank.
    - Glorious Triumph: Added second rank.
    - Life Energy: Added second rank.
    - Mark of Death: Added second and third ranks. Bonuses for different levels are allocated as follows: 15/22/30%.
    - Balance: Added second rank. It is now possible to see whether this symbol is active on the effects panel.
    - Ruthlessness: Added third rank. Bonus to damage for each rank is now 7% instead of 6%.
    - Lucky Shot: Added second rank.


  • When using Deadly Experiment at close range, the Alchemist now properly aims the weapon at their target.
  • Biotrap and Massive Transformation now have a shared cooldown.
  • When using Biotrap, only one out of three flasks increases the damage to targets, but it has a 100% chance of succeeding.
  • Bonus damage from Biotrap is now visible to other players.
  • After Biotrap and Massive Transformation are used, no one in the group can use these abilities again for 75 and 150 seconds respectively.
  • Target can only be under the effect of 1 Biotrap at a time.
  • Targeting circle of Bounder is now the same size as its area of effect.
  • Disintegration no longer removes negative effects from the Alchemist & does not grant immunity to damage.
  • For the duration of Disintegration, the Alchemist is now immune to control effects.
  • Fixed a bug where Blobs of Ectoplasm would not disappear if the target had protective effects, such as shields, applied to it.
  • Fixed a bug where the shield created by Protective Shell was displayed incorrectly.


  • Monster Hunter talent now works correctly.
  • Duration of Power Trick has been reduced from 15 to 10 seconds. The effect works against the same enemy once every 45 seconds.
  • Using Destructive Wave no longer requires a target.
  • Optimized and improved the visual effect of certain abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where the Berserker did not always reach the target when using the finishing ability or Gladiator Strike.
  • Fixed the mechanics of Power Trick - Target’s health reduction is no longer considered a control effect.


  • Whiteout now has a simpler visual effect for players other than the Cryomancer.
  • Improved the visual effect of Icy Blade.
  • Cryogen cost of Snowball has been reduced from 100 to 50.
  • Duration of the stun triggered when the Snowball effect ends has been increased from 1 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Cryotrap no longer consumes Cryogen.
  • Altered the mechanics of Cryotrap. Now the targets will slip when Cryotrap appears and continue to do so in the area of effect for as long as it exists.
  • Added additional information to the description of Cryotrap stating that it applies Intense Cooling to enemies, and that upon reaching the maximum number of stacks, the Icebound effect is applied.
  • Duration of the Stasis effect has been increased from 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Cryogen cost of Snowstorm has been reduced from 170 to 120.
  • Supercooling talent now increases damage to targets under the Intense Cooling effect by 15%.
  • Bonus damage to enemies under the Icebound and Cryonic Suspension effects is increased from 15% to 30%.
  • Duration of Cryonic Suspension applied by Northern Gift has been increased from 2 to 3.5 seconds.
  • Master Freezer talent now reduces the cool down of Icy Beam by 5 seconds when it fails to freeze the target.
  • Severe Frost talent now increases the damage from Glacial Fangs to players and monsters below “Elite” by 200%.
  • Duration of acceleration granted by the Slalom talent has been increased from 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Hoarfrost talent now enables Snowball to inflict additional damage in PvP if the target is in the area of effect but does not get rolled into the snowball.
  • Frost Rage talent now enables Icy Missile’s charge level II (Icy Dart) to inflict 200% more damage to shields.
  • Players in the Divine Form can now use Shattered Storm while in mid-jump.
  • Whiteout and Snowstorm’s targeting circles are now the same size as their area of effect.
  • Optimized the visual effects of certain abilities.
  • Fixed the issue where Snowball and Cryotrap would not work against monsters affected by control effects.
  • Frost Shackles: Fixed a bug where the cold effect remained on the player characters. Additionally, the visual effect from killing with this ability has been changed.


  • Rapid Fire’s area of effect is now better represented by its visual.
  • Visual effects of Homing Guidance System and Fractal Shrapnel now have simpler visuals for everyone excluding the caster.
  • Optimized & improved the visual effect of certain abilities.
  • Targeting circle of Orbital Strike, Plasma Field, and Suppression Field is now the same size as their area of effect.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to animation & ability effects.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Homing Guidance System animation from playing while being used repeatedly.


  • Adjusted the durability of the Energy Centers that appear when the Protective Shield ability is used.
  • Renamed Kinetic Charge to Kinetic Pulse, which is the proper name for the ability.
  • Improved the way Stone Projectile and Stone Spear work when interrupted.
  • Improved the description of Abrasive - Added information that the talent grants immunity to control effects.
  • Targeting circle of Quantum Collapse and Neutron Blast is now the same size as their area of effect.
  • Optimized the visual effects of certain abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where an impulse charge was consumed when Demolition was used together with the Energy Overflow talent but did not land on the initial target.
  • Fixed a bug where impulse charge failed to be activated when using Kinetic Pulse.
  • Fixed a bug where using double dash caused the character to be knocked back.


  • When using Stunning Blow, the Knight is now immune to movement restricting effects.
  • The damage over time effect from Stab Wounds is now properly displayed on the effect panel.


  • When the effect from the Incarnation of Light aura ends, allies affected by the bonus will be immune to it for 225 seconds.
  • Targeting circle of Pulsar, Supernova, and Quasar is now the same size as their area of effect.
  • Lightbinder’s Radiance now gives a 50% bonus instead of 60%


  • Cool downs now work correctly when using Aggressive Lunge.
  • Aggressive Lunge now inflicts damage & knocks back enemies at the same time.
  • Optimized the effect of Burning Staff.
  • Switching to the Wind Stance now increases the range of the first attack in the combo.
  • Burning Staff has a shared cooldown that lasts 1.2 seconds instead of 2.
  • Heart of a Phoenix has a shared cooldown that lasts 1.1 seconds instead of 1,6.
  • Hardened Warrior now has a 100% chance to reset the cooldown of Deadly Strike.
  • Increased the range of attacks on targets that are moving away from the player.
  • Fixed the animation for Aggressive Lunge.
  • Fixed the staff’s visual effects during Fire Stance.
  • Fixed a bug where, when swapping between stances, the icons of some of the Monk’s abilities were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Monk to be immobilized after using Pace of a Crane.
  • Fixed a bug where using combo attacks prevented the Monk from chasing the target.


  • The Necromancer will now correctly receive healing from enemies attacked or killed with Volley of Darkness while the Sickening Nightmare effect is active.
  • Improved the visual effect of Shield of the Banished.
  • Bonus to critical damage from the Funeral Lament talent is now reset when Plague is refreshed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented animations from playing while the Necromancer’s Lich Form was stunned.
  • Fixed a bug where using certain abilities while in motion caused the Necromancer to slide instead of run.
  • Fixed the description for the Beyond talent.
  • Fixed a bug where the Necromancer, in the Divine Form, would not visually transform into the Lich.
  • Fixed a bug where, when the Lich form ended, the effect that prevented the character from using it again would not be activated.
  • Fixed the description of Ghostly Flow: now it says that the cooldown of the Lich form is reduced by 6 seconds for each enemy affected by one of the ghost waves.


  • Unwavering Faith talent now reduces the remaining cooldown of Celestial Shield I even if it was destroyed by the Paladin’s own Divine Scourge.
  • Bonus damage from the Shrine Protector talent has been increased from 20% to 25%.
  • Waves of Anger now inflicts 20% more damage.
  • When using Execution, the Justice talent reduces the remaining cooldown of Waves of Anger by 15 seconds.
  • Cooldown of Waves of Holiness has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Optimized the visual effects of certain abilities.


  • Healing Orbs no longer spawn when the Slayer’s assistants die.
  • Blood Harvest is now a removable negative effect.
  • Blood Harvest is removed when the affected target disengages or the Slayer that applied it dies. Blood Harvest is also removed when the victim restores their health to more than 50%.
  • Changed the visual effect of Blood Harvest.
  • Bonus damage of Blood Harvest from the main weapon has been reduced from 60/120/180% to 30/60/90% depending on the quality of the item.
  • Bonus damage of Blood Harvest from amulets has been reduced by 40%.
  • Optimized the visual effects of certain abilities.


  • Improved the visual effect of Transformation.
  • Broom flight distance now increases properly when in the Divine Form.
  • Improved the visual effect of Bewitched Fire when the Enclosing Darkness talent is active.
  • Improved the visual effects of certain abilities.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Epidemic from spreading Taint in the beginning of a fight.



Added a new raid with several difficulty levels: Operation Medea


Reworked part of the landscape

Training Hall

It is now possible to exit the Training Hall by pressing (F11).

Hostile Territories (Anomalies)

  • Angho Temple Complex area is now available and the appropriate quest can be completed.
  • Monsters in combat will no longer attack players that have not provoked or engaged them.
  • Participant’s connection to a resonator will only be lost in the following cases:
    - When traveling to another location
    - 20 seconds after exiting the game
    - In 1 minute if the network connection is suddenly lost.
  • When traveling to an Hostile Territory Region, an NPC will now inform the player how much Tactical Sense is required to complete the area without difficulty.
  • Killing any patrolling enemy that has 20 health bars is now counted as completing one Hostile Territories task.
  • Balanced the health of enemies found within Orsini Caves.


  • Enemies in the Infected Territories adventure will now spawn correctly.
  • There is now an optional task in the Lending a Hand adventure: Eliminate special enemy troops.
  • In the Defense of Fortifications adventure, the energy circuit explosion now kills all enemies excluding the final one.
  • The loot dropped by all enemies and the champion in the Defense of Fortifications adventure no longer disappears when the “quest completed” message pops up.
  • Adjusted the amount of resistance resources acquired from Eidoses. The knowledge ratio is now 2:1:1, where the first number is the most important resistance for a particular invasion.
  • Shortened the interval between waves in the first half of the adventure.
  • Now players can receive standard rewards for killing monsters.
  • Now the invasion adventure cards contain information about the rewards received when players complete them with a certain rating for the first time.
  • Changed sounds in the Crashed Transport Aircraft adventure.
  • Updated the loading screen for the Defense of Fortifications adventure.
  • Optional invasion-related tasks in the adventures related to the invading army:
    - Phytonide seeds will no longer spawn after the quest is completed.
    - Changed the visual effect of the spore cloud in the Infected Phytonides quest.
  • Crashed Transport Aircraft. Shortened the period between waves of monsters if they are killed quickly.
  • Added optional invasion-related tasks to the adventures with the Mechanoids.
  • Phytonide Tokens: Rewards for Phytonide invasion-related adventures have been doubled. Reward for completing the Infected Territories adventure has been slightly reduced.
  • Fixed the issue in the Infected Territories adventure where the combat state did not end.
  • Added the Gorgonide invasion.
  • Added Gorgonide ether barriers to the Market.
  • Significantly increased the amount of knowledge stored in Eidoses of ordinary quality.
  • Reduced the amount of knowledge stored in Eidoses of unusual quality.


  • The effect of Alciona’s and Melia’s Wild Stream can no longer be removed by Berserker abilities or a player in the divine form.
  • Prison could not be freed if they were also affected by a knockback ability.
  • The visual effect of the divine sparks is more noticeable, and is now displayed correctly on minimal graphics settings.
  • Improved the visual effect of Nautilus’s Water Madness.
  • Improved the visuals for Caryolis’s abilities and unstable Triffids so the fight is now more comprehensive.
  • Increased Caryolis’s size so he doesn’t get lost in the effects of abilities.
  • Unstable Triffids spin with their lianas outstretched, marking the radius in which they react to the characters.
  • Unstable Triffids are highlighted before they detonate.
  • Replaced the arrow that indicates that the character is being chased by a Triffid.*
  • Removed countdowns from the distortion card on the globe. All distortions are now reset every Wednesday at 7:00pm PT, 4:00am CEST.


Operation Isabella

  • Optimized rocket effects during the fight against Firewing.
  • Added a light version of the adventure - Operation Isabella: Scouting. Differences include:
    - Monsters’ health is reduced by 30%.
    - Damage from most of the monsters’ and champion’s abilities is reduced by 30%.
    - Electromagnet will summon reinforcements when it has 5% of health, and not 2.5%.
    - Characters affected by Firewing’s Missile Barrage will not be knocked into other rockets.
    - When using Take-Off, Firewing will now summon one group of Templars instead of two.
  • In this version, players cannot obtain signets (only rings).
    - Players can receive 1-2 Tactical Sense Fragments from all champions except the last one.
    - Players can obtain 12 Tactical Sense Fragments from Firewing.


Dankit Island

Removed the reward for killing champion Bloodthirsty Shaaz.


The counter in the Old Path quest will now correctly count Forest Vipers.

Eskenian Peninsula

  • Rune stones now spawn correctly after using the main stela.
  • Added sound to one of the storyline hints.
  • Reduced the respawn times of the champions.
  • Updated the loading screen.
  • Added Voice to the NPC Theus
  • Updated the voiceovers for the NPCs in the Green Magic quest.

Roqul Valley

Enemies required for the Dark Rituals quest now respawn faster.



All players that participate in the Special Adventure will receive the same amount of Sparks of Evolution regardless of the battle’s outcome.

Lungran Research Base

  • Players above 4500 Prestige will now receive equipment for completing this Adventure.
  • Promos will not be enabled for this Adventure.

Alcedon Facility

Altered the cart’s mechanics. Defenders are now unable to block its movements alone and, while within the cart’s radius, will only reduce its movement speed. If the number of defenders around the cart equal or exceeds that of the attackers, the cart will stop. Otherwise, the cart will continue to move with speed dependent on the number of defenders around it.

Esten Quarry

  • Picking up the flag now takes 3 seconds. If the player takes damage during this time, the action will be interrupted.
  • The time the dropped flag remains in the ground before returning to its respective base has been increased from 10 to 25 seconds.
  • The slowing effect applied to the player carrying the flag has been increased from 15 to 35%
  • The Player carrying the flag can no longer Dash.
  • Maximum time for reviving has been increased from 30 to 65 seconds.


Factory 501

Laorus now summons Oculats less frequently.

Port Naori

Reworked the area’s landscape.

Saiban Archipelago

  • Reduced the range and visual effect of Heavy Secutor Thunder’s mines.
  • Special Secutor Talisman’s Holographic Copies ability now works correctly.
  • Improved the appearance of Special Secutor Talisman’s holographic copies.

Ardos Monastery

  • Adjusted the visual effects of Urbus’s Impact ability.
  • Removed unnecessary objects from the area where the fight against Urbus takes place.

Lanber Catacombs

  • Players can no longer gain the shield from the artifact if it has already been used by Hespar.
  • Removed objects that hinder the fight within the area players battle Merciless Astara.

Thais Temple

Removed unnecessary objects within the area where the fight against Khorrus takes place.

Facility 902

Rethiarius Chaos can no longer pull the player towards it when they are entering the turret.

Thetin Rift

  • Cocoons that Fathomless Gorge turns its victims into are now displayed correctly.
  • Improved the area players fight Fathomless Gorge by removing hindering objects.

Ignum Monastery

The soldiers that guard the monastery now look different from each other.

Syblian Heights

When Amnis uses Water Shield, the player no longer hovers in the air.

Tau Experimental Station

  • The player will no longer be standing on the terminal after activating it.
  • Reworked the landscape of the area where you fight Harbinger of Doom.
  • The player will no longer die from the effects of Aspect of Death’s abilities if the enemy has already been defeated.

Thandi Drilling Station

  • Pit Viper has been renamed to Underground Effo.
  • Reworked the area’ landscape.

Icy Winds Canyon

Updated the loading screen.

Port Usuni

The rating is now calculated correctly when the adventure is completed.

Palon Prototype Plant

Added hints from the Argus System.

Fort Krigg

NPCs that must be saved in the Ritual Victim quest now stand in a more noticeable spot.

Donholk Glacier

Expanded the combat area for the Bosses.


Daren Facility

When there is no target next to Corthinarius that he can strike, he will now throw flowers at a random group member.

Hespilon Temple

  • Improved the visual effect of the Devourer controlled Ravager. Attacks are now more visible.
  • Corrected target selection for Niatus’s Creeping Death ability.

Test Area

Phoreus Test Area

  • Now the S rating is given only if the Fire Challenger in the final room has been defeated.
  • Players will now receive a rare ring as a reward.



  • Pantheon ratings are now available.
  • The community icon can now be freely edited.
  • Whenever the pantheon’s rules on the portal are changed, they are also displayed in the pantheon’s in-game interface.
  • When players leave/get expelled from the pantheon, they become banned from pantheon activities for 7 days.
  • Players cannot participate in Pantheon Wars or Distortions if they have been in the pantheon less than 7 days.

Stronghold Buildings

  • Reduced the energy requirements for some pantheon structures

Triumph Square - Obelisks

Structure Level New Requirement Amount
I 750 (Before: 999)
II 1000 (Before: 2000)
III 1500 (Before: 3000)
IV 2250 (Before: 4000)
V 3250 (Before: 5000)

Special Operations Headquarters

Structure Level New Requirement Amount
All levels 500 (Before: 1000, 2000, and 3000 for levels I, II, and III respectively)

Distortion Analyzer

Structure Level New Requirement Amount
All levels 500 (Before: 1000, 2000, and 3000 for levels I, II, and III respectively)

Ether Projector

Structure Level New Requirement Amount
I 800 (Before: 1000)
II 1300 (Before: 2000)
III 2000 (Before: 3000)
IV 3000
  • Adjusted construction costs for Pantheon Chambers, Academy, and Fort (see Improved Pantheon notes below for additional details)

Pantheon Chambers

Structure Level New Credit Cost New Resource Cost
II 25K 45
III 45K 75
IV 650K 1,100 (adds an additional Commander slot)
V 90K 115
VI 200K 440
VII 500K 840
VIII 5M 8,400 (adds two additional Commander slots)
IX 750K 1,300
X 1M 1,800
XI 1.5M 2,500
XII 2M 3,400
XIII 15M 25,000 (adds an additional Commander slot)
XIV 2.7M 4,500
XV 3.8M 6,400
XVI 5M 8,400
XVII 30M 50,000 (adds two additional Commander slots)
XVIII 6M 10,000
XIX 7M 11,500
XX 9M 15,000
XXI 11M 18,000


Structure Level New Credit Cost New Resource Cost
I 1M 200
II 2M 300
III 3M 400
IV 4M 500


Structure Level New Credit Cost New Resource Cost
I 1M 200
II 2M 300
  • Distortion Analyzer
    - If the Distortion Analyzer is disabled, Pantheon’s are unable to scan for and save distortions.
    - If the pantheon’s Distortion Analyzer is disabled, players will now see a notification on the globe.
    - Restored the option to scan for distortions repeatedly. Scanning for distortions repeatedly is now free but it is still not possible to save scanned distortions more than once a week.
    - Knowledge of Avatars is no longer required to improve the Distortion Analyzer to level 2. Building this structure only requires 15 million credits.
    - Saved distortions use a shared timer that is reset every Wednesday at 05:00, Moscow time.
    - The Distortion Analyzer’s functionality has been changed: Each level of the analyzer allows players to save one Distortion from their current series (I - Onslaught of the Sea, II - Dangerous Greenhouse, III - Mechanoid Base), as well as up to 4 Distortion of the previous series. The number of Distortions able to be saved will increase as the analyzer is upgraded, allowing one additional distortion from the series that is the same level as the Analyzer.
    - Building the analyzer (starting with level 3) now requires that the pantheon has defeated at least one final boss of the previous series of distortions.

  • The Sanctuary no longer consumes energy and is always enabled.


  • Removed Clans: Pantheons now consist of a single list of members and commanders.
  • In the Clan menu, information about the player has been replaced with a link to their profile.
  • The Conference Hall has been combined with the Pantheon Chambers - Improving the combined structure allows pantheons to invite more members and assign additional commanders. For all pantheons, old structures have been turned into new ones (rounded up) - which means certain pantheons may have more available player slots than before.
    - Initially, a pantheon is able to hold 30 members and 3 commanders. Free slots for members and commanders are not interchangeable – Players cannot assign an “extra” commander instead of a member and vice versa.
    - Pantheon’s maximum size (with fully upgraded Pantheon Chambers) consists of 260 members and 9 commanders.
    - If there are too many Commanders in a pantheon, due to the amount being lowered, they will soon be demoted starting with those that were promoted last. It will happen only if the current commanders do not manually normalize their numbers.
    - Commanders will be automatically assigned if there are less commanders than required, which occurs after the 60 minute countdown has expired. The system selects the member that has been in the pantheon longer than the rest and is currently online.

Vote system

  • Removed votes on spending construction points and enabling/disabling Stronghold structures.
  • Remaining votes are ended ahead of time if the minimum number of commanders is met. To end the vote, 1 + 2/3 (rounded down) of the pantheon commanders must vote.
  • Vote now ends in 24 hours instead of three days

Member interface

  • Commanders can now leave comments on the profile of any pantheon member.
  • Added sorting by comment.
  • Added the option to invite players to a group with a single mouse click.
  • Added statements that reflect the amount of credits and construction points donated by all members which displays the last 10 actions performed, with the date and amount of funds donated. Current values have been reset due to switching to a new format and previous donation history will be restored later. New donation statistics will still be kept, so the data on old and new donations will be summarized.


  • Invasion missions will no longer be available during the Arrival phase. To compensate for the loss of Faith, the reward for these missions has been increased by 20%.
  • Invasion type missions will only be available to players who have completed the Divine Training.
  • Rewards for missions related to Pantheon structures once again include gifts.
  • Updated the loading screens displayed when entering the Hall of Greatness.
  • There is now a guard of honor standing in the Hall of Greatness.
  • Improved the mechanism of issuing missions for adepts
  • Updated the chapel icons in the interface.

Aelinet Portal

  • Trophies are now displayed correctly on the player’s profile.
  • Posts with large amounts of information published on a user’s or pantheon’s wall will be displayed in the preview mode within the communities. To read the full post, players will need to click the Show More button. To view the comments, players can click on the post title or the comments icon.
  • Reworked pantheon communities on the portal – Players may now vote through the Portal
  • Added invasion operations functionality.


  • Removed the old full-screen chat system.
  • Added a new full-screen chat (Y). Besides its main function, it also serves as friend, channel, and group manager.
  • Dialogues read in the full-screen chat will no longer pop up the next time the player logs in.
  • Players will no longer be able to view the chat of a pantheon they are no longer a member of.
  • Upon login, players are able to view the chat history of their pantheon.
  • The chat now supports text commands. Players can view the list of available commands by typing /help in the chat window.
  • The chat can now be used by dead players.
  • Unread messages in the chat rooms are now displayed correctly.
  • When a group disbands, the chat is now always deleted.
  • The chat command for changing the ability set now works correctly (/preset ).


  • Optimized the visual effect of smoke.
  • Optimized some of the finishing strikes.
  • Updated some of the player’s hairstyles.
  • Targeting circles of area-of-effect abilities change to red if the ability cannot be used in the specified area.
  • The visual effect of a player’s death in the Divine Form is now scaled properly to match the size of the avatar.
  • Added special jump animation for players in the divine form.
  • Certain classes have had their jump animation updated.
  • When opening the interface while in combat, the player will no longer pull out their tablet.
  • Updated the visual effects of certain enemies.


  • Ether barriers obtained after the update can be sold through the context menu. Ether barriers that were in the player’s inventory before the update will not have the Sell button in the context menu.
  • Added Hostile Territories Zones to the map interface.
  • Updated the description of the Defense Penetration stat.
  • In the group interface, the status of those who have voted is now displayed correctly, and the voting data is now saved for 30 seconds.
  • Consumables on the quick access panel (H) can now be used by pressing hotkeys. Example: Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 etc.
  • “Withdraw from the group” button has been removed from the group interface.
  • When entering an adventure with an active class promo mode via the Group Finder, the message suggesting to choose between your current and the promo classes will no longer appear.
  • Updated the vote interface in the pantheon.
  • Players can now view the rank of your symbols on the appropriate panel.
  • When research of invasion talents is complete, there is now an indicator in the interface: “Attention!” (exclamation mark)
  • When you do not have enough sparks to unlock a node, there is now a detailed notification stating the error.
  • When trying to join a group adventure with an incomplete group, players will be presented with a warning stating the group is too small.


  • Replaced duplicate costumes from invasions with unique ones.
  • Added the option to pick up trophies next to uplink terminals.
  • Added the option to disable the social panel (G) that pops up when you aim at a player. This option can be toggled within the Settings menu.
  • If a player dies when completing a group adventure, they can observe the actions of other players until their revival.
  • Monsters will make less movements when turning to determine the player’s position.
  • During cut scenes, players will no longer hear NPC’s that are not participating in the conversation.
  • The player kicked from the group can now be invited back immediately.
  • Made a few changes to optional tasks:
    - Study your Opponent: Fixed a bug that caused the last camera to remain on the map.
    - Death to Spies: Oculat Spies now spawn quicker.
    - Lurking Death: The task has been changed. Wardens of Death will now spawn during a fight against strong opponents.
  • Reward for the last unlocked difficulty is now issued correctly.
  • A new Invasions Tab has been added to the Market. The items listed here can be purchased with special currency, Victor’s Medals, which are obtainable by sending adepts on Invasion type missions, completing special Invasion adventures, selling certain items, or by purchasing a set of Victor’s Medals in the Market.
  • Players can now use items while mounted.
  • Promo adventures will no longer contain optional tasks, and the reward will match the maximum rating for the Adventure.
  • Improved game performance during long play sessions.
  • Khelps no longer jump more than 10 yards.
  • The combination for calling up the Progress screen is now displayed correctly in the settings.
  • The optional task involving the collection of Healing Orbs can now be completed properly.
  • Updated the notification that appears when inviting a character to the group when they are a member of another group.
  • Added the option to disassemble a stack of items at one time.
  • Appearance can now be changed in the beginning of the game.
  • Selecting a class to try out in the Training Hall is now more demonstrative, training quality has also been improved.
  • Added special basic training for Cryomancer, Paladin, Lightbinder, Alchemist, and Knight that can be accessed from the start.
  • Optional tasks: 5 caches now spawn, but you only need to find 4.
  • Optional tasks: Wardens of Death now spawn correctly. This task is now disabled in the Tau Station adventure.
  • Optional tasks: Disabled the No Retreat task.
  • Added a picture for the Argus system that is displayed in its hints.
  • Now the character’s body type looks the same both in game and during cut scenes.
  • All tabs are now displayed in the Market regardless of the screen resolution.
  • Optimized the client to reduce lag affecting the character’s movement.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issues that were causing the game to revert back to the login screen.
  • Fixed an error that caused enemies to accelerate significantly while chasing a player. Additionally, slowing effects will now work again.
  • Fixed an error where using certain abilities could cause the game client to crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the players that joined an adventure through the Group Finder received an outdated reward.
  • Fixed the issue where the effects of invincibility did not work when the target had Defense Penetration.


  • Fixed bug during side objectives that allowed a target to be eliminated before the appropriate stage of the mission.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the NPC Cassia to disappear during the New God quest.
  • Fixed text dialogue during the conversation with NPC Cassia.
  • Fixed the location of the Blood Ties quest on the Divine Observatory map
  • Fixed a bug where, after finishing the Divine Challenge quest, the character was still in the divine form.
  • The Raptorial Greenery quest location is now displayed correctly.



  • Fixed a bug where Lacerated Wound failed to apply damage over time if there were several critical hits in a row.
  • Fixed the duration of Inertia, Rapid Attack, and Clever Maneuver. Now each of them lasts 3 seconds, as stated in the description.



Fixed a bug that made it possible to receive a reward for killing monsters in significantly lower prestige Regions.

Training Hall

  • Fixed a few bugs that occurred during certain stages of the Paladin training.
  • Fixed a few bugs that occurred during the divine form training.

Tessa Temple

  • Fixed a bug where the reward was displayed incorrectly - Replaced Topazes with Sparks of Evolution.

Hostile Territories

  • Fixed a bug where the entrance to the grotto was open at all times. The entrance to the grotto will be opened only if all resonators are taken.
  • Fixed a bug where certain area of effect abilities did not inflict damage to monsters.


  • Fixed a few bugs during the Lending a Hand adventure that prevented some players from activating the Golems or talking to the local residents and wounded.
  • Fixed the visual effects of Inu’s abilities in the Lending a Hand adventure.
  • Fixed a bug where the adventure completed prematurely before all Mechanoids were eliminated.
  • Fixed several text errors
  • Fixed a bug in the Infected Territories adventure where a group would not be able to exit combat.
  • Optional Phytonide invasion-related task have been fixed.
    - Infected Triffids: Fixed the quest counter, now it does not end prematurely.
    - Mutants: Fixed a bug where defeated mutants would not be counted towards the quest.
    - Lurking Triffids: Fixed a bug where the defeated Triffid would not be counted towards the quest.
    - Dione Avengers: Fixed a bug where the Diones would not spawn the required number of times in the Alakur Island adventure.
  • Mechanoid Obelisk has been renamed to Screening Field Generator.


  • Fixed a bug where all champions of invasions were displayed in a single adventure.
  • Onslaught of the Sea: Nautilus - Fixed a bug where a player under the effect of Water Prison could not be freed if they were also affected by a knockback ability.
  • Onslaught of the Sea: Nautilus - Fixed a bug where the effect of Khelp Crusher’s Water Explosion caused a divide between the positions of the player trapped in the ball and the context action required to free them.
  • Fixed a bug where the divine form would not be activated even if the player had enough sparks to use it.
  • Alciona and Melia: Fixed a bug where, if the character was killed by a geyser, they were revived at the place of death.
  • Fixed a bug where in certain distortions players received incorrect rewards for killing the champion.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use the terminal if Lorro the Cold was frozen next to it.
  • Onslaught of the Sea: Nautilus. Fixed a bug where the character would remain lying after the Water Prison effect ended.
  • Dangerous Greenhouse: Siringe. Fixed a bug with the sparks if two gods were present at the same time. Particles of sparks now prolong the duration of the divine form for the god that appeared during the skills current use.


Milene Caves

Fixed the description of the Altars of Life quest.


Fixed the text dialogue with the NPC Pirra.

Eskenian Peninsula

  • Fixed a few objects that could be walked through.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from using rune stones for the Rune Stones quest if they were killed by the Elemental Wardens.

Roqul Valley

  • Fixed the navigation marker for the Fire and Sword quest.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to die when they left the playing area.


Daren Facility

Fixed a bug where some of the effects on the floor were displayed incorrectly.

Hespilon Temple

  • Corrected target selection for Niatus’s Creeping Death ability.
  • Fixed a bug where Asmos would not exit combat if the player stood behind the platform’s wall where the fight took place.

Tarlen Aquifer

Fixed a few bugs related to the landscape.

Leunar Swamps

Fixed a bug that made it impossible to complete the adventure if the traitor officer was killed before he reached the cannon.


Operation Isabella

  • Fixed a bug that caused Firewing to exit combat and reset in the center of the area.


Fixed a bug where players in certain battles did not receive sparks of evolution.


Saiban Archipelago

  • Fixed a bug where the Measurements quest disappeared.
  • Fixed the remarks of NPC Paulen.


Fixed a bug where certain objects in the environment would cause the player to become stuck or fall through the geometry.

Ardos Monastery

  • Fixed a bug where Khlok Violent Storm executed Ultrasound non-stop if the player got behind him.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Urbus to abruptly leave combat and regain health.

Lanber Catacombs

Fixed a bug where killing the Clinging Horror boss was not counted.

Thais Temple

Fixed a bug where not all members of the group could enter the combat area for the fight against Protheus.

Syblian Heights

Fixed a bug where Kinius’s last fire wave had no visual effect.

Tau Experimental Station

Fixed a bug where the player could not leave the area where they had fought Aspect of Death after the enemy was defeated.

Alakur Island

Fixed the behavior of Branchy Eneskid. A poisonous area no longer appears under a character trapped in a cocoon.

Thandi Drilling Station

  • Fixed the visual effect of Champion Underground Effo’s ability, Caustic Spit - The dangerous areas are now more visible.
  • Fixed the issue where the sparks spawned by Flaming Herald were invisible.

Aristel's Farm

Fixed a bug where the player hovered during the initial cutscene.

Thorneus’s Camp

Fixed a bug where the Khelps were not properly “defrosted” during the fight against the champion, Frosty Rossa.

Nerion’s Castle

Fixed a bug that allowed players to get S rating without completing all tasks.

Test Area

Phoreus Test Area

Fixed a bug where the Emitter would exit combat.


  • Fixed the description of several structures.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a Pantheon’s structures to unintentionally become disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the construction cost was deducted but construction itself did not begin.


  • Fixed a bug where the list of available missions did not include certain types of missions.

Aelinet Portal

  • Fixed a bug where the player appeared to be unauthorized on the Aelinet.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong number of used characters was being displayed in an edited thread. Users will now see the exceeded character limit message less often.


  • Fixed a bug where the player that had just been added to the pantheon could not see new messages.
  • Fixed a bug where the rooms created in the full-screen chat would not appear in the usual chat.
  • Fixed a bug where group chat was not created in an adventure. Additionally, fixed the issue where not all members of the group could see their teammate’s messages.
  • Fixed a bug where some users could not see private messages.
  • Fixed a bug where messages were not displayed in the Vicinity or Region chats.
  • Fixed a bug where the chat history disappeared after teleporting.
  • Fixed a bug where a blocked channel would be displayed again after teleportation.


  • Fixed a bug where certain enemies appeared blurry.
  • Fixed a bug that caused vegetation to disappear from certain locations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused visual artifacts in the Divine Observatory.


  • Fixed a bug where the interface for upgrading the atlas was displayed incorrectly on monitors with certain screen resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the quest panel to disappear.
  • Fixed the position of the interface for upgrading rings
  • Fixed a bug where, after activating a chapel, the stat bonus was not immediately displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the button for adding more players into a group was overlapping other buttons in the chat interface.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a melee fighter to become stuck when fighting enemies that are significantly larger in size.
  • Fixed a bug where a boss’s health was displayed incorrectly when it regained health.
  • Fixed a bug where the reward for the adventure would change once it was exited, even if the tactical situation remained unchanged.
  • Fixed a bug where, after teleporting, the wrong difficulty would be displayed on the adventure card for the current queue.
  • Fixed a bug where allies summoned by Snow Ornis would have lower amounts of health and damage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some quest items to remain in the player’s inventory after the quests were completed.
  • Fixed a bug where the full-screen group chat and interface was not available to players who were automatically placed into available spots by the system.
  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to complete an adventure with a rating higher than B.
  • Fixed a bug where optional tasks would sometimes disappear after a player’s death.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could disable or change temporary talents while playing a different class during a promo adventure.
  • Fixed a bug where players had trouble resurrecting if they had summoned minions.
  • Fixed a bug where the player in a queue for an adventure did not receive a second invitation.
  • Fixed a bug where class abilities that do not require a target were interrupted when the selected target became invisible.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain additional sets of abilities for certain classes.
  • Fixed a bug with opening full-screen interfaces after teleportation.
  • Fixed the invalid cost & bonus for two nodes located on the edge of the Ascension Atlas.
  • Fixed a bug where outdated promo adventures were still being displayed on the globe.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to use certain class abilities through obstacles.
  • Fixed a bug where certain items in the character’s bag were being displayed as unavailable even though they could still be used.
  • Fixed a bug where the reward for an adventure was displayed incorrectly when playing a less developed class.
  • Fixed a bug where limits were reset later than intended.
  • Fixed the location of certain quests on the globe.
  • Fixed a bug involving jerky character animations when there are too many players around.
  • Fixed a bug where the Secutor Interceptor became invulnerable and stopped attacking if they targeted someone currently under the effect of the Paladin’s Class symbol.
  • Fixed the mechanics of Bonus Dash. Now the effect is not reset after changing classes.