Cybernetic Alliance: Patch Notes

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Bug Fixes

PvE - Interface - Other



  • All players that complete or have completed the Symbols quest (given at the start of the game) now have access to the ARC companion. In the Style Room, it is possible to change the color, visibility, enable/disable voice & animated reactions of your Companion. Additionally, the Abilities section has a new tab – Companion Abilities. The Basic Attack skill has been added and inflicts damage to the player’s target.
  • Equipment Boosters and Enhancement Stones have been significantly revised:
    - Particles of Mastery have been completely removed from the game. Unlocking new ranks of boosters is now limited by Proficiency. Chests with unspent particles of mastery will be converted into new enhancement stones.
    - Old enhancement stones will be replaced with new currency of the same name. It cannot be bought or sold on the market. The main way of receiving it is by disassembling equipment. Enhancement stones in players’ bags will be converted into the new currency.
    - All players will receive a bonus in the form of new enhancement stones. The size of the bonus depends on the maximum rank of boosters before the update.
    - When disassembling equipment into stones, 300 credits per stone is deducted from the cap.
    - You can now improve boosters with the new enhancement stones or for credits. You will not need to spend both currencies at the same time.
    - The maximum rank of boosters no longer needs to be manually increased. Increasing the rank is limited by Proficiency.
    - Cost of improving equipment boosters is reduced from rank 14.
    - Maximum enhancement stone rank is increased from 19 to 34.
    - Current investment into boosters will be converted into the new currency and automatically distributed between the corresponding boosters to compensate for the change in costs.
  • New D-series distortion is now available – Death Dealers: Frenzied Carrions.
  • The number of Ring Sets available has been increased to 9.
  • Maximum Tactical Sense Amplifier rank has been increased to 56.
  • Added the option to reset optimizers manually. The button can be found in the Patrons tab of the Order. After the reset, optimizers will be sent back to you via the pending rewards interface (F9 key). The first reset is free and each subsequent one will cost 500 Sparks of Transformation.
  • Added new missions for Sparks of Revelation. Now after completing the final quest in the Magnican Lakes area or during small battles, characters will get another 21 similar quests (3 per week), which can be completed in the same location.
  • Demon Atlas has been expanded, including the addition of a Major Symbol.
  • Oceanid Atlas has been expanded, including the addition of a Major Symbol.


  • Fixed a bug where the range of abilities would not be increased for ranged classes in the Divine Form.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect animations and the inability to use a skill again if the target died when the skill was used.


Biotrap now increases damage to targets only from class abilities.


Recommended stats for the class are now marked in the interface.

  • Electric Barrier I and Electric Barrier II cooldown is reduced from 60 to 40 seconds.
  • Arrow Storm now restores 10 points of Concentration for every enemy hit (up to 5).
  • Ultimate Concentration now additionally increases Burning Rapid Fire by your Temper stat value.
  • Duration of Ultimate Concentration effect has been increased from 4 to 12 seconds and now stacks up to three charges.
  • Duration of Burning effect has been increased from 12 to 15 seconds.
  • Burning Rapid Fire damage is increased by 20%.
  • Aimed Shot damage is increased by 19%.
  • Jungle Law talent has been replaced with Bullseye. This enables Aimed Shot to inflict 200% more critical damage.
  • The Biting Flame talent has been changed: Burning increases Archer’s damage to target by 50% of the Temper stat.
  • The Swiftness talent has been replaced with Fire Position: While the Archer is inside their electrical barrier, their critical hit chance is increased by 50%, while the Concentration regeneration rate is increased 6 times.
  • Concentration talent has been replaced with Deadly Downpour. This enables Wildfire Arrow to apply the Deadly Downpour effect which increases the damage of the next Arrow Storm by 500%. The effect is activated no more than once every 10 seconds.

Instead of its previous effect, the Tempest Quiver now reduces the cooldown time for Smoke Screen and Gas Cloud by 20/40/60% depending on the weapon’s quality.


  • Whirlwind and Firestorm pull enemies from all sides, instead of just in front of the Berserker.
  • Whirlwind now only pulls monsters.
  • Firestorm still pulls monsters and player characters alike.
  • Call of Rage talent now increases the critical hit chance by 35% instead of 25%.


  • Crystal Shield can now be applied under Stun, Disorient and Fear effects.
  • The duration of Cryocharge has been increased from 6 to 10 seconds.
  • When the Cryocharge effect is active, you can now use the first charge level of Icy Missile (Icy Thorn) at any level of Cryogen, but you cannot use the second charge level (Icy Dart) if there is not enough Cryogen.


  • Rocket recovery speed is increased 3-fold.
  • Projectile Synthesis skill has been removed.
  • Damage of Missile Salvo and Homing Guidance System has been reduced by 26%.
  • Mine Ring increases Accuracy by 15% instead of 20%.
  • Damage boost from Accelerated Heat Exchange has been reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • Adjusted the cost and bonus of the node in the place of the removed Projectile Synthesis talent. Cost increased 5-fold and bonus 10-fold. The increase in no way affects characters who have already unlocked the node.


  • Recommended stats for the class are now marked in the interface.
  • Damage reduction under the Sledgehammer effect has been increased from 25% to 50%.
  • Stone Projectile, Stone Spear and Gravity Strike inflict 12/39/20% more damage, respectively.
  • The critical damage from Gravity Trap effect has been extended from 5 to 6.5 seconds, but cooldown time has been increased to 32 seconds.
  • Painful Charge talent now also increases the number of discharges applied by Kinetic Pulse, level 1, from 1 to 12.
  • Railotron talent now also increases the damage of Stone Spear by 2.4x damage.
  • Disruptive Kinetic Gloves’ effect has been changed. Now the damage of Stone Spear, both stages of Stone Missile (Single Stone and Stone Blast), as well as the chance of inflicting a Crushing Blow when applying them is increased by 10/20/30%. The resulting value of a Crushing Blow cannot exceed the maximum which is equal to 30%.
  • Fixed a bug where the Painful Charge talent did not create 12 charges after the first Kinetic Pulse during battle.


  • Recommended stats for your class are now marked in the interface.
  • Animation of blows in Earth and Fire stances has been slightly speeded up.
  • Fixed a few issues with female character animations.
  • Fixed the Monk’s landing after a jump in the fire and wind stances. Characters no longer hang in the air.
  • Stone Skin reduces damage by 15%, not 25%.
  • Diamond Dust enables Stone Skin to absorb 50% of damage.
  • Lotus Strike now deals 200% more damage to shields.
  • Aggressive Lunge now has a greater coverage area, moves the Monk more strongly, and pushes back the enemies in front.
  • Return Wave’s animation has been changed.
  • Retribution Weightstone is now called Cyclone and has the following effects: For every monster killed, the Monk gains the Cyclone effect for 90 seconds, and it stacks up to 18 times. At the start of a battle, for every 3/2/1 (depending on weapon quality) Cyclone effect charges, the Monk gains 1 Vortex charge. Every Vortex charge increases the damage of the next use of Falling Mountain, Dragon Rage or Enraged Harpy by 20%, and Stone Palm by 10%. The Vortex effect stacks up to 18 times.
  • Strong Will Combat Pole is now called Turbulence and has the following effect: Wind Catcher stops protecting the Monk from control effects, instead granting them 10/14/18 Vortex effect charges. Every Vortex charge increases the damage of the next use of Falling Mountain, Dragon Rage and Enraged Harpy by 20%, and Stone Palm by 10%. The Vortex effect stacks up to 18 times.


  • Recommended stats for the class are now marked in the interface.
  • Ancient Sorcery talent: Duration of increased damage to enemies in PvP has been raised from 5 to 8 seconds, while damage itself has been increased by 30% instead of 21%.
  • Hellfire inflicts 13% more damage.
  • Hellfire inflicts 100% more damage over time.
  • Skull Throw inflicts 33% more damage.
  • Ghostly Carrion inflicts 5% more damage.
  • Shield of the Banished durability is now equal to 100% of the Necromancer’s maximum health instead of 32%.
  • Possession increases the damage of summoned creatures by 140% instead of 66%.
  • Fixed a bug where Necromancer would incorrectly recover health in their divine form.


  • Celestial Shield I and II effects’ duration has been increased from 5 to 6 seconds.
  • Zeal talent now increases impulse damage in the area of Holy Ground by 200% instead of 150%.
  • The chance of gaining the Determination effect from the talent of the same name when using certain abilities has been increased 2 times.
  • Conviction talent increases the damage of Verdict by 80% instead of 50%.
  • Fixed the Blame talent bug. The effect is now properly applied to all necessary shields.


  • Recommended stats for the class are now marked in the interface.
  • Additional bonus to critical hit chance from the Stigma talent to the targets of Swinging Chains is increased from 21% to 35%.
  • Allies can now target the Slayer when they are cloaked.
  • The protection effect in the area of Smoke Grenade will no longer block the friendly buffs from allies.
  • Twilight Scourge damage has been increased by 12%.
  • Tight Shackles talent has been replaced with Scourge of Death. Thanks to it, Twilight Scourge inflicts 100% more damage in PvE.
  • Grapevine cannot pull the same player character more than once every 20 seconds.


  • Living Helper cooldown has been increased from 12.5 to 22 seconds.
  • Duration of Living Helper has been increased from 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Increased damage of Living Helper (by 32%), Taint (by 20%), Murder of Crows (by 60%), Ring of Fire (by 29%) and Envoys of Taint (by 43%).
  • Racket of Crows cooldown has been reduced from 10 to 7 minutes. Now the cooldown timer begins when the mechanical action of the effect starts and not before.
  • Dark Minion Staff’s effect has been changed. Living Helper now increases the damage of Taint 3/4/5 times depending on the weapon’s quality.
  • In addition to its previous effect, the Ninth Life talent now restores full health and is activated when Witch takes fatal damage and not when health drops within a certain threshold.
  • Ninth Life talent is restored in 6 minutes instead of 4, and the invulnerability effect lasts 7 seconds instead of 10.
  • Bewitch applied to a character lasts half as long as when applied to a monster.
  • Shield on the target of Transformation is now 15% of health instead of 5%.
  • Fixed a bug where Witch's Ninth Life talent would still work after switching to another class. The cooldown of abilities is displayed in the interface again.


  • Strength of Unity symbol has been added to atlas. When playing any Damage class, Might is increased by 25% for every ally of another attacking class within a 40 yard radius.
  • Added a major Demon army symbol: Astral Rift. When the number of available dashes is reduced to zero, characters are able to teleport towards the current target or, if there is no target, 15 yards forward. For 10 seconds after the teleportation, characters can instantly move back. This ability is available once every 90/80/70/60/50/40 seconds, depending on the level of the symbol.
  • Added a major Oceanid army symbol: Excitement of Victory. If the target's health is less than 30%, the damage you inflict to them goes up by 5/10/15/20/25/30%.
  • Changed many symbol icons.
  • Changed the mechanics of Lacerated Wound, Compressive Trauma, Deep Dissection, and Painful Spasms. Damage is now inflicted not periodically but all at once during the next attack from your Companion.
  • Summon Oculat symbol is now called Companion: Special Combat Mode.
  • Ghostly Viper symbol is now called Companion: Enhanced Combat Mode.
  • Electrostatic Attacks symbol is now called Electrostatic Attacks: Damage.
  • Grip of Death symbol is now called Electrostatic Attacks: Stun. This symbol no longer inflicts damage, but instead stuns the opponent for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds depending on the rank of the symbol.
  • Deadly Roots symbol has been renamed to Fatal Impulse: Damage.
  • Tidal Wave symbol has been renamed to Fatal Impulse: Slow. It no longer inflicts damage, but instead slows down the enemy.
  • Plant Poison symbol is now called Noosphere.
  • Improved visual effects for the following symbols: Impact, Dazzling Flare, Electrostatic Attacks, Arc Charge, Plant Poison, Deadly Roots, Deadly Trap, Grip of Death, Tidal Wave, Summon Oculat, Enslaved Viper, Pain Shock, Paralyzing Shock, Wave: Damage, Wave: Slow, Mark of Death, Active Defense, Instant Ice, Blight, Lacerated Wound, Compressive Trauma, Deep Dissection, Painful Spasms.
  • The Blight symbol now works correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where a character would still have the Strength in Unity effect when they left the group.
  • Fixed a bug where you could deliver a finishing strike to a target with an active Rising from the Dead symbol.
  • The symbols Corrosive Coating, Matter Explosion, Blind Rage, and Short Circuit now work correctly when used together with Lacerated Wound, Compressive Trauma, Deep Dissection, and Painful Spasms. These symbols currently work as described in the game.
  • The death of a character from the Rising from the Dead symbol in PvP is now correctly counted in the statistics.



Rapid Reaction Squad has been renamed to Random Squad.

Cold Quarry

The number of difficulty levels has been increased. Players that have already unlocked all available levels will need to complete the penultimate difficulty level once more to unlock the new levels.


Operation Medea

  • After killing the first boss, the door leading to his room will now open. This is necessary so that players added to the adventure via the interface can get to the other group members unhindered.
  • Tripolium. Difficulty: Attack
    - Damage over time from the effect applied to the character after the death of Thorny Triffids has been reduced.
    - Reduced the amount of health restored to the boss by buds.


Tarlen Aquifer

Lake water can no longer kill Immortals.


  • Loading screen added.
  • Reduced the number of Eidoses which can be received for defeating special troops.
Abandoned Fort Garune

Loading screen added.

Bedazzling Akonita’s Avatar

You can now remove the slowing effect applied by a Viper’s bite by using appropriate class abilities.

Phase 1

Akonita’s shield can now be removed almost immediately after it appears.

Phase 2
  • In the champion version of the adventure, mines carried by characters do not explode.
  • Akonita does not summon Ghostly Vipers until the drones stop in the second phase.
  • Added markers for drones damaged by mines.
  • Drone speed in the final stage (when they start to chase characters) has been increased.
  • Amount of damage absorbed by the shield has been reduced.


  • Radial Tag-Menu added, which you can bring up with Ctrl+E. Tags are only available to those in a group.
  • Improved navigation in the God of Knowledge Atlas: similar skills have been grouped.
  • Optimizer names have been changed. All optimizers have the same style of name in accordance with their cost level.
  • Optimizer-I has been renamed to Optimizer Delta.
  • Optimizer-Beta has been renamed Optimizer Gamma.
  • Optimizer-Alpha has been renamed Optimizer Beta.
  • Optimizer-II has been renamed Optimizer Alpha.



Changed the appearance of invasion tokens. Army tokens in the Laboratory have also been changed.

Bug Fixes



Artonis Hollow

One of the possible cache locations has been fixed. It was located inside a wall, which meant the area could not be explored.


Bedazzling Akonita’s Avatar
  • Fixed the health indicators for monsters in the champion version of the adventure. They now correspond with the indicators of the training version.
  • Fixed a bug where characters would not receive Divine Revelations after defeating the avatar.
Phase 1
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented spark particles from dropping when moving to phase 2.
  • Adjusted the mine appearance radius so they are not inside drones.
  • Fixed a bug where mines could be lifted by several characters simultaneously.
Reapers of Death
Thanatos’s Avatar
  • The poisonous flask effect can no longer be applied to a character that is jumping between platforms.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss would not strike at the right time during the Hand of Thanatos ability (although the hint that the hand had appeared would still be displayed).
  • Fixed a bug where a character invited to an adventure via player addition appears at the starting point, even if the other members of the group have already moved far ahead of it.
  • Fixed a bug where the Hand of Thanatos (appears when the Hand of Thanatos ability is used) would not disappear after the death of the entire group.
Oceanid Flagship
  • The jumping platform in the Magitorium now work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Oceanid troop would not appear after the destruction of the nerve in the corresponding sector of the ship.

Hostile Territories

Magnican Lakes

Fixed a bug where characters would be teleported to another location.


  • Fixed a bug where the Dismount button in the mount interface would not replace the Mount button when clicking the active mount.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the combat statistics interface from displaying Lacerated Wound, Painful Spasms, Compressive Trauma and Deep Dissection symbol icons.
  • When you change the resolution of the interface, the style room will now be displayed correctly.
  • Most promo icons are again displayed in the Adventure List section of the Globe.


  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to stop and not move for some time following a dash on some types of transport.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to crash when using the game’s exit interface.
  • Players who did not receive costumes for completing invasion adventures with the S rating should receive the corresponding outfits.
  • Fixed a bug where players were not able to change character’s appearance.
  • When moving to another area while mounted, characters will now remain mounted.
  • Improved Temporal Compensator icon has been changed.
  • Tropical Costume is now the correct color again.
  • Fixed a bug where Argus System hints would sometimes be played several times.
  • You can now get a Mechanoid trophy rather than a Reapers of Death trophy for killing a Corg.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause activated symbols to be disabled for mounted characters when joining an adventure.
  • Fixed a bug where after leaving adventures characters would still have increased damage and health effect from their Divine Form.
  • Ring of Patience now correctly reduces Crushing Blow. Characters wearing this ring cannot have a crushing blow value of over 15%.
  • Fixed one of the issues causing the game client to randomly stop working.
  • Addressed some of the game client’s instability and freezing during lengthy play.
  • Fixed a bug causing Out of Memory error when running game on Windows XP.