myLoot Winter Calendar


Our Winter Calendar is back with a twist!

Starting tomorrow, December 1st and lasting until December 25th , visit the myLoot store for an exclusive free reward! That's right, one gift every day for you.

Get your daily Winter Gifts!

Each day will have one unique reward ranging from Credits to myLoot chests. Simply visit myLoot and you'll see the current daily gift, claim it to your account and redeem it afterwards the Skyforge Inventory on the myLoot page.


You'll have only 48 hours to pick up your chests, so don't sleep on your free gifts!

We also have a special Holiday Event planned, stay tuned for more!

Celebrate the Winter Holidays in Skyforge!


When is the Winter Calendar open?
From the 1st of December to the 25th of December.

How much time do I have to get my gift?
The calendar will work in the CET time zone and you will have 48 hours to grab your rewards.