New difficulties of adventures

Dear friends!

We continue to change and improve various elements of the game. Lately, we have heard complaints from players with high Prestige about issues related to rewards for adventures. If the character was at least 10 levels higher than the adventure rank, their reward for completing it was greatly reduced. And characters who reached the maximum Prestige during an invasion season ended up being significantly higher than most of the adventures.

We weren't pleased about that development. That's why we decided to change the mechanics of adventure difficulty, making it more flexible and convenient.


In the Overgrowth update, all players who have unlocked their divine form will be able to choose between three difficulty levels of Squad and Group adventures.

Warm-Up Challenge Nightmare
- The rank corresponds to the rank of adventures of the previous invasion.
- Players will be equalized in the adventure.
- Reward: previous generation equipment, credits, Knowledge of Enemies.
- No restrictions on entry.
- The rank is determined by the active invasion season.
- No equalizing.
- Reward: current generation equipment, credits, Knowledge of Enemies.
- This difficulty is available to characters who have reached threshold values of Prestige.
- The rank is higher than the maximum rank of adventures of the current invasion season.
- No equalizing.
- Details about rewards and restrictions will be available later.

The rule that limits rewards for players who have "outgrown" the adventure will be disabled. Equalizing will start working in all regions of Aelion.