Nihaz's Arsenal Pack


We are still fighting the demons on all fronts. Nihaz' army is advancing, and we are not even close to winning this battle. But our god scientists have steadily worked on weapons and technologies to fight back our invaders.

Presenting, the Demons Weapon Pack! All weapons in this assortment will be Generation 16.


You will receive the following weapons:

Astral Stream – Warlock/Witch

Using Explosion of Darkness and Extermination may turn the next Murder of Crows into Wicked Storm which carries enemies off and inflicts damage to them.

Fury, the Astral Reaper – Necromancer

All the creatures summoned by the Necromancer inflict more damage.

When the Necromancer is alone in an adventure, they gain the ability to summon a demon compelled by necrotic energy for a long time. The demon distracts enemies and absorbs their souls when they die, accumulating a bonus to their damage.

Hak'kar, Eye of the Storm – Revenant

The Dehydration effect has a 50% chance to replace the next use of Destruction with an axe throw in the same direction, inflicting heavy damage to all enemies along the way.

Horus, Demonheart - Cryomancer

Using Icy Comet with the Icy Meteor effect grants you 1 level of the Chaos Comet effect for 40 seconds.

2 levels of the Chaos Comet effect increase the bonus damage of the next Icy Comet from 150% to 500%, and its range from 8 to 12 yards.

Sarn's Rage – Slayer

8 seconds into the fight and after exiting invisibility, bonus to damage is increased and all combo attacks teleport the Slayer to their target.

This pack is available only for a short time! Don't miss this opportunity to finish your collection.