Overgrowth update is here!

Listen up, Immortals!

The time has come for a new era in Aelion, the Overgrowth update has arrived and with it the new Grovewalker class.

The Grovewalkers are born protectors. They derive their power from nature itself, easily calling on its forces. Powerful roots twine around enemies, and seeds dropped into the soil grow into carnivorous plants. The Grovewalkers easily change their own body.

Their phytoform is extremely powerful and tenacious, allowing the Grovewalker to feel comfortable even in the heat of battle, knocking enemies away with sweeping strikes, and their ether form lets them shake off control effects.


If you get yourself the Overgrowth Collector's edition, you'll receive a fantastic new costume, a legendary weapon and instant access to the Grovewalker class!



Challenge System


Achieved great things in Skyforge? Everyone will know about them! If you have conquered lots of in-game summits, some of the challenges will already be done. Others will have to be completed. Show off your achievements with special titles and compare your challenge points with your friends!

New difficulty levels


Sometimes, a hard adventure is not hard enough. So the next best thing is a nightmare! Challenge yourself and your pantheon companions in this new difficulty setting. Read all details about it here.

But that's not all, this new update also delivers you a bunch of fixes and other changes that you can find in our patch notes.