Pre-order your Grovewalker!

Defenders of Aelion!

Have you ever wished for the true power of nature?

Overgrowth is the latest free update for Skyforge. It introduces a wild new class, the Grovewalker. Rediscover Aelion through reworked story missions and a new challenges system!


With a preorder of our Grovewalker Collector's Edition, that power could be yours!

In the Grovewalker Collector's edition you will find:

  • Grovewalker Class Unlock
  • A Completely Redesigned Class Costume
  • Legendary Grovewalker Weapon (Current Generation!)


All pre-orders will ship with an exclusive:

  • Phytonide-Style Companion (Available immediately!)
  • Special Phytonide-Style headwear (Available at launch!)

Players will be able to access the Grovewalker in three stages:

  • 21.03. Pre-order available for purchase
    (Collector's Edition with Exclusive content)
  • 11.04. Release of the Grovewalker
    (Collector's Edition without Exclusive content)
  • 18.04. Purchasable with Sparks
    (Collector's Edition without Exclusive content)

One week after the class becomes playable (April 11th), the Grovewalker will be available for in-game unlock via Class Sparks from April 18th on.

The Grovewalker will be the latest Hybrid-Class Tank in the Skyforge roster. The content awarded to pre-orders are exclusive to pre-orders alone!

To guarantee exclusive content at launch, and to secure an adorable Phytonide companion right away… pre-order now!

Excited about the update? Log into the game right now to experience Tessa's return first hand and fight alongside the Grovewalkers against the invading Phytonides.

Tessa is calling.

Will you answer her call?