Presenting Skyforge: Battle Royale!

We are happy to announce that soon the world of Aelion will receive a new mode for you to enjoy. Skyforge: Battle Royale; will be available for all players of Skyforge as a free update on all platforms.


While normally you'd go out and chase different foes invading the world Aelion, in Skyforge: Battle Royale you fight in a virtual simulation - maintained by the Argus System - for the mortal citizens of Aelion. It is the new entrance exam, instituted by the gods with the help of divine technologies, in their path of becoming an Adept.

You'll be able to join the Battle Royale mode from the Start screen of Skyforge or from the Adventures menu, like you would select any other activity. This will put you into the special mode lobby. Before you head out, you'll be able to select from a variety of characters designed for this mode, each with a set of unique abilities.

Once the match has started, you and your fellow mortals will spawn onto one of the islands floating above the battlefield. The island on which you appear is randomized for each match. Landed in the virtual world, you'll be able to collect weapons and armour with different bonuses. Sneak up on your enemies and strike the final blow with your weapons or skills.

Other players are not the only threat to you. Special Monsters will also spawn in different parts of the zone, offering you much-desired loot. A true PvPvE experience.

Get your Collector's Edition today!

Unlock additional classes and skins!

Skyforge Battle Royale: Alpha Squad Pack ($24.99)


  • Engineer: a turret master in an urban environment
  • Sapper: veteran of guerilla warfare against invaders, sabotage specialist
  • Mercenary: universal soldier tearing through enemies with a storm of bullets
  • Gold power armor

Preorder this pack to receive additional items:

  • Kamikaze modification for the Sapper
  • Commando modification for the Mercenary

Skyforge Battle Royale: Phoenix Squad Pack ($59.99)


  • Night Hunter: leader of the mysterious cult of night drawing their powers from the darkness
  • Devourer: victim of alien invasions who failed to restrain their bloodlust
  • Faceless: mysterious and secretive master of quick killing able to turn completely invisible
  • Android: successful experiment in the use of cybernetic implants performed by Flavius's laboratory
  • Filibuster: captain of a pirate graviglider and treasure hunter who requires a stiff drink now and then
  • Hacker: master of systems and networks who merged their personality with virtual reality;
  • Legend Wings;
  • Lifetaker Weapon Set

Preorder this pack for additional items:

  • Cyberpunk modification for the Android
  • Shadow modification for the Night Hunter
  • Die-Hard modification for the Devourer
  • Special Agent modification for the Faceless
  • Bane of the Seas modification for the Filibuster
  • Cracker modification for the Hacker;