Skyforge Update - 21.02.2018 - [Version:]


  • Fixed the error in the description for Messenger of Love where you needed to find a girl in a black dress.
  • Fixed the issue male characters had when equipping Ears with a hairstyle from the Exquisite Fantasy set.
  • Red Evening Dress in the Style Room now occupies the same slot as the wedding dresses from the last year’s St. Valentine’s event.


  • Fixed the issue that caused Seal of Deeds to get disabled on its own.

Higher Divinity

  • Fixed the issue where during invasions in regions players earned less Cognition than they should have.”
  • Divine Healing and Willpower now properly work in Divine Training and Battle of Equals
  • Adjusted the penalty on the reward for completing very easy adventures. Maximum penalty - when the avatar’s grade and the adventure’s grade are different - is 10
  • Fixed the icon of the color option for Nekis
  • Fixed the issue where Thais would not speak with certain players

Thais Temple, Thorneus’s Camp, Factory 501

  • Removed the survivors from the start of the adventure (to fix the issue of Faith farming).