Skyforge Update - 31.01.2018 - []

Greetings Immortals,

This weeks update brings you a combination of tweaks for the Divine Weapons and most importantly, the activation of the Pantheon Wars!

Are you already in a Pantheon yourself? Make sure to join one before the big battle commences. We now have a map rotation designed to keeps things fresh to the big clash of gods.

Pantheon Wars

Battle of the Pantheons:

  1. The fourth PvP map "Central Part of the Temple" has been added.

  2. A rotation of the maps in the Pantheon War has been introduced - 3 adventures are available every week as before, but they change in order to not increase the number of required players.

1st week of Panteon Wars:

  • Bridge to the Temple, Gates to the Temple, Temple Tower

2nd week of Panteon Wars:

  • The Bridge to the temple, The Central Part of the Temple, Gates to the Temple

3rd week of Panteon Wars:

  • Gates to the Temple, Temple Tower, Central Part of the Temple

4th week of Panteon Wars:

  • Bridge to the Temple, Temple Tower, Central Part of the Temple

And so on.

  1. Now each adventure gives up to 3 points in the overall standings:
  • Bridge to the Temple, the Central Part of the Temple, the Temple Tower is played up to 9000 points, where every 3000 points = 1 point in the overall standings.
  • Gates of the Temple are played up to 3 flags, were 1 flag = 1 point in the overall standings.
  1. The number of points for delivering golem fragments on the map "Bridge to the Temple" has been increased from 500 to 750.

Central Part of the Temple

  1. Capture the point mode.
  2. In this map there is an equalizing feature:

If the gap of points between the teams goes above 1800 points, the loser gets 1 stack of a buff, giving a % increase to their damage and defence.

Fixed a bug where the markers of the control points on the "Bridge to the temple" didn’t display properly.

Divine Weapon

Upgrade for Gloves of Thanatos has appeared on the market. The upgrade costs 1 Avatar's Artifact, and grants you the following:

  • Touch of Death and Life Drain deal 20% more damage. Leap of Death can now use second level charges, allowing you to fly up and bring down on your enemies a series of deadly blows that deal cumulative damage and granting you invulnerability during the leap.

Combat Mounts

  • Fixed the duration display of the Combat Mounts from the Tower of Knowledge.

Elder Gods

Players who have discovered the Elder Gods now have all three aspects available. The development of aspects was reset, and the distributed points are returned - now you can choose which aspect to develop first (or develop all three at the same time, because you choose your own way to your God).

The amount of cognition required at some levels of development has been significantly reduced. Players who, despite the anguish, have overcome this threshold, will receive the development points due to them (the rest of this "threshold" will become much closer).

  • Fixed a bug where you got an incorrect amount of Cognition from the "Imenad" and "Melegh" distortions.


  • Fixed a bug where the Seal in the Cathedral from “mark of the revenant” does not increase damage.