Aelion Day 2018

The Immortals of Aelion have seen a thing or two. New challenges are unleashed upon the world every year with unmitigated destruction. Together, you have fought to keep the world safe from invading forces and united in the face of extreme adversity!

To honour this devotion, we are launching a 3 weeklong event celebrating Skyforge's anniversary on all three platforms - PC, PS4, and Xbox. (Arriving on consoles on April 12th.) All platforms will have their anniversaries converged into one event: Aelion Day!


Beginning April 11th at 12:00 CEST and ending May 2nd , the world of Aelion will see fresh quests, relics, decorations and extra missions added daily. Participating in the festivities is easy!

Upon logging on Skyforge, you will receive a special tablet outlying unique quests. The maximum number of tablets a player can receive is 9, and players have 21 days to obtain and finish all 9 tablets. Successfully completing every tablet in the series will award players with a unique opportunity to find Elia's symbol and retrieve an exclusive item!

Available Rewards

  • Aeli's Legacy headgear
  • Aeli's Legacy Earrings
  • Aeli's Legacy Tattoos
  • Aeli's Legacy Halo
  • Stimulants
  • Brigade Uniform
  • Premium subscription
  • Credits
  • Victor's Medals
  • Knowledge of Enemies


Once you complete all 8 tasks, combine the “items from the past” into a special relic. Give it to one of your adepts and send them on a journey. When they get back, you will receive a gold chest. Inside you may find credits, Knowledge of Enemies, Victor’s Medals, or a precious artifact. Use it and fight a nightmarish boss from the past. Victory will bring you the final reward: the anniversary halo!

Don’t worry if you miss a few days! You will receive one task daily, so you can easily get all 9 prizes.

Celebrate Skyforge with us and join every Capital and Cathedral in honoring Aelion Day!