The Great Mother bounty-hunt has concluded

In the past two weeks, we asked you to hunt down a big phytonide threat, the Great Mothers - and you completely wiped the floor with them and completed our first challenge in the first week! So we decided to up the Stakes and you guys came through once more granting all platforms a total of 3 Weeks of Aeli’s blessing!

Over 6000 Great Mothers were annihilated in the planes of Aelion! Well done Immortals!

Here is a breakdown of the hunt for each realm:


To reward your success, Aeli's Blessing has been activated for 3 weeks!

Starting May 29th until June 18th you will have special drop rates on your adventures in Aelion:

Aeli's Blessing is an event where credits obtained at the end of any adventures would be 50% more and Knowledge of Enemies (KoE) drops from enemies would be 50% more.

See you in the fields, immortals.