Grovewalker Introduction Event—Answer Tessa's call


Centuries after her disappearance, Tessa is back on Aelion. The goddess of nature and her children call upon you to permanently seal the portal and prevent Machavann's army to invade our lands.

Help the Grovewalkers by going into Grottos and harness the energy of the Ether Trees using Ether Resonators and converting it with Flavius' latest invention: The Ether Field Transformer.

Should you decide to join the fight and help Tessa seal the portal for good, you will be rewarded handsomely.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Starting March 21st at 3 pm CET , you will automatically receive the "Exiles" quest upon logging in.
  • You can start the adventure by selecting the card "Tessa Temple" on the world map or select the adventure within the quest list.


  • After entering Tessa Temple, she will explain the situation and ask you to gather Ether energy within " Grottos." However, to open the portal leading to any Grotto, you will have to collect the energy of specific enemies: Phytonides, Mantides, Demons, Gorgonides, Reapers or Oceanids.


  • Once in the grotto, find the Ether tree and place an Ether resonator next to it. Then, attract and kill nearby monsters into the resonator's area of effect to replenish the tree's energy.


  • Finally, use the Ether Field Transformer to transfer the collected energy back to Tessa Temple. Note that you will have to protect the area for a certain time during the transfer.


  • Upon successfully completing the quest, Tessa will reward you with a gift.

There is a total of 8 grottos to complete over the course of 22 days, and as many rewards to collect!

You can consult the status of the event by going into the Character menu and selecting Exiles.


The event will run from March 21st to April 12th. This is your only chance to receive the rewards for this event! Don't miss out.

Each Grotto will be available every 3rd day throughout the event. Don't be afraid if you login at a later point, you will be able to complete all grottos that were unlocked so far.

Date Opening
March 21 First grotto
March 27 Second grotto
March 30 Third grotto
April 2 Fourth grotto
April 5 Fifth grotto
April 8 Sixth grotto
April 10 Seventh and Eighth grotto


Upon completing each grotto you get one "Tessa's Gift" Chest. You can obtain up to 8 chests in total.


The chest can reward you the following items:

Name Description
8 Emerald Trewang Mount Contrary to expectations, the Grovewalkers do not get along well with animals, but Trewangs are a special case. These giant half-plants obey them implicitly, and they even changed their coloration under the influence of natural magic.
9 Machavann’s Heart Crown Divine Halo This halo is more than just an accessory. It indicates that you are looking at a true guardian of natural balance.
10 Circle of Life Amulet Adept’s Relic Fruits on the broken branch symbolize the perpetuity of life and the endless rebirth of nature. Creating an amulet like this requires a lot of skill. It is like a maturity test for a Grovewalker.
11 Grovewalker Tattoos Divine Features Immortals who choose the path of a Grovewalker paint special symbols on their faces.
12 Shining Emerald Legendary Adept This emerald once belonged to a Grovewalker named Roadan the Forest Voice. It is filled with the magic of nature. When the time comes, it will show Roadan the way to your order.
13 Sprout Grovewalker Costume The Grovewalkers’ clothes consist almost entirely of intertwined living plants. Love, care and a bit of patience, and a dash of natural magic can create an incredible costume from this tiny thing.
14 Idelis, the Heart of Astraea Legendary Weapon Idelis, the Radiant Tree, is the heart of Astraea, the world the Grovewalkers have come from. Its roots grow through the entire Astraea, and the future guardians of nature first felt their new powers awaken under its crown. Idelis grants its branch to every new Grovewalker. When they were brought to Aelion, these gifts become an incredible rarity.
15 Set of items with Sparks of Transformation Different pieces of Grovewalker history, which contains valuable insight to the disciplines of Tessa.

May nature's blessings smile upon you, Immortals!