Promotion: Immortal's best friends

Everybody gets excited about this exhibition: the regular folk, exhausted by war and desperate for some light, pleasant entertainment, the participants, keen to show the public their latest achievements, and the immortals, who look forward to adding to their collections.

The exhibition is usually divided into two pavilions: the first displays the latest technical innovations for speed of movement, and the second displays the mounts. The first pavilion is the pride and joy of the scientists and the second is where the breeders and trainers can explain how to get to grips with the living creatures of Aelion and those of other planets.

In recent years, the exhibition has included a small, third pavilion. This one displays the latest achievement of the scientists and trainers together - animals that have been enhanced with implants to ensure they provide a better service to man. These animals demonstrate incredible intelligence compared to their wilder kin, so they always draw in the crowds.

This year Flavius was due to present a new animal in the third pavilion: a special variety of Menar. However, the long-awaited presentation had to be cancelled because just before the opening the animal seemed to go mad and refused to do as it was told.

This is no coincidence and Flavius would appreciate some help with the investigation, while he deals with the consequences of this sabotage.




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