Valentines Day Event 2019


From February 12th to March 5th, visit the capital park, complete Thais' quests, and receive all the items for a perfect romantic date!

Dark Side of Love

It looks like something did not go quite right in the research centre. One of Flavius' was able to influence a dryad and "manipulate it", but not quite as expected. The dryad has fallen in love with the immortals and sends them bouquets with declarations of love in an attempt to get their attention.

This dryad will stop at nothing to send gifts, rewards, and romantic letters confessing their personal, deep, and unyielding love for you! Players should keep their eyes open to spotting bouquets of Triffids, currency awards, consumables and sometimes even a letter.

The dryad has a chance of appearing after each PvE battle that you complete.


Messenger of Love

This daily quest allows you to become a love spreading cupid! Thais provides you with a temporary cupid-archer appearance and with a special skill. Use these newfound abilities to find specific boys and girls in the Park of Aelion and make true love blossom!

Thais will give you hints as to who your targets are.

Locate the specified character, use Thais' temporary event skill, fire a gold-tipped arrow into the heart of the NPC, and let love do the rest!


Valentines Day Items

Throughout the duration of the event, you will be able to earn "Rose Quartz". Use this currency at the Aelion Event Shop to obtain fantastic costumes and themed items.

Name of Item Currency Price
Enamored Tobi Rose Quartz 9000
Victorian Costume Rose Quartz 7500
Formal Clothes (Valentine) Rose Quartz 7500
Wings of Love Rose Quartz 3750
Contrabass Manual Rose Quartz 600
Rose Petals Rose Quartz 2500
Ether Projector Rose Quartz 7
Diabolist Costume Rose Quartz 3750
Firework Rose Quartz 4
Formal Clothes Rose Quartz 7600
Summer Costume Rose Quartz 6100
Drums Manual Rose Quartz 600
Cynia Flower Rose Quartz 7500
Set of Rose Quartz Replicators Argents 500
Exquisite Fantasy Set Rose Quartz 2300
Triffid Spray Rose Quartz 501
Evening Dress Rose Quartz 5000
Tail Rose Quartz 3000
Nekis companion Argents 4000
Spring Halo Rose Quartz 4000
Lover's gaze Rose Quartz 2000
Petal Wings Rose Quartz 7500


Valentines Special Packs

Celebrate the holiday of love in style with these special collections of costumes!

50 Shades of Love Pack

  • Night Watch costume and headwear
  • 7 days of Premium subscription
  • 12 Stimulants
  • 500 000 credits

Together Forever Pack

  • Dress Uniform
  • Robotic Companion
  • 8000 Knowledge of Enemies
  • 3000 Victor's Medals

These special packs will only be available during the event, don't wait for too long!

This Valentine's Day, love may be everywhere, but it is in the hearts and souls of the Immortals of Aelion that we want it to be felt the most.

We wish you a pleasant celebration!