Skyforge Update - 02/05/2018


  • Added English voiceover lines to the Vigo companion.
  • Fixed an issue with the Premium time in the Tree of Life pack not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed the Battle equipment description.
  • Fixed the Academy Membership button issues.

Changes to Directives

  • Antean Wasteland : Eternis now gives 80% of the progression towards the completion of the directives. Palius' quest now gives 8% and the Sandworm gives 12%.
  • Thea : Kairax now gives 80% of progression towards the completion of the directives if you earn rank S. All other events give twice as much progression towards the completion.

Directives stimulant changes

  • Skipping Region directives now costs 5 stimulants.
  • Special Squad now costs 2 stimulants to skip.
  • Special Group now costs 4 stimulants to skip.

Antean Wasteland

  • Attacks on the camps within the region now occur every 20 minutes (down from 30-40 minutes).
  • Eternis will now spawn roughly every 50 minutes (down from 1.5 hours).

Special directives

Removed the Cognition from the special directives. it is now only available from the daily directives.