Learn how you can navigate your social space and gain new opportunities to progress your character in Skyforge with player-run Pantheons (Guilds)!
Join the Skyforge team on Twitch as they take on the Power Facility and showcase the Gunner's destructive power! You could even win beta access!
Here's your chance to catch up on all the latest Skyforge reveals from last week, including our in-depth breakdown of Skyforge's stats and abilities, along with the Skyforge Valentine's Day contest winners!
Love is in the air and it's time to announce our Skyforge Valentine's Day card contest winners! Find out which entries won the hearts of the Skyforge team!
Each character in Skyforge has a set of specific stats that allows you to set up talents and skills according to your liking. Today, we’re delving into the stats system to learn how to pick the best combination of talents and skills for your desired play style.
Discover the ancient Alakur Island in our 3D panorama, check out the latest community creations, find out how you can win beta access for two and more in this edition of the Week in Review!
Alakur was once home to one of the most beautiful temples in all of Aelion, the Temple of Ianna. To show you Alakur Island in all its glory, we’ve prepared a 3D-panorama of the area.
We're challenging the community to create a Skyforge themed Valentine's Day Card for a chance to win access to the Skyforge Beta Tests!
And the winners of the Skyforge T-Shirt Design contest are...
Check out the latest Skyforge Dev Q/A, scenic wallpapers, concept art and more on this edition of the Week in Review!


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