PvE Modes

Skyforge has a range of PvE modes available. The modes cycle between solo experiences to massive 10 player cooperatives. Some instances focus upon enemy bosses, while others adhere to a wide spectrum of resource farming and mob killing. For a closer look at the different PvE modes on offer in Skyforge, peruse our list below!



Squads require no more than 3 players to enter and offer basic rewards. Players cooperating in a squad campaign will typically be exposed to a variation of easy mechanics, enemy bosses, with an additional credit reward upon completion.


Grouped instances require a maximum of 5 players to complete. The enemies in Group adventures have a tougher resistance to attack, a higher HP, and dish out larger amounts of damage. Although the mobs encountered in a group setting are stronger than those encountered in a Squad or on Solo missions, the added firepower brought by two additional team members can even out the odds. Rewards from Group adventures are substantial with rewards based upon the current season. Completion of a Grouped adventure yields an additional award of Credits.


Parties include a wide range of exceptionally difficult content tailored for advanced players. This content is generally considered to be end-game level and dependant upon players having access to a full arsenal of weapons and advanced abilities. Parties have a player limit of 10, and players cooperating in a party will be exposed to sensitive missions with special rewards with high chances of dropping the best items. The Credits dispersed among party members upon the successful completion of a party instance are substantial, and the rewards gained by players within are scaled to the difficulty of the adventure completed.



Invasions are special adventures within Aelion that revolve around new maps released weekly. During an invasion, these maps will guide players through a complicated series of steps that will help repel invading armies. The maps released depend heavily upon the species of the invading army, where it is they are attacking, and whether or not they have a special purpose. Some races of alien invaders have specific maps, while others vary. Bosses fought during the Invasion instance reward basic items, but both eradicator bonuses, and credit rewards are increased above levels normally found in regular play.


Avatars are the single most powerful enemy boss of an invading army. Often interdimensional gods representing personal interests on a far flung quarter of the universe, Avatars arrive on the 3rd week of an Invasion Campaign and come in two forms: Training and Champion. Training Avatars are much simpler to defeat than their Championship cousins. Training Avatars can be fought twice a week and offer set rewards to finalists that see the instance to completion. Champion avatars however, demand a higher level of prestige and player coordination. Champion Avatar's are reserved for players that have achieved end-game level content and reward players in a successful run with an Avatar Trophy.


Distortions are raid maps with specialized content and a focus on team cooperation. Each distortion is designed to maximize difficulty among a team of 10 players, and each map requires a team to adapt to its specific rigorous style of play. The rewards for completing a Distortion are high and most drops include current generation valuables, like weapons and relics.


Regions are open area maps with a bountiful array of quests for new players. To get used to the classes and mechanics inherent to your character, visit regional maps for a non stop ride of content guaranteed to deliver to the endgame. Quests in the Regions of Aelion can be done over and over again, without limit and offer rewards ranging from basic to moderate amounts of Credits and Knowledge of Enemies.

Test Areas

Test Areas within Skyforge include Nedder, Phoreus, and Inghar. Nedder and Phoreus are test areas used for single or group play to progress bastion levels. Inghar however, follows a different formula. Inghar is a special instance focused upon testing team power and coordination. The Inghar Test Area cannot be completed individually and must be entered into as part of a team. Topping the charts within the Inghar Test Area rewards players with substantial prizes every 2 weeks. Both Nedder and Phoreus, on the other hand, solely reward players with Credits or KoE's.