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Invasion Seasons

• The Invasion interface now displays required Prestige instead of Might.
We have revised the requirements on the invasion screen. Before, the player had to guess that if they lacked Might but had the best equipment and 100% of Combat Superiority, they would most likely complete the adventure. It was not very convenient. Recommended Might was perceived as something imperative, implying that you should not even try unless you had that much. Prestige reflects character’s power better than just Might. We believe that this change will let players have a better understanding of when they should go to distortions or to a battle against the avatar.


Frenzied Carrions

• Fixed the bug where a character in their divine form could inflict significant damage to the boss through unintended means.
• Red skulls (stage 3) no longer put the character into a state of fear. The amount of health they restore to bosses has also been reduced.
• The skulls no longer hit characters affected by Deadly Grip.
• Damage from all types of skulls has been reduced.
• Damage inflicted by Virds’ bombs has been reduced.
• Virds’ health has been reduced.
• Fixed the issue where Virds with Healing orbs continued to move towards the boss even under control effects.
• Fixed the issue where Virds with Healing Orbs would occasionally spontaneously die.
• Reworked the Test of Tenacity ability where the boss marked the target with a golden mark, and the next attack against that target inflicted increased damage. Now after attacking the marked target, the boss flies into a rage for 1 minute. If the boss’s next attack hits an unmarked character, the rage effect ends.
• All bosses’ basic attacks inflict more damage now.
• Adjusted the speed of bosses’ auto attacks. The bosses no longer stop inflicting damage in certain situations.
• Reworked the Curse of Death ability where the boss marks a character with a green mark, and after some time inflicts great damage to the target if the target does not have protective effects from Support classes. The boss will fly into a rage for 1 minute if they hit a target that does not have a protective ability applied to them.
• Fixed the issue where bosses would fly into a rage sooner than 15 minutes into the fight.
• Fixed the issue where bosses would recover health through unintended means.
• Fixed the issue where you could stand on the fence between the platforms.
• Argus now informs players when bosses use abilities that require intervention by a god.
• Damage inflicted by Virds’ bombs summoned by Utgharkh is now displayed in combat statistics.

Tribe of Shukur

• Reduced bosses’ maximum health.
• Characters that step into a pool will be immobilized for a shorter period of time.
• Adjusted the bosses’ damage.
• Virds with Healing Orbs will heal only the boss that summoned them.


• The boss no longer interrupts casting Death Ray if their target is jumping across platforms during casting.

Storyline Version

• Fixed the issue where, if you were completing the storyline version for the second time, the character could end up on an inactive platform.
• You can no longer activate your own divine form during the adventure.

Antean Wasteland

• Reduced the chance of getting an old map fragment when killing a monster that is not relevant to the quest.

Inghar Test Area


• Changed the mechanism of calculating a reward based on position in the rankings:
• 1-5 - Gold Pack;
• 1-5 - Silver Pack;
• 1-5 - Bronze Pack;
• Changed the content of packs. Added credits and slightly increased the amount of Argents:
• Bronze Pack: 200000 credits;
• Silver — 400000 credits и 1500 Argents;
• Gold — 600000 credits и 2500 Argents;
• Only one color option for companions is given now - you receive a random color option that you do not have. If you already have all the color options, you will receive a small amount of credits instead.
• If a player that opens the Gold Pack already has the Pegasus, they will receive 7000 Victor's Medals instead.
• Increased the credit reward received after 5 completed challenges 2.5 times.
• Increased the Knowledge of Enemies reward received after 5 completed challenges 4 times.

Challenges and Enemies

• The Mantides now have less health than species of other armies.

Cryptide Challenge

• The number of Cryptides has been reduced from 4 to 3.
• Time for completing the task has been increased by 40 seconds (to 4 minutes).

Mechanoid Squad Challenge

• No more than 4 Rethiarii will spawn during the challenge.



• Weakened the composition of groups of monsters in attacking waves and ambushes.
• During final waves, pauses between spawning enemies have been increased. If the monsters of current wave are already killed, the next ones will appear after a short pause (about 3 seconds) - so there is no more waiting.
• All reduction that was applied to low difficulty now works for storyline versions.


• Fixed the issue where after the Warder’s death Oculat Bombers would not stop spawning.
• Now the Warder stops fighting if its opponent leaves the battlefield.
• Reduced the ray’s damage.
• Increased vulnerability after shield is removed.
• On lower difficulty levels, the damage of Oculat Bombers is significantly reduced. Oculats also spawn alone, and not in pairs.

Facility 902

• Removed the hint about needing to jump between platforms. There is now a bridge in their place.

Nerion’s Castle

• Fixed the issue where players would receive hints multiple times if they were in a group.

Taron Power Station

• Lurking Death optional task is no longer available.


Icy Plateau

• Fixed bug preventing the Find Explosives task from being completed in some cases.
• Reduced the number of elite enemies. 
• Weakened groups of enemies with 4-5 strong enemies. 
• Certain elite monsters (Ursun and one of Aswangs) no longer have buffs that greatly increased their damage, making them too dangerous even to players in divine form.

Rutrea the Bloodthirsty

• Slightly increased the boss’s health.
• Reduced health of Rutrea’s guards. Their movement speed has also been also reduced. 
• Significantly reduced damage from pools summoned by Rutrea (more than 2 times).

Battle of Equals

• There are no longer breaks between seasons. Beginning and end of a season will coincide with that of Invasions.
• Reward for getting into the leagues have been significantly increased:
• Diamond: 10000 Victor's Medals;
• Ruby: 5000 Victor's Medals;
• Gold: 2000 Victor's Medals;
• Silver: 1000 Victor's Medals.



• When calculating the damage of Ghostly Carrion, the Ranged Damage stat now depends on the Necromancer’s position.
• Bonus from Combat Superiority now affects the creatures summoned by the Necromancer.


• Fixed the Chain Blessing effect applied to allies that are out of the Lightbinder’s sight.


• Fixed the issue where Jump Shot would sometimes be performed in a wrong direction.

Flavius' Laboratory

• Adventure completed with D rating will no longer be counted in laboratory quests.
• Fixed the issue where the Oceanid laboratory would sometimes not give quests.


• Fixed the issue where character’s necks would occasionally fail to perform their functions. Gunners got bored of looking at the ground and now stare straight ahead!
• Revised starting adventures, changed the difficulty levels of some of them. Improved tutorials, added hints, fixed errors.
• Players will no longer see Emblems of Destruction created by other characters.
• Only gods now can join operations for killing enemies. Exception: immortals that have already participated in operations. They already proved themselves, we cannot refuse them.
• Removed the line about needing to kill 50 Aswang Warriors from Roqul Valley (Bastion quest).

Optional Tasks

To make completing Squad adventures in a group more comfortable, the following tasks will no longer pop up: “Do not die”, “Pick no more than 4 Healing Orbs per fight”, and “You must have at least 30% of health left at the end of the fight”.