Valley of Tombs Promotion

Join the adventure in the Valley of Tombs Promotion running from November 24th to December 8th.

The Valley of Tombs has been discovered in the Wastelands! Prompted by Asterius, immortals are setting out on expeditions to study the ancient legacy, secretly hoping to discover treasures. By exploring the Valley of the Tombs, your loyal helpers can find an ancient artifact that will significantly increase your character's efficiency, tame a new mount and discover a real mummy costume!


But that's not all! You can earn Legendary Shards in the second circle of the event. You can exchange this valuable resource at the market for a 9th generation legendary weapon.

But hurry, this mini event will last for just one week. Don't miss out on the opportunity to earn valuable and useful prizes. Get into the spirit of adventure and send out your adepts to explore the mysterious tombs of the ancient rulers of Aelion!

Awards for the first round


Awards for the second round


The Promotion will end on December 8th. Good luck!

  • The Skyforge Team