War Eternal: Patchnotes

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Pantheon Wars

The Pantheon Wars have begun once more! This time members of the in-game communities will fight for the opportunity to travel to Tay, an Aelion Satellite which was founded to provide Shakte a unique resource which increases your number of class talents.

The Auction of the first War will be held on December 3rd 7pm PST.

The Pantheon War territories have been distributed based on the Rankings from the first season.

Read more about the Pantheon Wars here!

Flavius's Laboratory

Flavius Laboratory has changed. At the start of a new invasion, the laboratory will have new nodes that you can research. Army Samples are not required to research the first nodes, only the new nodes require Army Samples. This applies to all the different armies (except for Demons that have not arrived yet). Samples for all armies were therefore removed as they are not needed anymore unless that invasion is active.

For example you are now able to receive Reaper Of Death Army Samples.

At this time there is a second level of bonuses at the Reapers of Death laboratory. You can start to explore them after you have completed all the nodes of the first chain.

The amount of quests you have to complete to unlock some of the nodes have also been reduced.


You may have noticed some changes to the Squad Adventures in our latest patches, this is because we’ve been working on improving them! We noticed that to newer players, some of the mechanics and tactics for defeating bosses in these adventures were not very clear.

We are now happy to announce all the changes that we made to make the single player squad experience better!

We have lowered the difficulty for the bosses in the following adventures (especially at lower difficulty levels):

● Saiban Archipelago
● Borru Catacombs
● Thorneus’s Camp
● Mantide Caves
● Syblian Heights
● Factorium
● Alakur Island
● Okki Island
● Port Naori
● Donholk Glacier
● Kyros Caves

We’ve also lowered the difficulty level of some especially strong mobs inside some lower level adventures.

Below you will find the list of specific changes:

Saffire Air Dockyard
● Weakened groups of Mechanoids mobs: less elite enemies (none at all at lower difficulty levels) and no more groups of 6.

Storm Secutor Velitaris
● Lowered number of turrets: Star difficulty will have no more than 3, and up to 6 on the rest.
● Turret beams no longer knock characters down, but strike them with fear on the lower difficulty levels.
● Auto attacks are a bit slower.

Fire Rethiarius Triarchus
● Now it will only start summoning Mechanoid adds on the difficulty level 4 and up.
● The duration of the shield placed on the Mechanoids are longer: 12 seconds instead of 9, but it only lowers the incoming damage by 50% instead of 100%. Damage from characters in divine form is not affected by the shield.
● The boss's shield now lowers the incoming damage by 50% instead of 100%. Damage from characters in divine form is not affected by the shield.
● Auto attacks inflicts less damage, but the attack speed is higher.
● The laser beam will appear twice as slow.

Tactical Scissor Echo
● The circle that appears when the boss uses its Wave ability no longer immobilizes characters that failed to jump over it. The damage it inflicts has also been lowered.
● Auto attacks are a bit slower.
● Polarization damage has been lowered, but it will grow if players make mistakes or walk into prohibited areas.
● Fixed an issue where the boss would use Wave immediately after Polarization, without a cooldown.
● Disorienting Salvo damage has been lowered. On difficulty levels from 1 to 3 that ability no longer knocks characters down. Now that will only happen on the difficulty levels 4 and up.

Kyros Caves
● It is now more difficult to escape cocoons from the Ancient Weaver in single player mode on difficulty levels 4 and up. Players have to successfully complete a QTE for that now.

Lanber Catacombs
● Bosses have been weakened at lower difficulty levels.
● The damage from falling rocks have been lowered, but now a successful hit from a rock will knock a character down.
● Rocks fall on difficulty levels 1 to 3 have been lowered.
● Removed Winger ambushes at open areas at lower difficulty levels.

Clinging Horror
● This boss can now be hit both by poison flasks and regular attacks, but with lowered damage. Except for characters in divine form, their damage will not be lowered.
● Now a hit from a flask will not only interrupt the boss from summoning Wingers, but will also make it more vulnerable.
● New ability added: the boss pulls its targets closer and then inflicts damage in a cone before it.
● Changed the way the doors open in the adventure. Now you will have to use special devices placed close to the doors.

Cold Quarry
● The argus system now gives you instructions.

Ardos Monastery
● Bosses have been weakened at lower difficulty levels.
● Fixed geyser jump to Khlok Violent Storm.

Facility 902
● All bosses have been weakened at lower difficulty levels.

Rethiarius Chaos
● The boss now has a shield that absorbs up to 60% of damage (depending on the difficulty level). It can be destroyed by using the special cannon attack (RMB).
● The visual effects for shots from the cannon (LMB) have been improved.

Artonis Hollow
● Kros’ten have been weakened at lower difficulty levels.
Elite demons will no longer appear on difficulty levels 1 to 3.


● Fixed a bug that prevented some players from receiving quests in the Bastion.
● The Power of Light quest (in Borru Catacombs) added minimap markers for old chests required to complete the quest.
● The Aeli’s Altars quest (in Lanber Catacombs) added minimap markers for altars required to complete the quest.
● The Roqul Hollow quest (in the Roqul Hollow) fixed a bug where some animals would not be counted towards the quest.


● Fixed an issue in where a Gunner would leave the missile launcher mode when receiving a divine weapon.

● The penalty on activities for leaving a Pantheon has been changed to 24 hours instead of 7 days.

● Changed the priority targets for the Lightbinder’s FLood of Light and the Alchemist’s Stimulant Injection abilities, they will now target characters in divine form and attack roles first.

● The damage of the Outlaw’s Dodge That! ability has been increased by 50%.
● Sure Shot effect, increasing Dodge That! damage, is now displayed with a pop up.
● The duration of the mines from the Dancing Grenade ability, when you use it together with Whirlwind of Lead has increased by 1 second.

Pick-up Items
● Some cannon-type weapons will no longer push targets when using Quick Shot (LMB).

● Characters wearing the Pumpkin Head headwear will no longer become invisible when activating temporary weapons.
● The visualization for companion effects triggered by Chain of Destruction, Collapse, Block, Black Mark symbols have been made less aggressive.

● The priority tasks list will now display a hint to use the Reliquary.
● Some of the quest descriptions in the Flavius Laboratory quests have been corrected.
● The priority operation icons on adventure cards have been made more visible.
● Added 0 key to the list of character emotions. Now all base character emotions and reactions have a dedicated key.
● The Skip button will now only be shown in full screen cutscenes and only if the player presses Space.
● Resolved issue causing incorrect display of indicator showing better equipment in a character's bag.
● In the No Active Operations window of the Operations interface you can now read all the text without having to scroll.
● Invasion icons have been removed from the provinces map.
● Fixed the bug causing mass item disassembly not to work for some characters.


● The bonus from Premium has been extended to increase the drop rate of Old Map Fragments, Mysterious Chests, Ancient Chests and Mythical Chests.
● The Tower of Knowledge has been expanded with 20 new ranks.
● Fixed an issue where Diones would sometimes fail to inflict damage with autoattacks.
● Fixed an issue where Wingers would sometimes fail to inflict damage with their attacks.
● Characters who could not use the guitars can now play again.
● Jumping down into the abyss in Golem Battles will no longer be counted towards your combat statistics.
● Fixed the bug causing Hall of Trophies not to open for some new players.