War’s Onset Patch Notes



• "Power of Invasion" parameter was added. It affects avatars' power and will decrease as players successfully complete operations. If there is no avatar in an Invasion, this parameter doesn't affect anything.
• Defense Penetration now works differently. Now it increases damage dealt to shields and shows which part of damage dealt to other Immortals ignores their effects that decrease incoming damage. Thus, Defense Penetration doesn't ignore shields any more, but increases damage dealt to them. Melee Defense and Ranged Defense are no longer affected by Defense Penetration. Other defensive effects (granted by abilities, talents, symbols etc.) will be affected by this stat.
• Provinces of characters with at least 48100 Prestige will obtain a new parameter: Influence, 100% of Influence will grant players an additional bonus to stats.
• A new region has been added, Usuni Valley
• A new small region has been added, Herden Temple.
• Used Optimizers have been returned to players (F9). They may be used in the same provinces, as well as in new ones. This was done due to the priority stats of some classes were changed.
• Now a set of rings can be selected, Players will be able to create multiple sets that can be freely swapped at any time. Rings can be used in more than one set. Currently unused rings will remain in the inventory.
• Reward for the first purchase an account makes has been changed. More information can be found on our Black Friday Sale News
• Divine Sparks limit is now shown in the interface. They are refilled in the beginning of the Defense stage of an Invasion, led by an avatar, and reset after the end of an Invasion.
• A new mount added to the Market - Repair Hornscute.
• Equipment Upgrades have been refined: they now slightly increase Health Bonus and Might Efficiency.
• Distortions of A series now have rating modifications. Players will need 65000 Prestige to enter the first Distortion. Pantheons, who have already completed these Distortions (non-rating modifications), will be able to choose an order in which to complete them. The rest of the Pantheons will complete them in a regular order. The Distortion Analyzer will show a "Completed" status after the first completion of a rating or a non-rating Distortion. The highest points are awarded to all Pantheons, who manage to defeat the Distortion Monster during twenty-four hours since it has been killed for the first time.
• PvP rating of Pantheon Tournament is now present on the portal.
• Pantheon pages now contain a PvP hall with a list and results of PvP teams of the Pantheon.
• PvE rating of Pantheon Tournament is now present on the portal.
• Pantheon pages now contain a PvE hall with a list and results of rating and non-rating Distortion completion of the Pantheon members.
• A new currency has been introduced - Fluids of Incarnation. It may be used to purchase Visions of Legendary items in the market. A Vision is a special item, which teleports the player to a boss-fighting zone upon activation. Having been defeated, the boss drops a Legendary ring. Players may receive Fluids of Incarnation for PvE and PvP activities during Pantheon Tournaments, as well as in Operation Medea: Storm.
• Bonus set of a Premium subscription has been changed. See War’s Onset: New Premium Bonus for more information.
• Squad adventure bosses now drop twice as many rings on a Premium account.
• Squad adventure final bosses now drop at least two rings (four on a Premium account).
• Numeric value of outgoing damage is now displayed differently.
• Several Resistances may now be researched simultaneously.
• Number of trophies for completing operations has been increased.
• Sparks of Revelation may now be obtained not only via completion of weekly quests in the Hostile Territories, but also in small battles.
• Now Ether Orb and Golden Orb modifiers, used in missions for influence, increase chance of mission success up to 100%.
• Full version of Mantide Caves adventure is now available.
• Two new stats have been introduced. They are attached to provinces.
- Persistence. Increases bonus damage by a certain percent of its maximum value, if target's health is lower than 33%.
- Inspiration. Increases damage dealt by Impulse Charge immediately after recharge. This bonus decreases over time.

Pantheon Tournaments

First stage of Pantheon Tournaments has started:

New tabs are now available in Pantheon rating section on the portal: PvP rating and PvE rating. They show Pantheons' progress in tournament. Rating page can be accessed via game portal and from the Game tab in the game.

The first stage will last for ten days. At the end, the top ten PvP and top ten PvE Pantheons (up to twenty Pantheons total) will be able to compete for temples in most profitable territories in the Gold League’s Pantheon Wars. Game communities with lower ratings will also be able to take part in Pantheon Wars.

Rating battles card is now available on the globe. Battles will take place at 2 PM to 3 PM (server time, PST) and at 8 PM to 10 PM (Server time, PST). Each battle lasts for 30 minutes. Please note, that you need to register before the battle begins. If a team fails to apply before 8:00 PM, but only does it at 8:01 PM, for instance, it will have to wait for the next battle at 8:30 PM.

Rating battles schedule (Server time, PST)

2:00 PM, 2:30 PM, 8:00 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:00 PM, 9:30 PM
2:25 PM, 2:55 PM, 8:25 PM, 8:55 PM, 9:25 PM, 9:55 PM


• Changed the design of nodes of Destruction, Creation and Balance.
• Context action of interaction with items is now displayed, when an ability is used.
• The Warning mark is now replaced with a glow for new items in the bag.
• Voiced opening of some items in the bag.
• Added animation for opening some items in the bag.
• Screen of equipment selection doesn't show equipped items any more.
• Fixed the bug that suspended the dialog with a non-player character upon fast button clicking.
• Disassemble into Stones line is no longer displayed on items in the bag, when credit limit is exhausted.
• PvP adventure cards now show available rewards.
• Double right click doesn't equip an item on the character any more.
• Added new interfaced action sounds.
• Context action of interaction with items will now be displayed, while using abilities.
• Restored visual selection of game objects upon targeting.
• Added an option of fast amount selection in the Market interface, currency exchange, guild donations etc. Hold Shift and use your mouse wheel to do so.
• Added an option to create a team for rating PvP in the group interface.
• Default sorting of items in the bag has been modified. Weapons are now sorted by class. Rings are sorted by their basic stats (Luck, Power, Spirit and Valor).
• Numeric value of outgoing damage can now be customized manually.
• Influence. Fixed the bug where elements overlapped in the Greatness interface.
• Added hint animation.
• Recommended stats are now highlighted in the corresponding interface for the following classes: Cryomancer, Paladin, Lightbinder, Knight, Alchemist, Berserker and Gunner.
• Golden Age bonus is now shown in the final adventure card.
• Camera swing, focus on the blow and full-screen effects can now be controlled via game settings.
• Globe interface can now be closed by pressing a cross in the upper right corner.
• Number of items in a stack can now be indicated manually.
• Added animation of improving upgrades.
• If a stat is maxed, it now shows a corresponding icon.

Combat Statistics

• Damage dealt by Burning, cast by an Archer, is now shown independently from Fiery Arrow damage.


• Talents of the following classes have been reset for free: Knight, Lightbinder, Paladin, Cryomancer and Alchemist.
• Fixed some bugs that might have interrupted certain abilities on the appearance of a context action interface.
• Fixed the bug that caused the infinitely supported damage over time to remain the same, as on the first hit.


• Melee strikes have been rebalanced, damage increased.
• Resolute Strike II and Mother Earth talent will be moved to the beginning of the Atlas, while Falconry II and Falconer talent will be moved farther.

• Earthquake was renamed to Havoc II.
• Lunge Applies Wound effect to the target. It lasts for 3 seconds and stacks up to 5 times.
• Spear Throw - cooldown is 8 seconds instead of 6 seconds now.
• Falconry - Outgoing damage has been reduced. Added Infirmity effect, which increases damage dealt by the Knight, for 6 seconds.
• Grass Cutting - Additionally restores one charge of Dash.
• Falcon Rage - Applies Infirmity effect to all affected targets. Silences Falconry and Grass Cutting for 6 seconds instead of 8 seconds.
• Stunning Blow - Duration decreased to 2.25 seconds. Delay before leap also decreased.
• Stray Attack II - Applies a shield, the number of its stacks depends on the number of affected enemies. - Damage description is now correct.
• Crushing Blow - Deals higher damage and restores 2 Willpower. Resolute Strike deals higher damage, if used at its full cost.

• Sky Hunter - Doesn't increase damage dealt by Falconry and Grass Cutting any longer. Decreases their cost by 7 Willpower instead of 5. Falconry and Grass Cutting spend 7 Willpower less and recharge spear. The following attack with a charged spear will deal additional damage, equal to Strength stat.
• Stab Wounds - Wound effect, applied by Resolute Strike, Resolute Strike II and Lunge, lasts 2 seconds longer and deals 25% higher damage per second.
• Salt in the Wound - Its mechanics is completely redesigned. Crushing Blow now deals 150% more damage to targets, affected by Stun, Fear, Blind, Immobilization and Disorientation, or if Impulse Charge is activated. Targets under Slow effect receive 75% damage.
• Daring Youth - Its mechanics is completely redesigned. Battering Ram deals higher damage at the end of run and restores one charge of Dash upon a successful hit. Grass Cutting now restores two charges of Dash.
• Falconer - Its mechanics is completely redesigned. Infirmity effect is now removed by a successful hit of Grass Cutting and deals higher damage.
• Counter-Grip - Its mechanics is completely redesigned. Lunge restores 1 Willpower and extends the duration of enhanced effect of Barrier II by 1 second.
• Heavy Tread - Stun and immobilization effects may now be applied to the same target every 5 seconds, instead of 4.
• Will Breaker - Its mechanics is completely redesigned. PvP targets under Infirmity effect receive 30% more incoming damage from any source.
• Inviolability - Its mechanics is completely redesigned. Knight gains immunity to control effects, when Control Resistance is above zero. Incoming damage reduces this parameter, while outgoing attacks and Impulse Charge activation increase it.

Weapon Bonuses
• Crusher decreases cost of Resolute Strike and Resolute Strike II by 16/32/48%, if the target is under Infirmity effect.
• Violent Wrath Spear now increases duration of Tantrum effect by 3/6/9 seconds, instead of 4/8/12 seconds. In addition, it increases duration of Resolute Defense by 2/4/6 seconds.
• Bonus of Rapid Hunting Spear to Falconry and Grass Cutting has been additionally increased by 7/14/20%, if target's health is lower than 33%.


• Cooldown of next ability cast after switching into machine gun mode has been reduced.
• Cooldown of next ability cast after switching into plasma rifle mode has been reduced.
• Cooldown of next ability cast after switching into missile launcher mode has been reduced.
• Context action of weapon mode selection will no longer switch character into missile launcher mode.
• One projectile now restores every 6 seconds, instead of 4.

• Residual Charge - Damage dealt by Plasma Beam and Plasma Stream now apply Residual Charge on a weapon, which increases damage dealt by Pulse Shot by 40% during 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 4 times.
• Experimental Fuel - Maximum basic damage of Fire Blast and Fire Sector has been increased by 150%, and by another 200% of character's Temper. This bonus applies to Ignition as well.
• Momentum Conservation - Replaced with Adaptive Focusing: The range of Pulse Shot, Plasma Beam and Plasma Stream is increased by 5 yards. If a target dies within the first 4 seconds after one of these abilities has been cast, damage dealt by your next Pulse Shot will be increased.
• Multilayer Barrier - Duration of Power Barrier has been increased by 2 seconds. Shockwave will not appear at the end of its action, but upon next cast of this ability, while the barrier is active.
• Chip of Self-Destruction - Replaced with Dangerous Cargo: Maximum number of projectiles is increased by 5. When resurrected, the Gunner’s projectiles are fully restored. Upon death, Gunner's ammunition explodes and deals significant damage over area.
• Expanded Ammunition - Replaced with Barrage of Fire: Maximum basic damage of Missile Salve has been increased by 25%. Missile Salvo will launch two missiles at once, with a chance equal to character's Temper. Mine Ring effect will double the bonus to damage. It will also double the chance to launch two missiles at once.
• Stabilization Module - Gunner will become immune to control effects in the missile launcher mode.
• Chain Disintegrator - Two consequent hits by Plasma Beam will stun the enemy for 3 seconds. The second hit will deal increased damage. This effect may apply to the same target once per 10 seconds.
• Backlash - If Pulse Shot is fired at Suppression Field, every enemy inside the field will be stunned, and the field will be destroyed. Duration of such stun is 2 seconds longer. Cooldown duration is 10 seconds longer.
• Engineer Training - Replaced with Energy Armor: Power Barrier absorbs 100% more damage. Suppression Field reduces damage taken by the Gunner by 50%.
• Prognostic Module - Replaced with Heat-Resistant Alloy: When the gun overheats, Full Auto continues to fire at the usual speed, applying one Ignition per 5 seconds to the same target. When the gun overheats, Rapid Fire applies one Ignition per 30 seconds to the same target.
• Temporal Duplicate - When Teleport Beacon is used again, the Gunner teleports back to the previous position and spends one Dash charge. The Gunner can move in this manner for 12 seconds after Teleport Beacon is used for the first time. Cooldown duration has been reduced to 6 seconds.
• Auto-Aim - Full Auto now inflicts 100% more damage to enemies affected by Stun, Immobilize, Fear, Blind, or Disorient. Before modification: Dealt 75% more damage to enemies, affected by Stun, Immobilize and Slow. Targets under Slow effect now receive 40% more damage. Doesn't increase damage dealt by Full Auto in the beginning of combat.
• Armor Plates Regeneration - Only one Armor Plate may now be gaining, but it absorbs 7% of damage instead of 5%.Healing Orbs restore the Armor Plate instantly.
• Entropic Factor - Elimination reduces the cooldown of Accelerated Heat Exchange by 15 seconds instead of 20.
• Killing a pack monster reduces the remaining cooldown of Accelerated Heat Exchange by 0.5 seconds, killing a common monster - by 2 seconds, an elite monster or champion - by 15 seconds.
• Fractal Shrapnel - Increases damage dealt by Homing Guidance System to the primary target by 15% instead of 50%. Damage dealt to surrounding enemies has been increased by 55%, area of effect has been increased by 50%.
• Tracing Charge -Your allies inflict 30% more damage to PvP enemies hit by your Machine Gun, while the Contusion Shells ability is active. Each attack of your ally to such enemies reduces the cooldown of the ability by 2 seconds (up to 30 seconds in total).
• Auto-Aim - Full Auto can now be used at a distance of up to 40 yards. The attack inflicts 50% more damage to enemies affected by Stun, Immobilize, Fear, Blind, or Disorient.

• Full Auto - Damage dealt is increased by 60%. Fixed the bug that could trigger Impulse Damage twice.
• Rapid Fire - Damage has been reduced by 4%.
• Fire Blast - Damage has been reduced by 19%. Damage dealt by Ignition, applied by Fire Blast, has been reduced by 10%. It now restores 75 Heat Energy. Its cooldown is 8 seconds instead of 12. Cooldown of next ability cast after Fire Blast has been reduced.
• Fire Sector - Damage dealt by Ignition, applied by Fire Sector, has been reduced by 35%.
• Pulse Shot - Damage has been reduced by 10%. Cooldown of next ability cast after Pulse Shot has been slightly reduced. Now this ability can be cast even if there is not enough Heat Energy, but its own damage will be lower.
• Plasma Beam - Damage has been increased by 100%. Plasma Beam now consumes 60 Heat Energy instead of 45. Cast time and cooldown of next ability cast after Plasma Beam have been slightly reduced.
• Plasma Stream - Damage has been increased by 11%. Plasma Stream now consumes 105 Heat Energy instead of 90. Its cooldown is 5 seconds instead of 15 seconds now. Cast time has been slightly reduced. Cooldown of next ability cast after Plasma Stream has been slightly reduced.
• Plasma Field - Damage dealt over time has been increased by 50%. Damage dealt by Pulse Shot in a field has been reduced by 9%. Damage to shields increased by 200% Field radius has been increased by 25%. Cooldown is now 8 seconds instead of 15.
• Suppression Field - Its lifetime is now 7 seconds.
• Missile Salvo - Damage has been increased by 24%.
• Homing Guidance System - Damage has been increased by 3%.
• Mine Ring - Damage has been increased by 17%. Its range is now 40 yards. Increases Accuracy for its targets by 20%, while a target is within the ring and during 6 seconds after the mines successfully explode.
• Mine Barrage - Its range is now 30 yards instead of 25. Mines are now triggered by enemies and explode independently of each other. A single mine's damage has been increased by 90%. Lifetime of a mine is now 17 seconds instead of 10.
• Power Barrier - Removing the shield will activate a shockwave that will push back and damage the surrounding enemies. Its cooldown is now 24 seconds instead of 27. Casting this ability will not trigger global cooldown any more.
• Teleport Beacon - Its range is now 35 yards instead of 30. Its cooldown is now 12 seconds instead of 15.
• Accelerated Heat Exchange now works differently: Plasma Rifle inflicts 100% more damage and consumes 100% more Heat Energy. Lasts 10 seconds.
• Contusion Shells now works differently: Character gains 16 contusion charges. Each Full Auto consumes 1 charge, and each Rapid Fire consumes 2 charges. A consumed charge slows down the affected enemies by 60%, and multiple hits knock them down for 2.5 seconds every 5 seconds.
• Machine Gun now applies a stackable effect on a target. It reduces target's movement speed. When the number of stacks reaches its limit, the target is stunned for 2.5 seconds. Activating the ability within the next 5 seconds makes them accumulate this effect much faster. When stun ends, the enemy becomes immune to the effects of this ability for the next 5 seconds. Cooldown duration - 50 seconds.
• Vulnerability Scanner - Replaced with Projectile Synthesis: Instantly creates 10 extra projectiles that exist for 20 seconds. While the ability it ready to be activated, the projectile recovery speed is increased by 50%. Each level of Heat Energy decreases cast time by 1.5 seconds.
• Elimination - Restores 6 projectiles instead of 3. Grants 90 Heat Energy instead of 60.

Weapon Bonuses
• Hand Cannon Squall bonus has been replaced with Mine Ring. Each Missile Salvo attack increases its damage by 3/6/9% for 3 seconds. The effect stacks up to 10 times.
• Hand Cannon Impulse bonus has been modified. Plasma Stream now deals 15/30/45% more damage. It has a 15/25/35% chance to restore instantly and return all consumed Heat Energy.
• Hand Cannon Volcano bonus has been modified. First attack will increase Gunner's damage dealt to the attacked enemy by 30/60/90%. This effect lasts for ten seconds or until the inflicted damage reaches the value of Gunner's maximum health.
• Cartridge Defender bonus has been modified. Orbital Strike cooldown duration has been reduced by 50/100/150 seconds.
• Cartridge Reinforcements bonus has been modified. Power Barrier’s cooldown is reduced to 6/8/10 seconds, if the Gunner’s health is lower than 50%.


• Some talents swapped their places in the Ascension Atlas.
• Basic attack damage has been increased.
• Frenzy talent was replaced with Surge in promotional adventures.
• Some animations and visual effects have been modified.

• Waves of Holiness - Monsters' provocation duration has been reduced to 3 seconds.
• Massive Verdict - Cast time is now 2 seconds instead of 3. Damage has been increased by 40%.
• Justice Blade - Activates Impulse Charge.
• Divine Scourge- Damage has been increased.
• Celestial Shield I and II - Damage has been increased.
• Seal of Light - Animation duration reduced from 1250 to 1100 milliseconds.
• Radiant Aspect - Cooldown duration reduced from 700 to 420 seconds. Now it works differently. It now removes all negative effects from character and teleports character to the selected enemy. It deals x4.50327 damage to all nearby enemies and knocks them down for 5 seconds. Grants immunity to control effects for 15 seconds, reduces incoming damage by 25% and increases outgoing damage by 25%. It additionally increases outgoing damage by a percent, which equals to half of all Temper. Creates the area of Holy Ground near the Paladin.

• Blame - Paladin's shields now absorb 100% more damage instead of 60%. Duration of monsters' provocation by Onslaught ability has been reduced from 4 to 3 seconds. All Verdicts will also provoke monsters during 3 seconds.
• Luminance - Healing Orb used by the Paladin will also heal the ally with lowest health in a 30 yard radius. Cooldown duration 30 seconds.
• Surge - Fixed the bug that caused the effect to activate after Paladin's death. Cooldown will be now reset upon Paladin's death during PvE adventures.
• Seal of Light and Punishing Bolt - if activated on the Holy Ground or for Righteous Anger, on a chance, equal to half of the Paladin’s Temper, will grant them Determination effect, which will increase damage dealt by the following Punishing Bolt by the value of the Paladin’s Spirit and reset cooldown of Verdicts. Determination lasts for 15 seconds and stacks up to 3 times. Each stack of the effect activates independently.
• Shrine Protector - Bonus to talent's damage has been increased to 50%. Duration of the effect is 20 seconds.
• Justice - Waves of Anger cooldown duration has been increased from 15 to 25 seconds. Radiant Aspect cooldown duration has been reduced by 90 seconds.
• Zeal - All impulse damage on the Holy Ground is increased by 150%.

Weapon Bonuses
• Sword Justice - the effect now lasts for 15 seconds instead of 10. Bonus damage of 150% now sums up with the value of Paladin's Temper.


• Fixed the bug that caused Sledgehammer stance to end early if a player was inactive.
• Bolide ability now has a new animation.

• Fully charged Stone Projectile, Stone Blast and Stone Spear now cost 80 instead of 50 points.
• Global cooldown duration after casting Stone Blast has been reduced from 1.6 seconds to 1.2 seconds.
• Gravity Trap - Now consumes 50 points instead of 75.
• Gravity Strike - Now consumes 0 points instead of 15.
• Chain Gravitation - Now consumes 100 points instead of 75.
• Stone Projectile - Fully charged Stone Projectile deals 66% less damage, if there is not enough energy.
• Kinetic Pulse - Charge level I of Kinetic Pulse now deals 87% more damage, while levels II and III deal 40% more damage. Kinetic Pulse charges on enemies are now unique for every Kinetic. Charge's lifetime has been increased from 12 to 20 seconds.
• Ether Explosion - Range has been increased from 10 to 12 yards. Now initial damage equals 600% of basic damage. It will additionally increase by 100% of basic damage per every affected enemy, starting with the second one, up to 1200% of basic damage and four affected enemies.

• Quiescence - Increases outgoing damage by 25% instead of 35%.
• Bouncer - Gravity Strike bonus has been removed.
• Railotron - Stone Spear can now be cast free of charge.
• Protective Circuit - Protective shield now absorbs one portion of damage dealt to allies instead of two.

Weapon Bonuses
• Stone Spear now increases its damage by 60/120/180%.


• Aura has been modified. Might and health bonuses remain the same. Luck, Power, Spirit and Valor will now increase by 15% of Lightbinder's Spirit.
• Some visual effects have been refined.

• Flood of Light - Might bonus remains the same. Luck, Power, Spirit and Valor of the target now increase by 8% of Lightbinder’s Spirit and by 8% of Lightbinder's Valor per each stack of the effect. The effects stacks up to five.
• Blessing of the Sun - Its duration has been increased to 8 seconds instead of 7. It also increases damage by 40% plus additional 20% of Lightbinder's Temper.
• Incarnation of Light - It now increases damage by 50% plus additional 20% of Lightbinder's Temper. It also reduces incoming damage by 35%.

• Warden’s Gift- It now reduces cooldown duration of Sacred Barrier, in accordance with Charge Recovery.
• Rain of Fire - Restores charges of Unstable Shield every 15 seconds instead of every 12 seconds. This duration will reduce by 1 second per every 10% of Charge Recovery.
• Spirit of Light - Will no longer grant bonuses to allies upon activation of God form, but will not apply bonus resistance effect, cast by Incarnation of Light.
• Deflection - Burning Stream, Supernova, Quasar, Pulsar and Starstorm deal 30% more damage. Their damage will additionally increase by a percent, equal to Lightbinder's Temper.
• Bright Flares - Increases outgoing damage dealt by Pulsating Flares by a percent, equal to Lightbinder's doubled Temper.

Weapon Bonuses
• Pommel Starfall, apart from its normal effects, will increase impulse damage, dealt by Starstorm, by 33/67/100%, depending on its quality.


• Several abilities have been relocated in the class atlas.
• Changed Aura. Might and health increase remains the same. Luck, Power, Spirit and Valor now increase by 15% of Alchemist’s Spirit.
• Fixed a bug where Acidic Solution and Combustible Solution would trigger a wrong animation if there were several Alchemists in a group.
• Improved the sound effects of Protective Shell, Deadly Experiment, and the combination of Acidic Solution and Combustible Solution.

• Stimulant Injection - Might increase remains the same. Luck, Power, Spirit and Valor of the target now increase by 35% of Alchemist’s Spirit and by 32% of Alchemist’s Luck.
• Biotrap - Now increases damage by 30% and additionally by 3% for every 10% of Alchemist’s Critical Chance. The duration of the effect has been increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
• Acidic Solution - Now activates impulse charge and has increased damage
• Combustible Solution - Now activates impulse charge, increased damage and range
• Creeping Horror- Now activates impulse charge.
• Predatory Ectoplasm - Now activates impulse charge.
• Deadly Experiment - Now restores 1,500 Catalysts.

• Steadying Effect - The effect duration has been increased from 3 to 4 seconds.
• Accelerated Synthesis - Regular hits of Acidic Solution restore 30% more Catalysts. Critical hits restore 70% more Catalysts. Increases the Critical Chance of Combustible Solution and its detonation by 50%.
• Series of Experiments - Now with a chance, equal to Alchemist’s Critical Chance, Deadly Experiment allows using the next two abilities for free. Deadly Experiment applies the Experimental Compound effect to the Alchemist for 25 seconds. This effect is removed with the next cast of Acidic Solution or Combustible Solution.
-When under this effect, each cast of Acidic Solution stuns the target, inflicting additional damage and applying 8 levels of Acidic Solution.
-When under this effect, each cast of Combustible Solution affects all enemies within a 12 yard radius, pulling them towards the target and applying 5 levels of Combustible Solution.
• Loading Dose - Now the talent additionally reduces the cooldown of Stimulant Injection by 50% when out of combat.
• Stable Mutation - Now additionally reduces the cooldown of Transformation by 3 seconds per each infliction of impulse damage.

Weapon Bonuses
• Extractor Recuperant now reduces the cooldown duration of Alchemic Terminal by 1 second for every 3/2.5/2% of Alchemist’s Discharge Recovery.
• Manipulator Injector now reduces the cooldown duration of Stimulant Injection by 2/3/4 seconds with every activation of impulse charge. Charges from the Double Discharge symbol also count.
• Manipulator Transformer now increases Alchemist’s Critical Chance when they are in the monster form by 16%/33%/50% depending on the Manipulator’s quality and additionally reduces incoming traumatic damage by 50% (to up to 25% of its initial value).


• Fragments now additionally increase Cryomancer’s Second critical damage bonus by 15%.
• The cooldown duration of Jagged Ice has been increased from 25 to 30 seconds and its damage has been increased by 24%.
• The damage of Cryonic Pulse at level I has been increased by 10%.
• Northern Breeze now restores Cryogen by 50% instead of 25%.
• The damage of Icy Missile at both levels has been increased by 18%.
• Icy Missile at level II now inflicts 200% more damage to shields (without the additional talent).
• Cryobeam now inflicts 22% more damage.
• The distance of Slide now does not decrease with the use of other spells.
• The visual effects of Cryobeam have been optimized to enhance the game performance.
• Synchronized the movement of the beam and the sword.

• Supercooling has been modified: Cryomancer’s Critical Chance increases by 30% upon attacking enemies under the Intense Cooling effect, and by 50% upon attacking enemies under the Icebound and Cryonic Suspension effects.
• Icy Blade allows applying the Intense Cooling effect to enemies upon each cast of Icy Missile of any level.
• Frost Rage has been replaced with Power of Cold.
• The total damage of Fragments, remaining in the target after casting Icy Missile charge level II (Icy Dart), increases by an amount equal to 200% of Cryomancer’s Power.
• Bonus damage to shields of Icy Missile charge level II is now included in the basic damage of the ability.
• Cryocharge now not only increases the damage of Cryobeam, cast with 200% consumption of Cryogen, by 200%, but also grants Cryomancer a chance, equal to Cryomancer’s Critical Chance, to receive the Cryocharge effect. Cryocharge increases the damage of the next two Icy Thorns (Icy Missiles charge level I) by 100% and makes them free.

Weapon Bonuses
• Crystal Renewal has been modified.
• Now Northern Breeze additionally restores 50/100/150 Cryogen and reduces the cooldown of Frost Shackles by 30/60/90 seconds and the cooldown of Whiteout and Snowstorm by 6/12/18 seconds.
• Crystal Frost has been modified. It now increases the critical damage of Cryobeam and both levels of Icy Missile by 40/60/80%.


• Fixed the bug where Black Panthers occasionally did not increase the duration of stun.
• Fixed the bug where the character stopped during the animation of Explosion of Darkness and Extermination.


• Fixed the bug where an Archer could remove the Electric Shot effect, applied by other Archers, from the target.


• Changed the animation of running in combat.


• Now invasion symbols appear in the interface as soon as they are studied.
• Lacerated Wound, Painful Spasms, Deep Dissection, Compressive Trauma symbols will not be activated with a number of class effects that inflict damage over time.
• 2 ranks of the new symbol “Patronage” have been added to the general Ascension Atlas. The duration of shields, applied to allies, now increases by 25%/50% of your Shield Power. Does not affect shields, applied to you by yourself.
• The damage of Mark of Death now cannot be increased with incoming damage increasing effects (e.g. the effect of Biotrap).
• Added the second rank of Effective Medicine.
• With a certain chance, Shroud of Light now can be restored in combat if the character is under a support class aura.
• When the Frozen effect fades, Instant Ice slows down the target. The duration of Frozen has been reduced to 2 seconds.
• The mechanics of Breakout has been changed. Using two quick dashes grants the character a charge that will stun all nearby enemies in 1.5 seconds. The duration of the stun increases by 1 second per each level of this symbol.
• The mechanics of Impact has been changed. Several quick consecutive attacks will stun the enemy for 2 seconds. Afterwards, the enemy will become immune to the effect for 12 seconds. The enemy will be stunned faster if the they are attacked from a less than 6 yard distance.
• The mechanics of Lucky Shot has been changed. Your attacks generate an effect which increases your Critical Chance by 1% per each level of the symbol. When critical damage is dealt, the effect is reset.


• Now both training and champion avatars are available throughout the whole course of Invasions.
• The Activation stage has been renamed to Defense.
• Invasion token promo now will also drop from Invasion adventures.
• Now the “x3” promo-adventure multiplier for Invading Army Tokens is highlighted in red.
• Eidos’ of rare quality now can be obtained in Invasion adventures that require 700/300/300 resistance points.
• Now invasion operations will be available after a fight with the avatar until the end of the invasion.
• The Defense stage now ends on Monday at 4 a.m. (server time).

Defense of Fortifications

• Special enemy troops will now appear more often.


Icy Plains
• Now generating 100% threat level has become easier.

Reactor Tangria-9
• Updated the loading screen.


Phytonide Ship
• Changed the visualization of Phyoria’s chase after the character.

• Reduced the number of the additional tasks on Machavann’s avatar. Now there are 2 instead of 4.
• Rotting Entides now do not feed the flower with particles of sparks.
• Rotting Entide’s victims now can be released by using a taunting class ability on the Entide.
• Reduced the attacking range of the monsters, summoned by Machavann’s avatar.
• Reduced the distance over which a Rotting Entide can reach and eat a character.
• Now shields can be applied to characters, captured by the lianas.
• Changed the way monsters emerged from the dropship. Now they emerge in a dense group.

Reapers of Death

• Updated visual effects for monsters in special troops.


Kanter Processing Plant
• Now the adventure is available for characters with 80 resistance to radiation, cold, and electricity.

Oceanid Incubator
• Now the adventure is available for characters with the following resistance rates: 100 to radiation, 100 to cold, and 300 to electricity.
• Improved some minor visual and gameplay aspects.
• Changed the composition of the enemy troops.

Optional tasks

• Vortexes appear less often and inflict less damage.
• Fixed the way Ambush Khelp attacks the character.
• Cores of erosion and Vengeful Ongs now only appear during the fight with Oceanides.


• Now distortion cards are marked as “Completed” if the player had completed them personally, and “Completed by guild” if they had been completed by someone in the pantheon, but not by the player.

Dangerous Greenhouse Nephelis

• The roots now do not affect the character if they are in the divine form.

Alciona and Melia

• If the characters could not collide two paired bubbles, the bubbles inflict damage to them and restore the Naiads’ health.

Hostile Territories

• Reduced the distance over which monsters start attacking the character.
• Increased the reaction speed of aggressive monsters. Now they cannot be passed by without being provoked.
• Reduced the time over which groups of monsters reappear on all maps.

Therneus Archipelago

• Now monsters in the first three subzones of Therneus Archipelago are distributed more densely, which makes it easier to move between the resonators and the visors.


Mare Sacro Monastery

• Added Khelp ambushes and enemy patrols to the adventure.

Fort Darlek

• Special Hydra Snake
• Improved the mechanics of the Fit of Rage ability. The laser beams can be seen again.

Targo Island

• Increased the damage of Cappas, summoned by Rocky Shua.

Leunar Swamps

• Changed one of Sweeper’s abilities. Now instead of launching a ball lightning, he hits a random opponent with a lightning bolt. Everyone within a 3 yard radius around the target receives damage. The target becomes immobilized and unable to use any abilities, and also receives damage over time. This effect can be removed by support classes.


Factory 501

• Laorus now does not summon Oculat Observers at the low difficulty level of the adventure.
• Now at the high difficulty level Special Scissor Cerberus can use a new ability - Negative Charge.
• Fixed the location of the cache required to complete the optional task.
• Changed several Laorus’s abilities:
• Added the Dark Vortexes ability at the high difficulty level.
• Now the boss has 60% health upon removal of the shield.
• Summoned Oculats leave Healing Orbs after destruction.
• Apart from Oculat Observers, Laorus also summons Oculat Focusers, though less often.

Thetin Rift

• The first Winger Queen has been replaced with boss Foul Abyss.
• The second Winger Queen has been replaced Fathomless Gorge, who also breeds Wingers.

Kyros Caves

• Improved the mechanics of Ancient Weaver: Now in the single-mode, being caught in the spiderweb can be avoided. Added a new ability - Flurry of Blows. The Weaver makes a series of strikes with its claws.
Changed abilities of Vertex:
• Wave - Melee ability. Cooldown - 4 seconds. Vertex releases a wave which deals damage to all targets within a 9 yard range in front of him.
• Water Vortex - Ranged ability. Cooldown - 30 seconds. Vertex releases a water vortex which follows a random target and deals damage to everyone around. The boss uses this ability only in the group mode.
• Bubbles - Ranged ability. Cooldown - 35 seconds. The boss creates water bubbles on the target. The bubbles blow up in 2 seconds and deal damage to everyone around. The boss uses this ability only in the single mode.
• Offspring - Ranged ability. Cooldown - 16 seconds. Vertex drops 3 spawns, which open up and release young Khelps. The boss can start using this ability when his health drops below 50%. No more than 6 Khelps can take part in the battle simultaneously.
• Icerink - Ranged ability. Cooldown - 18 seconds. Vertex swiftly moves behind the target’s back, knocking down and inflicting damage to everyone in his way. Vertex creates two icerinks one after another. The boss uses this ability only if the difficulty level is above 5 (1 skull).

Aristel's Farm

• Updated the loading screen.

Thorneus’s Camp

• Boss Frosty Rossa Geysers ability replaced with Dangerous Pools.

Borru Catacombs

• Using the Altar of Darkness is not interrupted by taking damage.


• Renewed the appearance of several bosses.


• Changed music in the Halls of Greatness.


• Added a new storyline quest - Private Detective.


• Increased the amount of credits granted for participating in battles.
• Reworked the bonus to additional damage which can be obtained in small battles in the Ring of Immortals.
• Improved the visuals. Now characters around the affected target are also marked with the red halo.
• The character under a damage increasing effect provides theirs allies the copies of the effect over an increased range (40 yards instead of 25).
• Increased the bonus damage from 33% to 50%.
• Reduced the duration of control abilities, used at the affected target, by 40%.
• Removed extra symbols from the statistics window.

Ascension Atlas

• Added two new levels of the Tactical Defense symbol. Now it grants a 10/16/20/24% bonus to Melee defense and Ranged defense.
• The atlases display all currencies required for the unlock.


• Increased the bonus to Melee defense and Ranged defense from rings, obtained in PvP adventures, by 100%.
• Now it is impossible to switch between ring sets in class promo-adventures.

Game Client

• Fixed one of the client crash issues.


• Changed some visual effects.
• Added camera shake to the visual effects of certain Knight and Lightbinder abilities.
• Improved camera behavior during camera shakes.
• Added full screen effects for powerful blows.
• Removed the panel with character’s Prestige and currencies from cutscenes.


• Ether and Golden Orbs now can be used only in the specified quests for adepts.


• Now the conditions for expulsion from the academy (the required Prestige gain rate) are updated every Wednesday.
• Now when changing the rank, the current rank is showed by default in the selection window.
• Added a new building to the Stronghold - Heraldry Workshop. It allows a Pantheon to create its emblem.


• Added the Encyclopedia section to the global search.
• The list of guides and the Pantheon Rating are now available for unauthorized users.
• Optimized the performance of the portal when it is opened in several tabs.
• Added 2 new stickers.
• Renewed Portal design.
• Redesigned the side widgets.
• The Distortion leaderboards of Pantheons are now displayed on the corresponding Distortion pages.
• Added the Rating Distortions tab. Those ratings count towards the Pantheon tournaments.


• Most of emotes now can be activated with chat commands. To use an emote, type its name as a command. Example: /dance


• The weaker the monster is compared to the character, the less loot it drops. The minimum amount of received currency is always 1.
• Added unique sound effects to certain bosses.
• The effects of Glider Patrol’s light bar and siren are now visible for other players.
• Upon entering combat, the target selection priority automatically switches to Enemies. This option can be disabled in the Game section.
• Optional tasks: Caches - Added hints leading to a nearby cache: a “radar” appears beneath the character’s feet. The color of its arrow indicates the distance to the cache. Red = far; yellow = close; green = almost there.
• Now you will always loot equipment for your current class.
• Changed the system of control resistance for player characters. Slightly reduced the duration of control effects.
• Added a 5-second animation for Healing Orbs, which indicates that they will soon disappear.
• Changed the description for items which previously were signed as “Available after you complete the Port Naori adventure.” Now they become available after you complete the Factory 501 adventure.
• Added the option to change hotkeys for the following actions:
o Skip dialogue/cut scene (Space);
o Open the event window (9);
o Switch the target (Tab);
o Target a group member (F1-F10);
o Chat (Enter);
o Reply (Backspace).

Bug Fixes


• Fixed the bug that failed to display bonus Influence in some provinces.
• Fixed the bug that suspended the game for a while upon opening the bag.
• Fixed the bug that showed the empty Ascension Atlas on minimal graphics settings.
• Fixed the bug that caused the Dash cooldown to display incorrectly.
• Fixed the bug that prevented the Warning mark from fading in the skill tab.
• Fixed the bug that showed Sell context action on equipment.
• Fixed the bug that could show wrong icons at Spark filters on the globe.
• Fixed some of the bugs that caused the game to lag upon equipping and un-equipping items and upon upgrading gear.
• Fixed the bug that caused the amount of Tactical Sense differ in Amplifier and stats interfaces. Correct rank is now shown in Tactical Sense Amplifier interface
• Fixed the bug that might have caused Prestige amount, granted by upgrades, to display incorrectly.

Combat Statistics

• Fixed the bug that showed the name of a summoned assistant in the name of a battle.


• The bug which allowed 11 prize positions has been fixed.
• Fixed the bug which allowed the drop of Invading Army Token promo for an inactive Invasion.
• Defeating avatars of invasions is now rewarded with the correct amount of operation tokens (depending on the score - e.g. the “B” score grants about 100,000 tokens).


Icy Plains
• Fixed the bug where it was impossible to complete the adventure with a “S” score.


Mechanoid Ship
• Fixed the bug where the special enemy troop occasionally failed to appear.

Screening Field Generator
• Fixed the bug that caused the Mechanoids to get stuck in the landing spot.
• Fixed the bug that prevented the completion of the last task even though all enemies had been killed.
• Fixed the bug where it was impossible to finish the adventure with a “D” score even if all the tasks had been completed.


• Fixed the bug where some lianas were invisible.

Reapers of Death

Dark Ritual
• Fixed the bug where it was impossible to get a “S” score even if all the tasks had been completed.

Lending a Hand
• Fixed the bug where Mechanoid troops mistakenly appeared during invasions by the Reapers of Death.


Oceanid Incubator
• Fixed the bug that prevented the final boss from using certain abilities.
• Fixed the names of the task markers.


• Fixed the text of the error window which appears upon trying to enter a rating Distortion with an invalid group composition.

Dangerous Greenhouse Siringe

• Fixed the bug where particles of sparks disappeared right after they emerged if there were two or more gods around at that moment.

Dangerous Greenhouse Nephelis

• Fixed the bug where the destroyed roots remained visible.
• Fixed the bug where killing the first Naiad was not rewarded the divine form, and did not count towards the task counter.
• Fixed the bug where the boss could take the character’s weapon away even if they were already out of combat (at the starting deck).

Mechanoid Base: Secret Oculat

• Fixed the bug where the boss’s summoned copies had a different amount of health if the boss’s health dropped below 22.

Hostile Territories

• Fixed the errors in the descriptions for certain tasks.
• Fixed the bug where the character was attacked not by a whole group of monsters but its part.


Thetin Rift

• Fixed the bug where Foul Abyss bred too many Wingers.

Fort Krigg

• Fixed the damage of the explosive mixture.

Taron Power Station

• Fixed the bug where the next door would not open after the fight with the first boss.

Donholk Glacier

• Fixed the bug where the adventure failed to finish if Sashiel died before the second stage of battle.

Borru Catacombs

• Fixed the bug which reset the task counter after the battle with Solas, which made it impossible to complete the adventure.


Lanber Forest

• Fixed the bug where Blooded Sangerish could not attack the opponent with one of the abilities.

Laken Grotto

• Fixed the layout of the final part of the Scouting Mission Leader quest.

Operation Red Coast

• Fixed the amount of Prestige, required to enter the adventure, on the adventure card. Now it’s 62,510.


• Fixed the bug where the costumes were not given for the first class training.
• Fixed the bug in the “Outcome” optional task, where the character got into a stone trap after re-entering the game.
• Fixed the freezing screen in the Alarming News quest.


• Fixed the bug that showed a wrong number of deaths in the battle statistics.
• Fixed the bug that changed the choice of rewards for the battle before the next tactical situation update.

Esten Quarry

• Fixed the animation of the flag hoisting.

Game Client

• Fixed one of the client crash issues.


• Fixed some of the bugs in the visualization of the weapon draw.
• Fixed some of the issues with the visualization of the targeting area of spot-targeted attacks.


• Fixed the page scrolling in the academy search window.


• Fixed the bug that opened a wrong page upon opening a player’s profile or an adventure page from the game client.


• Fixed the bug that disabled the group chat upon entering an adventure through the group finder.


• Fixed a bug that caused some PvP players to jump back to the login screen.
• Fixed the bug where certain groups of monsters did not reappear after exiting combat.
• Fixed the bug where it was impossible to collect the reward for killing certain monsters. In those cases, the context action now appears in several seconds after the monster’s death.
• Fixed the bug where certain granted abilities were not displayed in the ability interface in class promo-adventures.
• Fixed the issue that caused the loot from monsters to disappear too soon.
• Fixed the bug that occasionally turned the sky black in several locations.
• Fixed the bug where not all available rewards were offered to the players who chose to change the reward for an adventure with variatrons. The issue occurred only if the adventure was re-entered before the next tactical situation update.
• Optional tasks: Caches - Fixed the bug that revealed the location of the cache on the minimap.
• Fixed the bug where models of the defeated monsters did not disappear and remained next to the dropped reward.
• Fixed the bug where certain costumes missed some parts after the character’s resurrection.
• Fixed the bug where a character, resurrected with a Temporal Compensator right after death, could not accept the offer to resurrect. Now the Temporal Compensator will resurrect the character even if they have not entered the observer mode yet.
• Fixed the bug where it was impossible to use certain items even after having completed the adventure, required for their unlock.