Winter Celebration

«Winter Celebration»

The Winter Celebration is a time of togetherness and gratitude – a favourite holiday for many residents of Aelion. It was all but forgotten half a century ago, though these days everything has changed: cries of excitement and the scrape of skates on ice can be heard as the park sparkles in the night thanks to a beautiful Christmas tree. Unfortunately for us, the festival is in danger! Troublemaking Khelps harbor a long-standing grudge and are preparing to go on a warpath against joy and fun. Can the immortals of Aelion stop the festival from being ruined?

Party Poopers

Troublemaking Khelps love anything that sparkles and really hate festivals. These bearded villains make their way to the capital and hide in snowdrifts. They are sure to be planning an attack at a certain hour - and that is when we will get them! Come to the park to throw snowballs - the troublemaking Khelps fear them like fire! And don’t be shy to cover a friend in snow - immortals make excellent snowmen.

Gifts for all

While the Winter Celebration is on do not forget to take your gift from under the Christmas Tree every day - they are always different and are around for a whole week! Don't forget the ice rink in the park!

Mistress Criolanta

What is the most important thing for a god? Their order and their adepts of course! It is not that easy to find someone good among the hordes, but wonders occur during this marvellous festival. Meet: Vibrant Criolanta - beautiful and smart. If you find this clever and dexterous maiden, make sure to invite her to your order - she's a small miracle!

Rewards and Gifts!

Collect points for each completed games and trade them for valuable prizes!

Snowy Ghal

A swift Ghal from the snowy plains of North Inkar - a real rarity! Festive candy.

Vibrant Criolanta

The legendary Mistress Vibrant Criolanta is a real find for your order! She will facilitate tasks, attract followers, and in charge of a province she can perform a small miracle and increase your strength!

Winter Celebration Costume

A winter outfit to fit in with the theme. Cozy, comfortable and attention grabbing!

Hat Box

Select your choice of headwear!


Special Winter Celebration magic to be used against the Khelps. Snowballs also cause snowfalls and can turn immortals into snowmen!


Just explosions of brightness with no violence!