Vainqueurs du concours sur les nodules de l'atlas

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer les gagnants du concours sur les nodules de l'atlas de mai !

Nous avons reçu plus de 150 contributions qui ont toutes été soigneusement examinées par notre équipe de développement qui a sélectionné les gagnants suivants en fonction de leur originalité et de leur potentiel de gameplay unique :

Silent Viper - PC

Soundweaver: Red/pink amps transfer player's damage to elite to all dps players and blue amps transfer damage to minions to all damage players. Works in squad, test areas and Groups. Cost 10 eidos.


Kinetic - Force of Glory: Size of gravity anomaly is increased by 50%, targets affected by gravity anomaly now give all magic caster classes a bonus of 40% Crit dmg and 40% dmg increase. Works only in party, distortion and avatar

Monara Stele - PC

Necromancer - Cursed Feast (Group/Squad): You can Sacrifice the Ghostly Carrions that are summoned by your cursed land to empower and extend the duration of you Ghostly Ally

  • 10% increased Dmg for each Carrion, If 3 are sacrificed its increased to 40%
  • 3 seconds extension per Carrion if 3 are sacrificed it's extended by 11 seconds.

Aurora Borea - PC

Grovewalker - You Harvest What You Sow(Group, Inghar): Flowers will no longer die after 15 seconds. Instead they gain a health bar. Flowers are changing their color randomly every 10 seconds. Whenever a flower gets killed by an enemy, dies because a new one got created or explodes due to "Tessa’s Wrath" an effect gets applied to the Grovewalker depending on the color the flower had. The same effect can be accumulated up to 4 times.

  • Yellow increases the resource by 25.
  • Green heals the Grovewalker by 15%.
  • Blue reduces damage for 10 seconds by 15%.

Gorgon Zola - PC

Speed Mode: Gives you the ability to speed up adventures (like Aristels Farm, Crash Site, Crashed Aircraft, etc). And there will also be the ability to let everything spawn at once.

Nous contacterons très bientôt les vainqueurs qui recevront 100 réplicateurs d'eidos chacun.

Félicitations à tous et merci pour ces formidables contributions.