Ascension – Coming soon

New Progression Campaign

A big innovation comes in the form of the Regions Map - an extended progression campaign, via which players can unlock access to new Adventures, Classes, and Symbols. Each mark on the map is an entry point to an adventure or mission that will improve character stats and are a new perspective on interaction between a character and the world around them.

14 Playable Classes

Skyforge's class system is rich and diverse. Unlike the majority of outdated MMORPG's, you're able to acquire all classes and play any of them whenever you want! In addition, each class possesses a PvE and PvP version - Both can be developed and, at the right time, you can switch to your desired branch!

Extended Combat Mechanics

Combat with Ascension is even more interesting thanks to an extended combat system. Almost all enemy monster abilities can now be easily avoided. Hurrah for dashes! Give the enemy a taste of their own medicine by taking their weapons or even part of their bodies to use as your own tool, complete with unique abilities!

New Politics System: Council of the Gods

The Council of Gods is a completely new political system. From now on, immortals can elect who the world of Aelion will answer to for a few weeks. In their hands, the leaders will hold power, resources and the fate of the people. With Ascension, players can elect or be elected - and take control!

New Raid for all Gods: Tol-Monter

Tol-Monter, great god of the Oceanids, has sent his ships to Aelion! Tol-Monter is an unusual avatar and confronting him will prove quite challenging for any that answer the call. However, this time it's not only the strongest immortals that can attempt to fight him. Anyone who has received their Divine Form can go into battle against this great god – and win!

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