the way
you play!
Coming to the game on December 12, 2018!
Meet: The Soundweaver!
The Soundweaver is a new support class relying primarily on their profound musical talent. Rain down powerful sound waves on enemies to protect your allies! The Soundweaver sets up portable loudspeakers on the battle field to support and boost their allies' morale and weaken their foes. Play a guitar solo and become a rock star! Feel absolutely invulnerable and rock out!
Soundweaver Collector's Edition

Be one of the first to play the Soundweaver class!

Get access to the Soundweaver right after you install the update! Inspire your allies and play in style!

Class costume

Unlock a unique color option for the Soundweaver costume!

Legendary Weapon

Legendary weapon of the current generation

more and more gifts!

Purchase this pack to receive:
• 21 Days of Premium Subscription
• 3 000 Victor's Medals
• 30 Stimulants
• 30 000 Knowledge of Enemies

the New World
Join a unique event that starts on December 12!

There's a gravity anomaly in Aelion's sky! The existence of every living thing is under threat! Is it a natural phenomenon or the work of the enemy?
Take part in an unprecedented research under Metarchus's command. Put an end to this danger and head out to an astral campaign!

Face a new enemy on an unknown planet!

The event will take you through the discovery of a new enemy and eventually bring you face to face with them in future updates!
Prepare for the interstellar campaign!