Heart of Steel

Unearth secrets cold, lost, and deadly…

Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC!

Celestial Shrine Pack

Awaken the ancient powers of the Celestial Shrine! You can ascend to heavenly heights with five new Divine Form variants (one per Divine Form) exclusively available in this Pack, including the Egyptian God-like Khelb-tal and the Viking berserker-esque form of Bjorn.

  • 5 Divine Form Variants
    • Khelb-tal
    • Bjorn
    • Wakan
    • Anthelion
    • Shadow
  • 10,000 Argents
  • 14-Day Premium Subscription
  • 1 Rebirth Star

Wynd's Laboratory

Besieging Aelion on a regular basis, the deadly Mechanoids are in seemingly endless supply. Where did this robot army come from, and can they be stopped once and for all? In this 5-player Dungeon, uncover the dark secrets harbored in an industrial unit made by the father of the Mechanoids, the sinister William Wynd (also known as The Integrator).

Crystal Grottoes

These hallowed underground caverns are awash with glowing water and shimmering crystals, a rare resource used by Terra’s populace and coveted by its enemies. In this 5-player Adventure, bore deeper into Terra’s crystal caverns while defending a convoy from evil forces… Be on the lookout for Draconids and other unsavoury foes!

Xintara's Trial (PvP Arena)

When you’re not saving the known universe, why not have a bit of fun fighting it out with other Immortals? Play in two teams of three as you battle for supremacy across a map based on Terra’s subterranean labyrinthine network. Rush for power-ups to increase your damage and HP to get the edge in battle!