Locked away for centuries, the axe wielding Revenant walk the soil of Aelion once more. The Revenant is an ancient, mighty warlord, decimating foes with crushing blows from his axe. Siphoning the life from his enemies through shadow magic, his prey never stands a chance. Grind your axe, settle grudges and wear your enemies as battle trophies.
Grind your axe...
The Revenant's signature weapon is his mighty battle axe. Wield it in battle to control your enemies and deal massive amounts of damage with devastating basic attacks and powerful abilities. Pull your enemies in close before you cut them down with a mighty swing or knock them up in the air, preparing them for a finishing move.
Suck the life from your enemies...
However powerful the Revenant's axe attacks are, it is his abilities in black magic that make him an even more feared opponent on the battlefield. The dark magic allows him to pull the life right out of his enemies, converting it into healing for himself. Rush in with your axe, dish out all the damage you can and fire up your Siphon to heal up and get ready to decimate the next enemy.
The Revenants are ancient Immortals that found their peace through battle, even before the time of the Guardian god Aeli. Awoken and with newfound invaders of Aelion, these harbingers of death will seek absolution for their prey. They don’t solemnly strive to silence their enemies, but their goal is to find a worthy challenger that will best them in ultimate combat. This pursuit is what keeps the Revenant pushing on until the edge and what makes them a force to be reckoned with.
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  • Collector's Edition
Revenant Class Unlock
Exclusive Costume color variation (red)
Exclusive Companion
Fourteen (14) days of Premium Subscription
7,500 Knowledge of Enemies
300,000 Credits
The pack is now available for purchase in the in-game store (N).