Skyforge has 18 classes and each has its own subset of strengths. Choosing the class that's best for you depends upon your preferences as a player. Some classes are easier and less dependent upon micromanagement, while others are the opposite and rely on a heavy dependency. For a full list of classes, an overview of their playstyles, gameplay and abilities see the following list:

The classes of skyforge

Cryomancer (Damage Dealer)

Cryomancers utilize their advanced cryogenerators to compress and freeze the air around them, turning it into powerful beams of ice. Keeping a safe distance in a fight, they're capable of slowing down or immobilizing opponents by freezing them solid.

Paladin (Tank)

Paladins are fearless tanks with a wide range of offensive and defensive skills. They can be found in the heart of battle, crushing foes and protecting nearby allies. Fierce fighters up close, they call upon their Holy Powers to shield allies and engage enemies from afar.

Lightbinder (Support)

Harnessing the Power of Light, Lightbinders offer support by increasing their allies' damage and shielding them from incoming damage. When they direct their white-hot anger at enemies, they can disrupt their formations and inflict great damage from afar.

Archer (Damage Dealer)

Archers are evasive marksmen capable of hitting targets from great distances and who can carry special gadgets including traps which slow enemies and an assortment of electrical and fire arrows.

Berserker (Damage Dealer)

Fueled by rage, Berserkers can easily sweep aside hordes of enemies in their path with their fiery chain-blade. During heated battles, they're capable of mending some of their wounds while striking terror into the hearts of nearby foes and inspiring allies.

Kinetic (Damage Dealer)

Kinetics are able to manipulate energy thanks to their special gauntlets; enabling them to hurtle projectiles at enemies, surround allies in gravitational shields and control their movement on the battlefield by altering the gravitational fields around them.

Necromancer (Damage Dealer)

Necromancers are powerful sorcerers and masters of death. Using dreadful spells, they're able to raise horrifying undead creatures and restore their health by syphoning it from their enemies. They can even transform themselves into a powerful Lich, gaining access to new necrotic abilities.

Slayer (Damage Dealer)

Appearing out of thin air and disappear just as quickly, Slayers slip by undetected while leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Their primary weapons are a pair of razor-sharp swords, but they possess other cards up their sleeves that can assist them in killing opponents or retreating if a fight gets too intense.

Gunner (Damage Dealer)

A long-ranged weapon's expert, Gunner's tirelessly study and improve their weaponry, optimizing it for raining down chaos. Remorseless, they have no qualms about putting their destructive technology to use and blanket the battlefields with bullets, super-heated plasma and explosive rockets.

Warlock/Witch (Damage Dealer)

Witches and Warlocks have an arsenal of dark sorcery at their disposal: terrible curses, frightening creatures, mysterious potions and, of course, their trusty broom, which acts as both a powerful weapon and a means of transportation.

Monk (Damage Dealer)

Monks are of a martial order, having mastered the discipline of body and mind. Wielding their staff, monks fight using several special stances, enabling them to perform dizzying acrobatic feats and deliver powerful blows against their enemies.

Alchemist (Support)

Alchemist are half-mad scientists with access to an arsenal of corrosive chemical compounds and invigorating elixirs. Equipped with a portable alchemy laboratory, Alchemist can spray acid and fire at enemies and inflict significant damage with their bladed claws.

Knight (Tank)

The Knight is capable of withstanding the onslaught of numerous enemies, diverting their attention from less protected allies. Armed with shield and spear, they are able to not only block incoming attacks, but to also deliver crushing blows in return.

Outlaw (Damage Dealer)

Lay down the law the old fashion way with nothing but two pistols and an itchy trigger finger! The Outlaw class is a charismatic, daring and dangerous hero, who brilliantly handles two side arms and, when necessary, dynamite. Accurate at range, deadly up close – The Outlaw is a force to be reckoned with!

Revenant (Damage Dealer)

The Revenant is a melee damage dealer that makes use of black magic to support him in combat. Killing his foes with this magic restores his health and reduces his cooldowns drastically.

Grovewalker (Tank)

The Grovewalkers are highly proficient mages that sling wild nature magic at their foes from afar. But don’t be mislead by their nimble appearance; they can call upon the protection of their living armor and morph into hulking frontline tanks. A sight to behold and a feature that will transform combat on Aelion forever!

Soundweaver (Support)

The Soundweaver is a support class relying primarily on their profound musical talent. These rockstars use sound waves and big beats to aid their party in battle while dishing out heavy damage. The Soundweavers set up portable loudspeakers on the battle field to support and boost their allies' morale and weaken their foes.

Firestarter (Damage Dealer)

The Firestarter is a master of fire magic, and has a vast array of special abilities that make it an effective ranged-DPS class. Conjure blazing fireballs, cataclysmic meteor showers, and transform into a fiery feline to ignite your enemies and the world around you!