Invasions are special adventures within Aelion that revolve around new maps released weekly. During an invasion, these maps will guide players through a complicated series of steps that will help repel invading armies. The maps released depend heavily upon the species of the invading army, where it is they are attacking, and whether or not they have a special purpose. Some races of alien invaders have specific maps, while others vary. Avatars fought during the Invasion instance reward basic items, but both eradicator bonuses, and credit rewards are increased above levels normally found in regular play.

Avatars are the single most powerful enemy boss of an invading army. Often interdimensional gods representing personal interests on a far flung quarter of the universe, Avatars arrive on the 3rd week of an Invasion Campaign and come in two forms: Training and Champion. Training Avatars are much simpler to defeat than their Championship cousins. Training Avatars can be fought twice a week and offer set rewards to finalists that see the instance to completion. Champion Avatars however, demand a higher level of prestige and player coordination. Champion Avatars are reserved for players that have achieved end-game level content and reward players in a successful run with an Avatar Trophy.

Demon Invasion Gorgonide Invasion Mechanoid Invasion
Oceanid Invasion Phytonide Invasion Reaper Invasion

Demon Invasion


Demons are astral creatures – conceived, as far as we know, in worlds broken apart by astral. Astral is an atmosphere that is considered to be a disease of space itself, in which the regular laws of physics are altered, making astral deadly for pretty much any being from this Universe – except for Demons. Astral can be found in space in the form of giant clouds, left from the creation of the Universe. It can also accumulate inside planets, in areas with large disruptions of ether. Relatively small quantities of astral cannot damage a planet and will simply disperse over time, under the pressure of the surrounding matter.


Gorgonide Invasion


The Gorgonide Empire is scattered across dozens of planets all across different parts of the Universe. Despite the power it possesses, it is constantly at war with enemies of equal strength. In her search for successful combat strategies, Akonita found Aelion. The primary objective of this current invasion is to take our technology and enslave our planet in order to use it as a resource for war.


Mechanoid Invasion


Integrator's scouts and stormtroopers are dropped on the planet's surface to create a convenient landing area for the main forces. Join Templars to prevent the mindless machines from striking our peaceful cities! Mechanoids' main objective is to capture and enslave Aelion's citizens and supply faith to their great god.


Oceanid Invasion


The great god's plans have not changed: he still intends to occupy the depths of our ocean and dispose of Protheus who managed to lure a part of the Oceanid army to his side! A glorious battle awaits all immortals. Gather all forces and fight off the invaders.


Phytonide Invasion


Machavann prepared well for the new invasion. The best soldiers of his army are attacking the planet. The great god of sentient plants wants to get revenge for old grievances and destroy all our technology. The young immortals will need to join forces if they wish to win this battle!


Reaper Invasion


The reapers of death assault our homes spreading their corruption and disease as they traverse our landscape, rotting Aelion to its very core. With the assistance of the rat-like Vird, they’re capable of navigating throughout this land undetected, freely springing traps as they deem fit.