Currencies in Skyforge come in 4 types — Argents, Credits, Victor's Medals and Rare Crystallite.

Argents argent

Argents are a Premium Currency available in Skyforge. It is also the most widely used currency. Use Argents to purchase in-game resources, weapons and new costumes.

Argents can be obtained by:

  • Participating in Pantheon Wars
  • Fulfilling directives of the Council of Gods
  • Excelling in Operations
  • Progressing in a Pantheon Academy
  • Real money purchase
  • Magical Chests

Credits credits

Credits are the most common currency available in Skyforge. Use credits to level up your Cathedral, upgrade items, and purchase items from the Marketplace.

Credits can be obtained by:

  • Completing adventures and quests
  • Completing adept journeys
  • Fulfilling Directives of the Council of Gods
  • Selling items
  • Excelling in Operations
  • As a daily Cathedral Bonus
  • From Mysterious, Ancient and Magical Chests
  • Opening Reward for Feats chests

Victor's Medals medals

Victor's Medals are one of the rarest currencies in Skyforge. They are especially difficult to obtain. Use them to develop your Hall of Trophies to unlock special abilities, gain access to additional mounts, and increase your Might.

Obtain Victor's Medals by:

  • Fulfilling directives of the Council of Gods
  • Excelling in the Inghar Test Area
  • Purchasing from the Market
  • Progressing in a Pantheon Academy
  • Opening Reward for Feats chests

Rare Crystallite crystallite

Rare Crystallite can be found in certain parts of Skyforge. Use it to purchase flavor items on market.

Rare Crystallite can be obtained by:

  • Picking up rare items found in regions.


Resources are found throughout Aelion and its moon, Thea. They differ from currencies and offer the ability for players to further advance the attributes of their character.

Knowledge of Enemies koe

Knowledge of Enemies, or KoE's, are the most common resource. KoE's are snippets of information gleaned from defeated enemies. Use them to upgrade your Tower of Knowledge to receive Might bonuses.

Obtain Knowledge of Enemies by:

  • Eliminating enemies
  • Fulfilling directives of the Council of Gods
  • Excelling in Operations
  • Purchasing from the Market
  • From Mysterious, Ancient and Magical Chests
  • Opening Reward for Feats chests

Stimulants stims

Stimulants are used to speed up a specific task or skip entire events. They can also be used to replenish the number of available rituals in the Cathedral and available research in the Tower of Knowledge. As a resource, stimulants are neither rare nor common.

Obtain Stimulants by:

  • Logging in daily
  • Opening Reward for Feats chests
  • Progressing in a Pantheon Academy
  • Completing adept journeys
  • Purchasing from the Market

Divine Deeds deeds

Divine Deeds are resources for immortals to develop their god form. Use them to level in your Halls of Hunt, Travels, Machines, War, Defense, Magic, and Authority. Divine Deeds further advance player specializations.

Obtain Divine Deeds by:

Completing Adventures in Divine Form.

  • 1-3-person adventures award 30 Points
  • 5-person adventures award 100 Points
  • 10-person adventures award 130 Points

Stylist Services Coupon style

Stylist Services Coupons allow players to visit Quinta, Skyforge's famed hairstylist and fashionista, at no cost.

Obtain Stylist Services Coupons by:

  • Participating in events

Avatar's Artifact avatar

Avatar Artifacts are special resources that can be obtained by defeating an invading Avatar. Exchange them for divine weapons on the Market.

Obtain Avatar Artifacts by:

  • Defeating an invading Avatar for the first time.

Aelerium-9 Catalyst catalyst

Aelerium-9 Catalyst is a consumable resource that doubles the amount of Aelerium-9 you obtain for a certain time.

Aelerium-9 Calatyst can be obtained by:

  • Participating in the Pantheon Wars

Aelerium-9 aelrium

Aelerium-9 is a rare resource in Skyforge and can only be found on Aelion's Moon, Thea. Use Aelerium-9 to unlock special talents in class temples.

Obtain Aelerium-9 by:

  • Completing quests and defeating enemies on Thea

Sparks of Transformation spark

Sparks of Transformation, or Sparks for short, are used to unlock new classes. Sparks come in sets of Green, Blue, and Purple; with each possessing its own unique value. Green sparks have a value of 100, blue sparks have a value of 500, and purple sparks have a value 1250.

Obtain Sparks of Transformation by:

  • Completing an adventure for the first time
  • Fulfilling directives of the Council of Gods
  • Collecting enemy trophies

Ether ether

Ether is considered a valuable resource by merchants. Collect Ether Fragments and trade them for Ether. Use it to purchase Ether Chests.

Obtain Ether by:

  • Participating in Hostile Territories

Event Currencies

Legendary Shards shard

Legendary Shards can be earned during events when you receive a duplicate item. Legendary weapons and artifacts award 6 Legendary Shards while Epic Artifacts and Legendary Adept Relics only award 2.

Intelligence Data intel

Intelligence Data is a currency that can be used in monthly events to accelerate adept missions. Purchase an Intelligence Data Extractor from the marketplace to streamline Intelligence Data acquisition. Intelligence Data has a maximum cap of 2500 per event. Any excess will be converted into credits.

Obtain Intelligence Data by:

  • Killing bosses during events

Holiday Currencies

Aelion celebrates a wide spectrum of holidays. Some holiday events have their very own type of currency. Every currency will be used for the purchase of unique items in the marketplace or will possess a trade-in value with several NPCs.

Typical holidays that often have their own Holiday Currency:

  • Valentine's Day
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Halloween
  • Winter Celebration