Days of Glory

Days of Glory

Days of Glory is not just about parades and fireworks. First and foremost, it is about remembering our heroic past that ended the Dark Times that followed Aeli's disappearance and there was leaving no one to guide Aelion's gods and immortals...
The Dark Times could have very well ended in the total and absolute enslavement of Aelion if it was not for the bravery of Metarchus, Asterius and Kryos, who rallied all the immortals against their common enemy: The Mechanoids, led by the almighty Integrator.

War Games

Show-off your combat prowess during the Days of Glory by dueling against one of six highly-advanced Secutors, or fight them all in a row in a Deadly Marathon for incredible rewards!

Show Ianna what the new generation of Gods is made of by completing her challenges and finally earn her respect for once!

Echoes of Mechanoids

Even more dangerous than the real machines... They're a curse from our past that we must slay over and over to protect mortals from harm.

Fortunately, Phantoms appear only during the Days of Glory as a vivid memory of the most horrible and decisive battle for Aelion.

Park Exhibit: The Parade

The highpoint of the Days of Glory ceremony is definitely the Parade held within the Park.

Meet & greet Ianna and her troops as they exhibit the most advanced pieces of Aelion's military technology - New weapons, armors, tanks, aircrafts - and their secret weapon: The Pegasus!

Rewards and Gifts!

Collect points for each completed games and trade them for valuable prizes!

Steel Gaze of a Homeland Protector

The cold gaze makes it clear: Aelion is under firm protection!

Defender's War Paint

The meaning of this war paint came from the ancient times: it's victory or death!

Mechanoid Huntress Costume

Silent and invisible scouts in this armor strike the enemy out of the blue.

Homeland Protector Attire

Every warrior wearing this armor has sworn: the enemy shall not pass.

Temple Guard Armor

The steel armor is almost as strong as faith of the Templars that wear it.

Unit Costume

Special camouflage material ensures both stealth and style. Available in two color variations.

Sandstorm Glider

This dust- and heatproof variation of a commander glider is designed to perform tasks in deserts.

Commander Glider

It is a variation of the multifunctional commander glider, designed for reconnaissance operations in forested land.

Unit Helmet

A simple but functional headwear. An integral component of most Aelion soldiers' gear.

Special Color Option Cursed Armor

Armor of the merciless warriors of the past.

Sailor Suit

Dress uniform of warriors of Aelion coastal regions.

Special Color Option Aeronaut Costume

Special materials turn riding giant fish into a pleasant trip.

Wings of Vows

A symbol of vows of a true defender of Aelion.