History of the World

Every planet in Skyforge universe is unique, but they have one thing in common: the power of their gods and patrons depend on faith of the residents, who worship them.

The action is set on one of the most beautiful and amazing planets of this universe, Aelion, named after the great god and the first patron ever, Aeli. The world was safe with Aeli in charge until one day tragedy struck. Aeli vanished. Alien invaders thought that the absence of the mighty patron made Aelion an easy target. The alien armies have been trying to conquer Aelion ever since. Every invasion takes its toll of innumerable victims.

However, not every brave warrior dies on the battlefield. The immortal heroes stand ground to defend their planet. They gain more and more followers. Their faith grants them divinelike abilities.
Are you ready to join the immortal heroes' ranks? Do you have enough courage to overcome all obstacles and take your rightful place on the celestial throne?