Hyperion Modules

Combat Modules

Name Description
Hyperion's Wrath After a short delay, an energy beam hits the target, inflicting significant damage. The impact sends a shockwave outward that stuns all enemies in a large radius for 15 seconds (it does not stun immortals and bosses but reduces their damage dealt by 90% for 7 seconds).
Vengeance The targeted area is hit by projectiles for 20 seconds. The projectiles inflict significant damage to all enemies within the area.
Hyperion’s Protector Summons a Golem next to the selected enemy for 60 seconds. If the enemy dies or becomes unattackable for some reason, the Golem switches to another enemy target (avatars take priority).

Support Modules

Name Description
Perfect Cover When the character takes fatal damage, they gain a shield. The shield lasts 12 seconds or until it is removed by incoming damage. When the shield is active, the character cannot move or use abilities, gradually recovering 70% of their maximum health. Can be activated only once in 3 minutes. The cooldown is shared by all characters in the group.
Verdict Applies an effect to the target that increases incoming damage by 1%. The effect stacks up to 20 times for 3 minutes, and then lasts 30 seconds. In PvP, the effect stacks and ends faster: it stacks for 8 seconds and lasts only 5. If the target dies while affected by the effect, the cooldown is reduced by 70% of the base one.
Hyperion's Shield Applies shields to all group members that absorb damage and increases the effectiveness of shields and Healing by 20% for 8 seconds.

Telecommunication Modules

Name Description
Precetron Storage Module Passively accumulates credits or Knowledge of Enemies for the lease duration. The amount of currency depends on the character’s rank.
Luck Catcher Storage Module For the lease duration: there is a 15% chance that the Integrity of received equipment will be 20% higher.

• Applies to jewelry and Stones of Power.

• Does not affect the equipment already owned.

• Only one such module can be leased at a time.
Preacher Storage Module Increases the amount of Faith received from your adepts’ journeys by 25%. It also increases the duration of the divine form for the lease duration. Does not stack with similar bonuses. Only one such module can be leased at a time.