The game interface of Skyforge was designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Clean Controls
  • Simple Paths
  • Organic Layouts
  • Immersive Context
  • Logical Derivation

We looked for what worked well and combined it with everything that worked better. Explore our immersive UI and all available options!

The Main Screen contains a series of organized tabs.

Character | Campaign | Pantheon | Map | Market | Order | Transport | Community | Settings



The Character tab is your one-stop go-to location for everything about your character. From equippable gear to usable items- if you're looking for something that affects your character, you'll find it here.



The weapons and gear you have equipped will be in this screen, and displayed across two divided areas: Left and Right.

The gear you are using will be over on the Left. | Your final stats will be displayed over on the right.



Your bag holds all of your stuff. This includes all weapons, relics, and gear not being used nor equipped. You are bound to accrue a lot of stuff you won't know what to do with. Why not sell them?! To sell an item, enable selling by clicking on the Sell Mode button or by pressing D on your keyboard. This will enter you into sell mode, and allow you to convert items into credits. Royalties, and other valuables are kept and tracked in your bag. Come here to see what you've got!



This is where the Gods of Aelion breathe. The Abilities section will inform you which abilities are enabled in PvE and PvP. Find your Active Symbols, Divine Abilities, Party Buffs, Hyperion modules and Companion Capabilities here. Enable and disable some of these to customize an environment toxic to your foes and impressive to your allies.

Style Room


You do you-- and you do it in the style room. Express yourself! Every unlockable feature necessary to customize your God will be holed up in this selection. Pimp them out!



Every campaign has a beginning and an end. To see where you are on your personal journey, visit the Campaign tab. Here you will find past quests and current quests in progress.


Every god needs a capital where worshippers can gather. This is where all of the most important buildings of your Order are located. The Capital holds your Cathedral, Tower of Knowledge, and Hall of Trophies. Flavius's Laboratory is also here. Leveling your Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge by regularly investing credits into them will give a stackable Might boost, this boost will help with progression.


The keys to your progression await you here. If you are curious as to where your character is going, visit the Provinces selection under Campaign and inquire after your Campaign Map. Come to visit class temples and bastions! The higher the levelof your buildings, the more prominent your level.



All about the world of Aelion. From possible adventures to tactical maps, come here to discover what you need in the grand scheme of the world! Aelion is your go-to tab for everything, from specific dungeons to general information! What's happening in the world? Come here to find out!



You can change your current progress tracker to follow any quest. It's Simple, easy, and handy! All quests past, present, and future (not related to the campaign) are available here, in the Quests tab! Consider this your easy-to-get-to location for all things wild, free, and quest related.



The world of Skyforge doesn't exist in the Aelion selection, it exists here, under Stories. In this tab you will discover the rich lore that drives our cast of heroes. Complete, track, and follow the Campaign Quests available to your defender here to better understand the intricate threads connecting all things. Advantages benefit those that know the lore of the world! Costumes, companions, and special rewards are a fraction of the rewards that await heroes completing storyline quest.



Immortals and Gods are strong, but like a bundle of sticks, are stronger together. Pantheons are where allies are forged, gods congregate, and everyone works together towards a common goal: advancement of pantheon members. This tab documents all interactions you have with your pantheon, and your pantheon with you.


Metrics… metrics.... metrics. This is the Hall of Fame of your pantheon. Come here to see the progress of your Pantheon. Track the progress of your team and watch as the Pantheon advances you through the ranks!


Also known as the Who's Who section, it's fairly self explanatory. Visit the Members section for an active list of members currently engaged with your pantheon. All of the details you'll need to know will be right in this selection.


Three key figures comprise every pantheon: the Founder, the Commander, and the Member. The founders are the original gods responsible for erecting the pantheon, and Commanders are gods chosen to run it. Here you can keep track of any votes that have been drafted in the everyday running of the Pantheon.

Pantheon Wars

Wherever people go, others follow. Most of this is done rather peacefully, but… from time to time these two sets of people don't get along, and war happens. Aelion is no exception. Where pantheons gather, other pantheons too gather. Gods are not known for their diplomacy, and it should surprise no one that Pantheon Wars are a thing. A serious thing. Visit this selection to see who is at war with whom and the list of territories won or lost in the spats. The Star Conquest leaderboard can also be found in the Pantheon Wars selection.

Test Area


Sometimes the best teams are comprised of people you know, people you trust, and people you toil with every day under a common cause. The Test Area is a 2 week long event chalk full of ambitious content that gives you just that-- a team of fellow Pantheon members unleashing destruction upon enemy hordes.. Place on the leaderboards to win BIG… the higher up on the boards you are, the bigger your rewards! This is where you can keep track of your progress, keep an eye on the leaderboard and insure your massive payouts aren't in jeopardy.


Ahoy! Here be the map of your current adventure, Aye!



Resources are the nuts and bolts of Aelion. Come here to track your goods, check prices, and observe your Premium resources.


Visit this selection if you ever find yourself in need of a resource you do not have and don't know how to get. This subsection allows you to buy resources, consumables, event items and… just about anything else that might be sold on the marketplace. Some Items do not have fixed costs and change during promotions, other items are rare and will only be available for short periods of time. It is a marketplace. Not everything is cheap and not everything is the price it should be. You decide what is valuable to you.



Track all things Premium here. If you purchased Premium Time, visit this tab to check on it's counter, if you've attained a Premium Rank, check on it here!



You are a god with a capital, and that capital is full of your followers. Your most devoted followers are called Adepts, and can be managed in this section. These adepts are highly influential and fill out the pews of your Religious Order.


A list of your most devoted screen followers, Adepts, can be found here. Equip them with unique items to buff up their stats, and send them out across the world of Aelion to do your bidding! They will. When Adepts return they often bring faith, items, gifts, or other followers. With a maximum of 8 adepts at any singular point, adepts are the main source of accruing Faith in the game-- so switch them out for stronger and more faithful worshipers! Track their progress here.


A special tab will show up in the Order section from time to time announcing exclusive events and exceptional content available for limited periods of time. Check back often to see if any new events have popped into the world of Aelion!



Running around a giant world is both boring and obnoxious... walking around a giant world? Doubly so! Aelion has gotten around this by supplying a large number of wonderfully fun mounts that will take you from point A to point B in both style and presentation! Unlock these mounts by purchasing special packs, completing campaigns and interacting with your pantheon!



This is your stenographer, post office, and service agent all rolled into one. Come here to read past chats, send out new messages, contact customer support, or participate in a group operation. If it involves communication, this is where it will be!


All chats regardless of origin will be found here. Pantheon? Of course! Regional chats? You better believe it! Chats occurring close by? Naturally! All personal notifications and private messages live in the Chat subsection of Community.

Bug Report


Error 404… we regret to inform you something went wrong. If this ever happens to you, then pull up the Support tab and tell us all about it!

Test Area

In the world of Aelion, difficult challenges are synonymous with the Inghar Test Area! With treacherous instances, powerful enemies, and an almost laughable degree of difficulty the Inghar Test Area is too demanding for any single player to take on individually. Instead, it requires a team. Completing the challenges, and topping the charts in the process, rewards players with significant bonuses and rewards. This is the section where you can easily track your progress in the two week long event.


Visit this tab to see if there is an active Battle of Equals ( 3v3) in progress! If so, join one in spectator mode, if not, start your own!


Aelion has some serious content that needs some serious teams. Operations are among the finest examples of this. In operations, 40 players are pitted together to create both a competitive and cooperative environment. Requiring teamwork, precision, and skill-- operations give players the opportunity to complete personal objectives to win Operation Tokens, Credits, Knowledge of Enemies, and Argents. This section lists all of the information you need to be successful in your current Operation, as well as all information from past operations. Analyze the data and dominate!

Battle History

This refreshes with every login. Come here to view the statistics of your latest bout, conquest, team-up, or match-off. If you love stats, this might be the perfect section for you. Nerd out!


Graphics and Sound! Controls and Gamepads! Visit the setting tab to tailor the game to your preferences. After a visit to this section, you'll have Skyforge purring in your hands.