Gorgonide Invasion Avatar

Attention, immortals!

Aelion faces a new enemy: the leader of a great matriarchal civilization, a ruthless enemy, capable of covert sabotage and devious plans, — Bedazzling Akonita!

The Gorgonide Empire is scattered across dozens of planets all across different parts of the Universe. Despite the power it possesses, it is constantly at war with enemies of equal strength. In her search for successful combat strategies, Akonita found Aelion. The primary objective of this current invasion is to take our technology and enslave our planet in order to use it as a resource for war.

So what can the brave gods expect if they decide to stand up to the avatar? Be warned that in this adventure you will have to abandon all the usual tactics and approaches. Before you can fight the Gorgonide mistress, you will need to get to the technical floor of the ship and get through a multitude of patrolled corridors, traps and other challenges. You will have to run in-between lasers, dodge dangerous mechanical devices on the conveyer and hack security systems. In one section of the ship, the group will have to split up and travel down parallel tunnels, warning each other about the dangers ahead. You will also have to work together to disable various mechanisms and quickly get through impassable areas.


On the way to your main goal, you will pass many sectors that are patrolled by security drones. These dangerous devices will destroy anything that gets in their way. To get through these sectors, you will have to use your cooperation, concealment and reaction rate skills. You can hide from the deadly drones in secluded corners. The ship also contains devices that can help you survive if you unexpectedly come across these mechanisms.

Rooms with traps are not patrolled, but you will still have plenty to worry about even without the drones. First, you will move through a long corridor, where you will come across impenetrable energy barriers. You need to use switches on both sides of such barriers at the same time, otherwise the first one will be back up while you inflict damage on the second side. The other members of the team must also stay on their toes: there are mines moving along the corridor floor that can inflict damage to the entire group or disorient characters for some time.

Another trap will require voice interaction between players. The group will have to split up and follow two parallel tunnels, which are divided into many sectors that are identical for both corridors - Only one of the tunnels will have emitters. These will enable you to see where the discharge will take place and therefore warn your teammates in the other corridor, using the marks on the floor for orientation. The location of the emitters will change from sector to sector, so players will have to swap roles from time to time in order to move along the corridors in sync. Synchronization is important here: there are doors at the end of each section which you can open by using terminals. You will have to activate the terminals in each tunnel at the same time. Note that the energy structure in this compartment is very unstable as there are security system lasers everywhere, and any actions may have unpredictable consequences. Accomplish your tasks using concealment and cunning: the use of strength, vigor and battle skills is more likely to do harm than good here.


And finally, the third trap will consist of a round room with five branches. In the center of the room, there is an "emitter" that shoots deadly rays that reach the room walls. The emitter also has a scanner that you can use to open the door. By activating them, you will begin a dangerous game that you must finish if you are to get out of the room. Patrolling drones start to fly towards the room from the tunnels. You can damage them with the mines that appear on the floor of the room. You will need to deactivate their charges before that, so they do not inflict damage to you instead. You can loot access elements off the destroyed objects which you will need for the scanner. When you obtain enough elements, the scanner accepts the access code, the trap switches off and a path opens to the last room and to Akonita.

Here is where the decisive battle begins. Bear in mind that she is not the kind of enemy that will rush blindly into battle. With amazing cunning and deceit, she can quickly destroy you before you have even realized what has happened. The battle against Akonita consists of three repeating phases that are divided into 2 stages. With each new phase, the boss’s abilities become more complex. You can read a detailed description of the avatar's deadly abilities in the encyclopedia on the portal.

That's all for now. We wish the brave young gods who plan to challenge the cunning Akonita the very best of luck!