Log In For Loot - Skyforge Second Anniversary

It’s difficult to imagine a birthday without surprises – From July 18th to August 1st, log into Skyforge any 9 days during the Anniversary celebrations to receive special rewards!

Day 1
day1 Ardent Halo
Day 2
day2 Stimulants
Day 3
day3 7 days Hyperion Lease
Day 4
day4 3 days premium and 4,000 progress points (or 1000 Victor`s Medals if premium rank is on max.)
Day 5
day5 450,000 Credits
Day 6
day6 2,000 Victor's Medals
Day 7
day7 25,000 Knowledge of Enemies
Day 8
day8 3,000 Argents
Day 9
day9 Ardent Wings