International Love Festival

Mysteries of Love

About the festival

Mysteries of Love is one of the most romantic holidays in Aelion. It is a time to forget your problems and think about your feelings, soaring over any worries on the white wings of love. Couples in love stroll around the park, surrounded by flowers, hearts, and garlands. The people of Aelion send each other cards, confessing their feelings. Nobody should feel lonely during the Mysteries, and if they do, the immortals have to step in. Divine messengers of love help the ordinary people of Aelion find happiness!

Valentine Cards!

Do you have your eye on someone? Mysteries of Love is a great time to drop a hint about your feelings! Send a card to your chosen one, and if the choice is mutual, you will learn each other's names. What happens next? Only you can decide!

Arbiter of Fates

Do you think love is easy? It can be. But what do you do in tricky situations? A young man named Gaius faces just such a dilemma: three lovely girls are in love with him. Learn their stories and help him make his choice! Goddess Thais will tell you how to become a true deity of love.

More love!

Love, affection, and reciprocation - people have been concerned about these feelings since ancient times. There is a glorious tradition in Aelion: Mysteries of Love - the time when you can declare your feelings. This wonderful holiday is held in Aelion every year, and it makes the world a little bit better as the people become kinder and closer to each other.

Rewards and Gifts!

Collect points for each completed games and trade them for valuable prizes!

Cupid Wings

Flap your white wings and feel the freedom of flight! Find a partner for a dance in the air and whirl around without touching the ground!

Antoine Loventon

Meet: Antoine Loventon, a charming and endearing tempter. However, you should not judge Antoine by his smile and the rumors alone. Everything should be beautiful in a person, especially if this person is an adept!

Outfit for a Romantic Evening

They say girls in romantic evening dresses are so beautiful that even butterflies mistake them for flowers. They flutter around, paying no attention to the real buds pinned to the elegant evening jackets of the suitors.

Exquisite Fantasy Set

Wear a romantic hairstyle! The trend for men is disheveled locks, while the beauties of Aelion decorate their hair with fresh fragrant flowers.