Skyforge has a spectrum of currencies that can be used to purchase items from both the Marketplace and Pack Store. In the Marketplace-- Credits, Knowledge of Enemies (KoE's), and Argents can be used to purchase many of the items available in Skyforge. Navigate to the Marketplace by pressing N (PC) or use the Start Menu (Consoles). The Marketplace has two primary sections, Buy and Premium.



Players looking to purchase game items – resources, weapons, supplies, etc; will end up here sooner or later. The most common items from the world of Aelion can be purchased here. Inside the Buy category, players will have plenty of options to refine their selection, dependent upon what it is they want to purchase.


In this menu, players will find recently released classes, special weapons, exciting promotions, and other fascinating items.


Players interested in picking up more than one item at a time will want to visit the Aelion Pack Store. Items that are not sold individually such as costumes, resource bundles, and special transports – can all be purchased here with Argents!


Aelion is ripe with currencies and resources. Different resources can be purchased with different currencies, dependent upon which area of the game the resource falls under.


Aelion has no shortage of special festivals! From the Winter Celebration to Hallows Eve, there are plenty of special holidays to keep the immortals festive year-round. When these events roll into town, special items will be available in this category.


Getting around Aelion can be done in many ways... it's a big place! In this category, you will find all available means of transport that can speed up your travels! Transports are purchasable with Argents.


Even immortals like to dress up! After all, what would be a festival without a proper attire? To purchase costumes, skins, and new arrangements for whatever occasion, be sure to pay these wares a visit. Costumes are purchasable by a various contingent of currencies: some require credits, some require Rare Crystallite, and some require Argents. And they're available right here!


Immortals have many ways of helping themselves conclude formalities with foes. For players looking to upgrade stats via weapons or gear-- then this is the place for them to be. Equipment in this selection often costs Argents or Avatar Artifacts.


The second selection in the Marketplace is the Premium Tab. Players interested in picking up either Premium Time or Premium Ranks will find all the metrics and bundles they need here. Whether visitors are a first-time purchaser, topping up, or checking on the ticker of a previously purchased premium set, we've put everything players need in one place!