Aelinet - PvP Rating

Personal PvP-ratings that many of you have been waiting for are now live as of the latest Skyforge portal update, replacing the KDR (kill death ratio) indicator previously used to measure player efficiency in PvP battles. Now the KDR will not be displayed on the main page of the player profile on the portal, but you can still find it in the Statistics tab and in the overall rating table, next to the name of each character.

The reason for the change is that some players, trying to boost this indicator, only focused on the number of kills and on dying as infrequently as possible in the arena. This had a negative impact on team play in which, besides boosting the kill counter, it is important to protect and support team mates and to perform the actions required to win. Actions such as capturing and holding points, carrying flags and moving platforms.

With the new system, all group members will need to work together to bring victory to their team and receive points in reward. Thus, player’s position in the ranking will depend on two factors:

  • The victory or defeat of their team. Ranking points are only awarded for victories. If your team is defeated, your position in the ranking will either go down or remain unchanged - depending on the ranking of characters from the enemy team.
  • Rating of players in each team. Characters with a lower rating than the other members of their team will receive a greater point boost if their team wins.

The rating will apply in all PvP activities, apart from Lugran Research Base.


All players are divided into 5 leagues, depending on their rating and how many battles they have fought. The higher your efficiency in PvP, the more prestigious your league will be:

  • Diamond (the highest league, which can have a maximum of 100 players),
  • Ruby (1000 players),
  • Gold (20% of the remaining players),
  • Silver (30% of the remaining players),
  • Bronze (all remaining players).

New characters that gain access to battles will be given Contender status. After 10 PvP matches, players will be placed in the appropriate leagues and their ratings will be displayed in their profiles. Characters can move to higher leagues when they have fought a certain amount of battles and gained a certain amount of points. If a player loses points or there are enough players that are ahead of them in points, they will move to a lower league.

Players who participated in PvP battles before the update will find their personal ratings in the table as they are already calculated.

League ratings

A new page will appear in the rating section in the portal, which you can open using the Game, PvP Rating tab. Each league, like each page of its member list, has its own link that can be shared. The overall rating will be updated once a day - between 4:00 and 5:00, Moscow time.

If a player is already in a league, they will see the top of their own league page when they click on the PvP rating tab. If they are not in the top, their position will be displayed above their rating and they can click on it to go to the relevant page.

The button displaying KDR in the player profile will be replaced with PvP Rating. Clicking this button will open a page with the player name in the league rating. In contrast to the general table with ratings for all players, the rating in the character profile changes in real time.

In addition, there will be a new section in the character’s General Statistics displaying all the data from your personal PvP rating: league, position, number of points, number of battles and so on.

Initially, PvP ratings will not affect group selection in battles. But in the future, player distribution across teams will depend on their ratings.

That’s it for now! We wish you luck on the battlefield!