Aelion’s Call: Invasions & Operations

Invasions on Aelion are a constant threat brought upon us following the disappearance of the Great God Aeli. During his glorious rule, Invaders would rarely enter the planet’s atmosphere, much less set foot on our sacred ground. Due to Aeli’s mysterious absence, Invaders now breach our meager orbital defenses and freely send wave after wave against us. It’s the task of all citizens of Aelion to take up the protection of their homes but, previously, this was not entirely possible.

With this in mind we’re happy to introduce a couple new features regarding Invasions that allow everyone to participate and reap the benefits!

When an Invasion begins (using our currently ongoing Mechanoid assault for example) players will receive a new currency, Mechanoid Tokens, through completion of Invasion Adventures or through any adventure with representatives of that invading army. Collection of these Tokens incrementally awards players with special Mechanoid Sparks which are used in the brand new Invasion Atlases! Each invading army has its own atlas filled with general stat improvements, passive abilities for battling that specific army, and new Invasion Symbols that possess unique functionalities.

Aelion's Call Invasion

In conjunction with collecting these Tokens for the first time, players will automatically be placed into a new feature – Operations. This activity pits up to 40 players together in both competition and cooperation for powerful rewards! Continuing to fight against the Invasion, thereby earning more Tokens, players will contribute towards completing personal Operation goals as well as increasing their overall rank.
Each day of the Operation, players who have both completed their assigned goal and are in the top 25% for their Operation will move onto the next tier – the higher the tier, the greater the rewards. Upon completion of the Operation, players will receive tokens of the invading army and those leading the pack will receive additional Invasion Sparks for the dedication to Aelion.

Aelion's Call Operations

These new features offer a great way for all players to actively participate in the Invasion activities and still earn significant rewards for doing so. As players begin reaching the point where they are capable of participating in the primary Invasion activities, the benefits from these Atlases will provide them a significant edge in defeating their otherworldly opponents. We hope to see all of Aelion’s mightiest defenders ready and on the battlefield!