Aelion’s Call – Skyforge’s Next Major Update Arriving September 16!

Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and are excited to announce Skyforge’s latest major update “Aelion’s Call”, scheduled to arrive on September 16th. This update includes major bug fixes, class balancing, Skyforge’s second raid, a new catch-up system for lower prestige players looking to catchup to their higher-prestige friends, and much more!

The Development team has been working diligently to ensure this update addresses as many of the community’s suggestions, feedback, and general concerns as possible. Along with many of the much sought-after balance and quality of life improvements comes numerous updates to Skyforge’s current systems, such as Invasions among others.


Aelion’s Call will include:

New Raid “Operation Medea”: Centuries ago, a Mechanoid flagship crash landed on Aelion’s surface during a failed Invasion, appearing to have been completely disabled in the process. However, recent activity has proven this false – The Mechanoids inside have reactivated and Phytonides have overgrown much of the ship’s innards. A Group of 10 immortals can take part in this Raid, exploring the deepest recesses of this unknown technological marvel in an effort to put a stop to the Invader’s renewed plans.

Catch-Up System: Players that have just began their adventures in Aelion or have taken an extended leave of absence are now capable of catching up to those who have been playing since the start of Open Beta. The system allows for faster progression, through promo adventures, enabling these players to progress at a rapid pace. As a player gets further to the current maximum obtainable by old players, the amount of bonus rewards decreases, resulting in a small gap between them and the veteran players.

Operations: Introducing Operations, where up to 40 players compete for valuable rewards during Invasions! Now when an Invasion becomes active, players are capable of earning Signs of the currently invading army by completing any Adventure which features representatives of that faction. Earning Signs both completes your personal Operation goal and increases your chance of claiming a top spot among your Operation group. The more signs you collect the more you move up to a higher tier where even greater prizes await! Signs collected during this time are used to unlock nodes in an entirely new level of the Ascension Atlas specific to each invasionary force!

In addition, “Aelion’s Call” includes a vast number of major gameplay changes and improvements to Skyforge. The full list of patch notes will be made available soon on ahead of the update.

Aelions Call represents yet another huge step forward in our ongoing efforts to improve Skyforge throughout the Open Beta. The Development team is excited to see what players think of the changes and are looking forward to implementing even more exciting changes in the months to come.