Aelion's Treasure Final Week Wrap-up!

That’s it! Our final week of the Skyforge Aelion’s Treasure mini-game has just concluded! Over the course of this four-week mini-game, thousands of you have logged in to participate, with many not missing a single day of the competition. Overall, we gave out four Sound Blaster EVO ZXR headsets, four nVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 graphics cards, dozens of Skyforge souvenir packs and countless closed beta keys!

Of course, we still have one final batch of leaderboard winners to announce! Congratulations to the following top 20 players who managed to secure a spot on the board:

1. Dreaming Silver
2. Darrow
3. Binks
4. dinospfc
5. art5041
6. Arloste
7. Exarderalf
8. Kaggeyama
9. NeuroPsy
10. u_3812891
11. shadowfyre
12. Alistor Nocturne
13. Senryu-Sama
14. RageTheBerserker
15. Kinohki
16. Minounours
17. u_3858888
18. Khinata
19. Yimelos
20. Steeldragonz

All 20 players have had their accounts automatically credited with beta access to Skyforge’s upcoming closed beta events. For placing first, community member Dreaming Silver will also be awarded a Sound Blaster EVO ZXR headset!

We'd also like to extend a special shutout to community member K4k4shi who discovered a whopping 153 blue gems during the month-long event, more than any other player!

As a reminder, all players who’ve won a physical prize will be contacted by the Skyforge Community Team for their relevant shipping information. Due to the holidays, winners can expect to be contacted shortly after New Year’s.

500 Facebook Beta key

Still looking to win a key? The Skyforge team is giving out 500 beta keys to lucky participants through our special Facebook page! To qualify, all you need to do is like our Facebook page here and submit your Skyforge account email!
Players are eligible to enter from December 17th to January 15th, with the lucky winners being selected on January 16th.


Thanks again to everyone who participated! Would you like to see more contests like this one in the future? Let us know!