The Anarchy Sale

Aelion’s hierarchy just isn’t cutting it and it’s time you’re allowed to express that with the Anarchy Sale! For too long the guardians of Aelion have forced their rules over us lesser immortals. Take control of your own lives – Reject Ianna’s authority over all citizens and do it in freshest style while preparing for the Journey of the Divine Update!

From November 4th until November 12th at 1:00am (PDT), you can raise anarchy and expand your wardrobe with the Anarchist Costume!

Skyforge Anarchy Costume 1

The Anarchist costume can be purchased from the in-game market via the “Costumes” category using either Argents or Credits.

Price Argents Price Credits
4 675 each costume 785 400 each costume
  • Once the purchase of your costume is completed, you will immediately receive it in your Inventory. (Shortcut: “I”)
  • Double-click on the costume’s Icon within your Inventory to unlock it in your Style Room
  • To equip your new threads, click on its icon within your Style Room and press Save
  • Take Control!

Don’t succumb to the wills of the state – Pick up the latest fashion and lead your own ideals!

Skyforge Anarchy Costume 2