Announcing the Deadly Steel Packs

Deep within the hallowed halls of ancient temples draped with the memory of the fallen, mysterious warriors trained in the ways of assassination and earn themselves the title of Slayer. Effortlessly, they navigated behind armies in search of their target, bending shadows to their will for both concealment and protection. All the while the opposing forces attempted to contain the unbridled rage of the Berserker, as they leaped across the battlefield obliterating all who stand in their way. Fueled by battle and the loss of comrades, these relentless savages still have little means of being controlled once they are let loose onto their foes.

We're excited to announce that from January 20th to February 3rd, the time-limited Deadly Steel Packs will be available in three variations – Berserker Pack, Slayer Pack, and the Deadly Steel Combo Pack.

Are you able to control the endless fury of the Berserker or do you merely wish to remain unseen and become the unwavering assassins told about in legends? No matter what you reasoning, along with instant access to both the Berserker and Slayer, these also provide unique class costume variants, headwear, Argents, and other magnificent items to assist you on your journey.

Berserker Pack Slayer Pack Deadly Steel Combo Pack
Instant access to the Berserker class Instant access to the Slayer class BERSERKER PACK
Unique Berserker Costume Variant & Headpiece Unique Slayer Costume Variant & Headpiece SLAYER PACK
Legendary Main & Epic Quality Offhand Equipment Legendary Main & Epic Quality Offhand Equipment
30 Days Premium Account Status 25,000 Argents
2,000 Spark Replicators 1,000 Holy Texts
1,000 Victor’s Medals 5,000 Spark Replicators
750,000 Credits 2,500 Ether Cores
200 Secret Knowledge

To view the complete details or to purchase the Deadly Steel Combo Packs, visit our dedicated Deadly Steel Pack page to upgrade your divine roster!