Anomalies – A divine challenge!

As a follow up to our previous articles on Skyforge’s high-end adventures, today we’re excited to introduce you to a new form of content, Anomalies.

These open areas have long been a hotbed of activity for vicious creatures from past failed invasions. The rewards that you will acquire in battles with these extraterrestrial enemies will aid you in repelling future invasions, and will raise your prestige and bring you closer in power to the mightiest of gods.

Anomalies abound with Ether Resonators - incredibly dense power sources. Long ago gods learned how to manipulate the resources obtained from these Resonators and discovered how convert them into Sparks for the Ascension Atlases. However, Ether Resonators produce bursts of abnormal energy, which for unknown reasons attract hostile creatures. There are few other locations on Aelion where powerful creatures of different invasion armies gather in such large numbers.


To activate one of the Resonators and defeat powerful enemies, you will have to gather a party of five gods. To accomplish this, it isn’t necessary for you to be in a Pantheon or assemble your party in advance. Tessa's Sanctuary acts as a rallying point near the Anomalies and a place where gods wishing to join in on these adventures congregate. Having assembled a team, players will be able to teleport to an Anomaly and reach an unoccupied Resonator. Guided by celestial quests, you will fight specific groups of monsters, driving them towards the Resonator. Killing target creatures in the area near a Resonator will fuel it, enabling the production of valuable resources. Rewards for fueling the Resonator can be redeemed immediately or accumulated over time and multiplied by completing quests in succession, allowing you to gather more resources in a shorter time.

Apart from common rewards looted from monsters near the Resonator, you will also have the chance to obtain Epic rewards. As you advance in the adventure, you will be able to go further into the depths of the Anomaly, face stronger enemies, and receive even greater rewards. Each Anomaly has at its center a “heart” – a Subterranean Temple. There you will find the most powerful and productive Resonators, surrounded by the most dangerous creatures.


In order to fight monsters in these Anomalies, an essential stat will come into play: Tactical Sense, used to overcome the defenses of powerful enemies. You can increase your Tactical Sense by collecting upgrade items from raid adventures. The stronger the monsters, the higher Tactical Sense needed to defeat them!

Participating in these battles and dispatching enemies feeding on the energy sources of Aelion, will reward you with valuable resources – essential for your further achievements and progression!