The Archer

Archery has been a proven method of both hunting and engaging in war for centuries. As technology evolved, so too did the methods men used to gather food and slay armies. However, some refuse to move on from what they deem “tried and true” and choose to adapt their chosen methods to today’s reality. While the tools these technological marksman wield are more sophisticated than their ancient counterparts, the instincts, planning, and flawless precision of the Archer still remain. -Asterius’s Encyclopedia

Today, we’re excited to present the Archer, Skyforge’s resident master of precision and trickery. Possessing a slew of gadgets required to handle any situation, the Archer can effortlessly decimate targets from range or falter those who manage to get within striking distance.

Archers value both precision and preparedness, never entering a battle without the proper equipment necessary to take down their chosen prey. Using their technologically magnificent bow, coupled with an arsenal of arrows infused with fire, electricity, explosives, and more, they’re more than capable of bringing all challengers to their knees. From sending enemies into a panic as their flesh burns away or feeling the pulse of a seemingly endless electrical current flowing through them – The chosen arrow is just as important as the Archer’s own ability.

Skyforge Class Archer 1

Even with all these tricks and traps at their disposal, nothing can overcome an Archer who has mastered their ability to plan an appropriate method of attack well in advance. Proving that they are the masters of the hunt, Archer’s possess the ability to improve their potential damage output the moment a battle begins, quickly slaughtering the opponent before they even become aware of the Archer’s presence. The higher the health pool, the more effective this strategy becomes, rewarding planning over simply firing arrows wildly in hopes of landing a damaging blow. In addition, the Archer can use his previously applied affects, specifically burning, to cause chain reactions when combined with arrows of other types. This is most prominent in relation to the Easy Target talent which, when firing piercing shot at an enemy who has been set ablaze, inflicts an additional 600% damage. Knowing when to use a specific attack to maximize your output is what makes or breaks an Archer. Without proper management, an enemy that should have never stood a chance is now close enough to completely ruin the Archer’s hunt.

Despite the Archer’s extreme competence at removing foes before they become a threat, the possibility that they do not go down so easily is always present. For these situations the Archer, as expected, is more than prepared. Their primary gadget of interest for engaging combat is unleashing a smoke screen which disguises their location to anyone outside of its bounds. Alternatively, when things get a little too heated, they are capable of setting up an electrical barrier around them which not only stuns enemies that attempt to cross it but provides the Archer immunity to any pesky control abilities that may be used against them.

Basic Abilities

Sharpened Arrows

Skyforge Class Archer 2Single Shot (LMB): Fires a sharpened arrow which causes damage to a single target and quickly restores Concentration.

Skyforge Class Archer 3Piercing Shot (Hold LMB): Fires an arrow which does significant damaging, effortlessly traveling through all enemies in its path and restores Concentration.

Skyforge Class Archer 4Rain of Arrows (Hold LMB): Sends a projectile into the air above the opponents, causing a storm of arrows to rain down on all enemies within its radius. Restores Concentration.

Electric Arrows

Skyforge Class Archer 5Electric Shot (RMB, LMB): Fires an arrow that electrifies the target, affecting up to 3 additional targets, inflicting damage and slow effects for 6 seconds

Skyforge Class Archer 6Piercing Discharge (RMB, Hold LMB): Discharges an electric arrow which stuns and damages all enemies along its path

Skyforge Class Archer 7Electromagnetic Pulse (RMB, Hold LMB): Sends an arrow forward that, upon reaching its target, causes damage and stuns all nearby enemies.

Archer’s Tip: Switching Arrow type is what consumes Concentration, not letting loose. Consider using the Loading Mechanism talent to reduce this cost. Additionally, cycling back to Sharpened Arrows while in combat refunds any resources not spent on other arrows!

Fire Arrows

Skyforge Class Archer 8Fiery Arrow (RMB, RMB, LMB): Unleashes a flaming arrow at the target, causing them to be set ablaze for 12 seconds.

Skyforge Class Archer 9Aimed Shot (RMB, RMB, Hold LMB): Fires a burning arrow that explodes upon contact with the target causing massive damage. Charging the attack increases damage slightly.

Skyforge Class Archer 10Wildfire Arrow (RMB, RMB, Hold LMB): Let loose an arrow that explodes, causing burning damage to the target and all nearby enemies for 12 seconds.

Other Abilities

Skyforge Class Archer 11Electric Rapid Fire: Fires off a volley of electrically infused arrows at the target over a short period of time, stunning them and causing significant damage.

Skyforge Class Archer 12Burning Rapid Fire: Fires off a volley of burning arrows at the enemy, inflicting significant damage. When this ability is selected, Fiery Arrow, Aimed Shot, and Wildfire Arrow have a 20% chance to activate the “Ultimate Concentration” effect which allows Burning Rapid Fire to be used for free.

Skyforge Class Archer 13Electric Barrier: Creates a barrier around the Archer that paralyzes any enemy who attempts to cross it. Rank II of this ability makes the Archer immune to control effects inside its radius.
Archer’s Tip: The Electric Field talent will make allies within the Electrical Barriers radius immune to control effects as well!

Skyforge Class Archer 14Smoke Screen: Unleashes a Smoke Screen in the selected area, hiding anyone within its boundaries from those outside the smoky sanctuary.
Archer’s Tip: Smoke Screen be used well in conjunction with long channeling or movement restricting skills, such as Burning/Electric Rapid Fire or Siege Stance where you would otherwise be vulnerable to attacks. Remember that positioning is important!

Skyforge Class Archer 15Siege Stance (Ultimate): The Archer shifts into Siege Stance for 10 seconds, a long range tactical stance that prevents all movement while making the Archer immune to control effects. This stance provides one attack, Burning Shot, which inflicts relatively low initial damage but causes massive amounts of Burning damage to the target.

We have listed only a few of the Archer’s abilities. A full detailed list can be found within the Classes tab on the Aelinet.

Skyforge Class Archer 16

The Archer is a highly skilled marksman with a versatile arsenal capable of handling a multitude of situations on the battlefield. Employing a series of wondrous gadgets that cause massive damage output and impressive crowd control, there is very little standing in the way of an Archer on his road to conquest. Even when fleeing is required, the Archer can knock enemies away, do impressive gymnastic maneuvers, or simply dash far away from conflict if the situation demands it. The Archer is a go-to choice for anyone looking for an engaging experience that requires a large amounts of coordination while still providing a rewarding outcome.

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