Argent Generator Sale


we have secured a very special offer for these cold winter days. New Argent Generators on the "myLoot Store" allow you to obtain a total amount of up to 55.000 Argents! You can use the Generator once per day for a total use of 20 days.


We have two types of generators:

Easy to use!

After completing the transaction, you will find the Argent Generator in your inventory. Simply use it and you will immediately receive your first batch of Argents. Use the Argent Generator every day for 20 days, and your generator will give you a total of 20k to 55k Argents, depending on which Generator you purchased!

Guaranteed Payout!

You do not have to use the Argent Generator for 20 consecutive days. If you would rather take a break in between, you can leave the Argent Generator sitting in your inventory and come back to it later and you will not lose any charges. (20 Charges with 1 charge per day) You have 30 days from the first activation to use your 20 charges.

Limited Offer

Make sure that you act quickly, as this Argent Generators are only available for a limited time. Once the offer runs out, who knows when you would be able to get your hands on a deal that's equally advantageous!