Ascension: Equipment

It’s time to take a look at how Equipment will be changing in the Ascension update! Although the interface has not been dramatically changed, the current mechanics have been simplified; “less extra resources and bag manipulation” became the main idea behind the new approach.

Firstly, the number of equipment elements will be reduced. New equipment will consist of 10 key items instead of 16. They include: 1 slot for Weapons, 1 for Artifacts, 4 for Jewels and 4 for Stones of Power. This does not include the slots for consumable items, which remain in their current state. Secondly, equipment will no longer have a direct impact on character stats. Instead, it will impact the diversity of extra effects that enhance a character and boost their efficiency. As a result, most equipment is equally relevant for all classes.


Your might determines whether you can use an item or not.


Weapons will be the only item of equipment dependent on your currently selected class. Jewelry and Artifacts will, in most cases, be just as useful to all classes. The situation where, when a new class is obtained, you have to play with a character that does not have an additional weapon nor suitable amulets (and is therefore significantly less effective) will no longer occur. There are three main differences for character weapons that are unique for each of the classes:

Weapon bonuses

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Defense (Tanks) Bonus
Paladin, Knight • Defense from stronger blows (%).
• Blocks damage equal to 1% of maximum character health (%).
• Damage dealt is increased (%).
Lightbinder, Alchemist • Support aura efficiency (%).
• Shield power (%).
• Damage dealt is increased (%).
Long-range Combat (Shooters)
Archer, Gunner, Outlaw • Ranged Damage (%).
• Damage when combat starts (%).
• Target’s defense reduction (%). Activated by basic attacks, increases incoming damage to target (%). Does not work on bosses.
Magic Attacks (Casters)
Cryomancer, Necromancer, Kinetic, Witch • Ranged Damage (%).
• Damage when combat starts (%).
• Control efficiency (%).
Melee Combat
Slayer, Berserker, Monk • Damage dealt is increased (%).
• Shield penetration (%).
• Damage when combat starts (%).


Jewelry and Stones of Power

Instead of Amulets and Rings, characters will have Jewels (in 4 slots) and Stones of Power (in 4 slots). Each slot will provide 1 special effect. Characters cannot use two of the same jewels or stones.


Jewelry and Stones of Power excellently suit any class and do not need to be changed when switching a character's role. Each item will provide 2 out of 4 possible bonuses: increased damage, health, critical, and impulse damage. The number of bonuses received will depend on their quality and rarity.


Note, bonuses from specific equipment do not provide fixed increments to certain stats. Two similar looking Jewels can generate different bonus multipliers or percentages within a certain framework.


Artifacts are one of the many new things appearing in Skyforge following the update. These are unique items that will be replacing Additional Weapons and can help you significantly improve character efficiency. For example: by increasing the damage an enemy receives if their health bar has dropped below 30% or boosting damage to a target if you have not received any damage.


Obtaining Equipment

All the necessary equipment can be obtained as trophies for defeating monsters. The best quality equipment will be available in Raids and Distortions. As a character’s Might grows, you will get the chance to wear high-generation equipment that provides more tangible bonuses.
Maximum equipment efficiency will be restricted by the current invasion season. Each season will correspond to its own equipment generation.
There are two difficulty levels in all adventures:

  • Adventures with fixed difficulty that corresponds to the current invasion season. Here you can receive the latest generation’s rare and epic equipment.
  • Adventures with character-based difficulty, where you can only receive equipment of the previous generations.
    By killing bosses in adventures you can earn equipment items, but the number of such killings is limited. Every day characters have an added chance to get equipment from a boss, but you cannot collect more than 5 of these chances. The restriction applies to each boss individually. For example, if you obtained equipment from Lorro the Cold today, this will not stop you getting another item if you defeat Alciona and Melia. Thus, every day you can obtain one item from a boss or save up your attempts and complete the adventure 5 times in a row at once.

Upgrading Equipment


The equipment upgrade system has undergone a significant review. Equipment Amplifiers, previously impacting stats that characters received from specific items, are a thing of the past. Their progress has been converted into the development level of the cathedral - a special building that you will find on the Capital's interface.

The main difference in the new system is that now bonuses directly impact the main stat (Might) rather than any items used.

You can upgrade the level of the Cathedral by decorating it internally and externally for Credits. By improving the Cathedral, you increase your character's Might, which boosts damage and health points.
The Cathedral level for players who have already improved their equipment amplifiers will be calculated based on the amount of Credits and Enhancement Stones spent increasing the level of all three amplifiers before the update. Special Equipment Amplifiers will disappear from the game, but those holding such effects will receive improvements for their Cathedral, which will increase the boost to Might.

Additionally, character’s gear will no longer include slots for Trophies as these will disappear from the game. After the update, their role will be fulfilled by the Flavius Laboratory, which you can find on the Capital's interface.

What will happen to a character's Equipment and Bag after the update?

  • Weapons: Each character will receive one weapon for each unlocked class if, before the update, the character held or had in their bag at least one class weapon. You will get the best of the possible variants. For example, if a character had a weapon of epic rarity in their bag, they will still have this after the update. Lower quality weapons will disappear from the bag and be compensated for in Credits.
  • Rings and Amulets: The switch for Jewelry will be similar. The Amulets with the best stats and the rarest Rings will be transformed into new Jewels, but the other Rings and Amulets will be compensated for in Credits.
  • Artifacts: Every player will receive a set of five artifacts. Their rarity and quality will depend on the rarity and quality of Additional Weapons.
  • Legendary Rings and Fluids: Instead of one of the Legendary Rings, players will receive three Legendary Artifacts. Other rings and fluids will be converted into Credits.
  • Trophies: The quantity and quality of trophies inside the player’s bag will impact the level of research in the Flavius Laboratory.
  • Tactical Sense Amplifiers will disappear from the game. They will be compensated for with Credits depending on their level.
  • Tactical Sense Replicators will be compensated for with Victor's Medals.
  • Backpacks that contain random items (received in adventures) will be compensated for with Credits.


Where do you go for the best equipment after the update?

To pick up equipment after the Ascension’s launch, you should go to the current Invasion interface. This will show a list of adventures where you can obtain the best quality equipment. Make sure to check regularly!

This material focuses on content that is in development. When the update is live, elements of the Equipment system may change.

The reviewed equipment system will enable players to focus on the game process without getting distracted by changing equipment. In addition, it will make switching between classes easier and more convenient, without having to depend on rings and amulets, while characters will be equally effective against any invasion army.